Brooke Waggoner returns on November 3rd with her second full-length album titled Go Easy Little Doves. All twelve songs on the album were not only written and composed by Waggoner, as with her previous releases, but Go Easy Little Doves was entirely self-produced.

With Go Easy Little Doves, Waggoner expands and surrounds her sound with lush orchestration, moving melodies and introspective lyrics.  Waggoner’s new album begins with two instrumental songs “Query” and “Ruminate” which beautifully fade into the title track “Go Easy Little Doves, I’ll Be Fine.”  The album plays more like a symphony rather than a standard pop release. Songs such as “Chromates Soft Love” and “Find Her Floods” reveal dynamics that could be suitably described as cinematic.

Waggoner describes the process of writing the material for the album and inspiration by commenting, “This is a collection of music I’ve wanted to record correctly for a very long time. Some of the songs were written over ten years ago. And some were written the night before I was scheduled to record. The project is full of Q&A, pensiveness, elasticity, and romance. It truly follows my story from beginning to its current state. This is the one I’ve always dreamt of making.”

Go Easy Little Doves is the follow up to Waggoner’s critically acclaimed debut Heal For The Honey.

Independently released on Swoon Moon Music in September of 2008, Brooke Waggoner’s Heal For The Honey received mass critical acclaim and coverage, including the New York Times’ description of it as “… an eclectic, 10-track album that favors a serene voice quietly singing about the tribulations of love against a backdrop of classical piano crescendos.”  Paste Magazine wrote, “In a music world overpopulated with acoustic guitars, warbling voices and tinkling piano keys, Brooke Waggoner and her cache of mesmerizing tunes stand out.”

Brooke Waggoner has a full run of tour dates starting in Chapel Hill, NC on September 1st with Denison Witmer.  Following the conclusion of that tour, Waggoner will join Owl City on the road beginning October 8th in Des Moines, Iowa.

Track listing for Go Easy Little Doves
1. Query
2. Ruminate
3. Go Easy Little Doves, I’ll Be Fine
4. Meek; Wild
5. Chromates Soft Love
6. Femmes
7. Godwin
8. Find Her Floods
9. Body
10. Wish for Bridges
11. Burden of Our Courage
12. Get Too Close

BROOKE WAGGONER 2009 Fall Tour Dates
Sep 1                        Local 506 w/ Denison Witmer                        Chapel Hill, NC
Sep 2                        The Boot w/ Denison Witmer                        Norfolk, VA
Sep 3                        Tea Bazaar w/ Denison Witmer                        Charlottesville, VA
Sep 4                        Iota Club & Cafe w/ Denison Witmer            Arlington, VA
Sep 5                        Kung Fu Necktie w/ Denison Witmer            Philadelphia, PA
Sep 6                        Union Hall w/ Denison Witmer                        Brooklyn, NY
Sep 8                        Mercury Lounge w/ Denison Witmer            New York, NY
Sep 9                        Cafe 939 w/ Denison Witmer                        Boston, MA
Sep 11                        Beachland Tavern w/ Denison Witmer            Cleveland, OH
Sep 12                        Garfield Artworks w/ Denison Witmer            Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 13                        The Treehouse w/ Denison Witmer            Columbus, OH
Sep 14                        Southgate House w/ Denison Witmer            Newport, KY
Sep 15                        Grace College w/ Denison Witmer            Winona Lake, IN
Sep 16                        Vollrath w/ Denison Witmer                        Indianapolis, IN
Sep 17                        Pygmallon Music w/ Denison Witmer            Champaign, IL
Sep 18                        Forward Music Festival                                    Madison, WI
Sep 19                        Subterranean w/ Denison Witmer            Chicago, IL
Sep 20                        Cactus Club w/ Denison Witmer                        Milwaukee, WI
Sep 21                        Turf Club w/ Denison Witmer                        St. Paul, MN
Sep 22                        Picador w/ Denison Witmer                        Iowa City, IA
Sep 23                        Record Bar w/ Denison Witmer                        Kansas City, MO
Sep 24                        Off Broadway w/ Denison Witmer            St. Louis, MO
Oct 8                        House Of Bricks w/ Owl City                        Des Moines, IA
Oct 9                        The Waiting Room w/ Owl City                        Omaha, NE
Oct 10                        Bluebird Theater w/ Owl City                        Denver, CO
Oct 12                        The Venue w/ Owl City                                    Boise, ID
Oct 13                        Big Dipper w/ Owl City                                    Spokane, WA
Oct 15                        The Biltmore Cabaret w/ Owl City            Vancouver, BC
Oct 16                        Neumos w/ Owl City                                    Seattle, WA
Oct 17                        Hawthorne Theatre w/ Owl City                        Portland, OR
Oct 19                        Slim’s w/ Owl City                                    San Francisco, CA
Oct 20                        Troubadour w/ Owl City                                    Los Angeles, CA
Oct 22                        Chain Reaction w/ Owl City                        Anaheim, CA
Oct 23                        Epicentre w/ Owl City                                    San Diego, CA
Oct 24                        Martini Ranch w/ Owl City                        Scottsdale, AZ
Oct 25                        Launchpad w/ Owl City                                    Albuquerque, NM
Oct 27                        Marquee w/ Owl City                                    Tulsa, OK
Oct 28                        House of Blues w/ Owl City                         Dallas, TX
Oct 29                        House of Blues w/ Owl City                        Dallas, TX
Oct 30                        Emo’s w/ Owl City                                    Austin, TX
Oct 31                        Meridian w/ Owl City                                    Houston, TX
Nov 12                       Furman University w/ Tyler James            Greenville, SC


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