BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART Release Artwork and Tracklisting for New Album Feel the Power

Anticipated album in stores January 24th from Tooth & Nail Records

Lead single ‘Deathwish’ already buzzing

Nov 3, 2011
– Shred-metal adventurers BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART are charging forth with a new glam-tastic tour de force, Feel the Power, out January 24 on Tooth and Nail Records. In anticipation of the release, the band is giving fans a first glimpse at the album’s tracklisting (listed below), as well as the artwork (at right), reminiscent of the space-punk apocalypse for which BBABH‘s music is the perfect soundtrack.

Feel the Power marks the next step in the evolution of BLESSED, who make their debut on Tooth & Nail Records after a fruitful stint on Century Media Records, which released the band’s celebrated 2008 album Pedal to the Metal. On Feel the Power, the band shrugs off the metalcore trappings in favor of a pulse-raising, headband-inducing, ’80s-influenced rock assault that manages to be simultaneously fun, funny and utterly heartfelt.

“The whole band is still obsessed with the ’80s, and that’s bled into our lifestyles. It’s not just when we’re on tour: We all kind of dress ’80s; we still have mullets. It’s become part of our lives,” explains singer Tony Gambino.
“On the last album, we used more of the cheesy side of the ’80s, and this album we used a little more of the mature side. It’s a little less fluff, a lot less cheese, a little more serious. We’ve kind of gone a little more classic metal and heavy rock ‘n’ roll. It’s real organic how it all came together,” he adds. “We’re not in this to follow the trends—we’re in it to do what we love.”

Feel The Power Track List

1. Deathwish

2. Shut Up and Rock

3. Love Nightmare

4. Forever

5. Thunder Dome

6. Holdin’ Back For Nothin’

7. I’ve Got You

8. Rockin’ All Night

9. Scream It Like You Mean It

10. Skate or Die

11. Innocent Blood

12. Sleepless Nights

Formed in 2003 in Montreal, Canada, BBABH released its first album – All is Fair in Love And War – a year after its inception. 2008 saw the release of Pedal To The Metal on Century Media Records, which was followed by years of incessant touring throughout the US, UK, Europe, Japan and Australia alongside the likes of JUDAS PRIEST, A DAY TO REMEMBER, BRING ME THE HORIZON, MEGADETH, STEEL PANTHER and more.

Like any artist with a notable body of work, BLESSED has experienced a near constant evolution over the past eight years, in some part due to lineup changes, but mostly due to a stylistic progression away from pure metalcore in favor of more traditional metal and hard rock. One listen to Feel The Power will confirm that not only is this not the same band that recorded All Is Fair, but that that very fact is their saving grace. Staying ahead of the curve and distancing themselves from the pack is the key to BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART‘s longevity, and the reason the new album will resonate with even the most veteran headbangers.

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