Christian music station BrokenFM’s weekly show, “Broken Record,” is doing a special premiere of War of Ages‘ Supreme Chaos four days before its release. The full album first listen will go down July 18. At 10 p.m. PT, Leroy Hamp (vocalist, WoA) will do a special interview with the station before kicking off the full album playlist.

Fans can get hyped for Supreme Chaos by streaming the special show online via BrokenFM or from their app.


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The Blackened Blues

With Anberlin putting a hold on its career, two of its members – Christian McAlhaney and Deon Rexroat – weren't ready to put on hold on music as their careers. Now, their former side project – a "blackened blues" rock and roll outfit – has become their main gig.


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Bert McCracken of The Used Photo by Aaron Berkshire

Let's Get to the Heart of Things

"Music is our everything; we live and die for it. It’s our way to be human, so making songs that make that deep human connection is really important for The Used." In a new age of releasing music in a socially-distanced world, Bert McCracken and The Used face the challenge of human connection when physical connection is taboo. HM contributing writer Andrew Voigt dives in with McCracken about The Used's new album, Heartwork, his absence on social media, and why 2020 will be the year of rice.


Photo by Aaron Berkshire

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