Benjamin Dunn and the Animal Orchestra

to Kick Off US Tour

After new album release and a successful run of shows in Europe,

Dunn and Orchestra to Launch Coast to Coast FABLE tour.

Since the release of Benjamin Dunn and the Animal Orchestra’s much anticipated project, FABLE, the band has been on a whirlwind tour, covering South Africa and much of Europe.  Now, fans stateside can experience their unique sound and show, in a tour that covers the coasts and everywhere in between.

Critics continue to rave about the creative and musical prowess of FABLE:

“FABLE plays like a voyage through Narnia, with ships that sail and lions that save, all encased in an orchestra of warm synthesizers, hopeful voices, airy strings, and a dance-worthy beat.” – Christianity Today

“This is a perfect late summer record and one that will probably end up on some ‘best of the year’ lists.” – HM

FABLE is a testament that worship and creativity are not mutually exclusive. The lyrics, based on the perspective from various C.S. Lewis characters, never disappoint and add a great deal of depth.  It feels like an ode to the imagination and subtly weaves in spiritual insights and truths without being too vague or too overt.” – Indie Vision Music

This project is filled with what Dunn’s fans have come to love: a musical collaboration of creative phrasings, eclectic instruments and songs that get stuck in your head for days.  FABLE, largely inspired by the fiction works of C.S. Lewis, pairs vivid imagery and fascinating characters with spiritual allegory to create a musical project unique, both sonically and lyrically.

The FABLE U.S. Tour

Oct 3 – Santa Cruz, CA

Oct 6 – San Diego, CA

Oct 7 – Costa Mesa, CA

Oct 9 – Goodyear, AZ

Oct 10 – Albuquerque, NM

Oct 11 – Colorado Springs, CO

Oct 12 – Kansas City, KS

Oct 13 – Houston, TX

Oct 14 – Houston, TX

Oct 18 – Birmingham, AL

Oct 19 – Nashville, TN

Oct 21 – Jacksonville, FL

Oct 22 – Pompano Beach, FL

Oct 24 – Raleigh, NC

Oct 25 – Wilmington, NC

Oct 26 – Chester, VA

Oct 27 – Hagerstown, MD

Oct 28 – Hagerstown, MD

Oct 29 – Syracuse, NY

Oct 31 – Canton, OH

Nov 1 – Springfield, OH

FABLE by Benjamin Dunn and the Animal Orchestra, available online and in select stores now.



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