Six string upstart, Artist Series Guitar has just launched pre-orders for it’s initial custom line only available through Linking the artists of heavy music with their fans, the company will premiere five signature guitars designed by Parkway Drive, Demon Hunter, Bleeding Through, Death By Stereo and Throwdown. The company already launched a pre-order for the signature Death By Stereo “Skulls And Bolts” guitar, which sold out of its initial pressing in a matter of days. All of the models are limited edition, with 500 of the Parkway Drive and Demon Hunter guitars being manufactured and only 250 of all other models.

Artist Series Guitar CEO (and former bassist for Bleeding Through) Vijay Kumar, says of the line “We started by approaching bands that get excited about connecting with their fans on different and unique levels. All of these initial bands have their own musical style as well as a visual aesthetic that profoundly influences our generation. With that, we had an extremely easy time deciding that these bands NEED to have their own ASG model. By creating these guitars we are giving fans a musical link to their favorite artists and perpetuating the cycle of fans becoming musicians and in turn influencing other people.”

All of the bands involved were completely involved in the design and manufacturing stages of their own guitar. Ryan Clark, vocalist to Demon Hunter and noted graphic designer talks about the design of their “Blood Soaked” model. “For bands like us, I think the idea of having an affordable yet quality guitar to offer fans is a very lofty and somewhat unrealistic idea. So, when we were approached with the idea, it seemed too good to be true. From the design to the way that it plays, I think our fans will be very pleased. The guitar features the classic skull logo that DH fans will recognize. Over the years, this logo has become more than just a logo, Demon Hunter fans worldwide have adopted the logo as their own symbol of strength, perseverance, faith and adversity.”

Efrem Schulz, vocalist of Death By Stereo says that he hopes the guitar “Inspires people to go beyond what they have been told they can be. I want people to have the chance that I have been given. A chance to have a positive outlet for artistic expression. Freedom. Fun. Shred. Punk. And maybe even see the world!”

Dave Nassie, guitarist of Bleeding Through says of their model, “With this guitar our fans get a chance to own something unique and completely Bleeding Through. A limited, one of a kind piece of art and instrument. I am proud to have one myself.”


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