Anyone who says thrift stores aren’t cool certainly haven’t met Mr. Cooper. Former alcoholic/self-proclaimed shopaholic, Alice Cooper has officially opened his own thrift store, Alice’s Attic, in Phoenix, AZ. The store is in the same building as Alice Cooper’s Rock Teen Center – a youth ministry Cooper founded in collaboration with Genesis Church.

The Rock Teen Center aims to fulfill their mission as an arts-based teen center that helps keep troubled youth by teaching music and dance. A portion of the proceeds from the Alice’s Attic will go straight to the ministry.

As an added bonus, a lot of the clothing in the store was worn by the legendary shock rocker.

Alice’s Attic was formed in part to teach and employ the same teenagers at the Rock Teen Center. Cooper explains:

(Because) we teach music and art, we should also teach retail. We should teach them to run a cash register because a lot of kids aren’t musically inclined. It’s another way of training them. It’s sort of like anything you can do to get them away from the street life. Because the street life, there’s only two endings for that. In jail or dead. Anytime you can give a vocation to a kid, that’s what you do.

Not bad for a guy your parents were terrified of 20 years ago.


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