For once, I have put shooting aside for a few weeks in order to prepare for my first photo show! I was asked by the Slidebar in Fullerton, CA to display my work on Nov. 5th, 2010 during Fullerton’s Art Walk. I thought about what I wanted to showcase, since I shoot so many different styles of music, and I decided to share my work from the last 4 years of photographing the underground hardcore punk scene in the OC/LA/IE areas. I am calling the show, “BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS.”

I am very excited about this event because I have never done anything like this before. A lot of the images have never been seen before and span over 4 years and 30+ shows. These guys are my friends and now I get to share their passion with you.

I will be selling all of my show pieces for $50. They are 13×19, framed and printed on watercolor paper. Truly awesome.

I will have over 50 different 8×10’s available for $10, featuring bands like COP, Tipper’s Gore, Bad Reaction, ANS, Vitamin X, Total Fury, Bad Man, Dogends, Concussion, Cat Party, Terezodu, Timebombs, Social Circkle, Social Sickness, La Piovra, Government Warning, Friendly Neighbors, Drencoms, Media Blitz, Gross Negligence, Wasted Time, Negative Approach, and more!

I will also have show posters, screen-printed by Jeff Salisbury and hand-numbered out of 100. They will be $5 or FREE with purchase of a print.

Friday, NOV. 5th
The Show is FREE
Starts at 5:30pm til 10pm
All ages until 9pm
The Slidebar
122 E. Commonwealth Ave
Fullerton, CA

I hope to see you on Friday!


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