Killswitch Engage’s latest music video, “Always,” is below. It premiered through, and it’s more than a music video; it’s more like a mini-film. Working with McFarland and Pecci, the same crew that filmed the video for their first single, namesake Ian McFarland spoke exclusively with HM about the shoot:

When we began the whole process of creating this film / music video, we first started talking with Jesse (singer of KSE) about the lyrics of the song and what he had hoped people would get from them when translated to the small screen. He said that he wanted people to be effected by the lyrics and the video on such a level that it would cause them to stop and contemplate their own lives. He told us that he really wanted the video to stand out, to mean something and not be associated with any of the clichés common amongst music videos in the genre.

When Mike and I sat down to brainstorm on the story we wanted to tell, we started throwing around concepts that were based on real life events that either we or those close to us have experienced personally. During that creative process, two actors immediately came to mind (Nick Apostolides & Jonathan Thomson) because we knew that both of them had recently been through some pretty difficult times, and those experiences could translate into real honesty and organic emotion, which was exactly what the piece needed.

Making this video was an amazing experience for us as filmmakers, and we are so touched that it has resonated with and moved so many people – the feedback has been incredible. Our hope is to make many more pieces that effect people in such a personal way.

Killswitch Engage is currently on tour with Lamb of God, Testament and Huntress.


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