Seeking Refuge

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Vials of Wrath

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What a brilliant album this is! I absolutely love everything on this. It’s well crafted and meticulously put together. This project is no longer trying to imitate the genre that inspired them, but actually ends up creating something amazing that surpasses even those that inspired them to begin with.

If you like black metal, if you like atmospheric music, both beautiful and cruel, if you crave something that sweeps you away—this is for you.

I actually found myself dimming the lights, turning it up, just listening, and being thankful that a release like this exists. There is an aspect of God that is so extreme that He held all of creation together while His very Son died for our sins.

It is hard to convey such a thing through the sounds used in conventional worship, but listening to a soundtrack like this, an understanding of God’s heart comes through, if you are inclined to hear it, that is.