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When you download a compilation album, it’s generally safe to assume you’ll receive one or two songs from heavy-hitters, three songs from new bands worth paying attention to, a song from some band everyone forgot about 10 years ago, and about 15 songs that will take up space on your hard drive until you finally delete them to make more room.

This is exactly the case with Roxx/Metal for a Dark World record’s compilation, Thrashmageddon Vol. 1.

Most of the songs on this 17-track compilation have some weight behind them. Step Cousin’s “Bitter Reminder” features a great guitar solo and death metal growls, but the track is hurt by the singer’s fragile, clean vocals and the weak chorus, “You bring me down again / I thought you were my friend / I just don’t understand.”

Courtesy of Brazilian thrashers Disaffection, the song is strong musically, but it’s hard to digest lyrics like: “Ugh you! Ugh are you ready? I wanna live forever / nobody wanna die / death … can really kill!”

A few songs on the compilation makes it worth the time it takes to download the record. The most impressive vocal performance just might come from Suppression’s “Total Thrashing,” which is three minutes of pure, aggressive thrash. “The Swarm of Eden” by Divulgence is quick and brutal. It features a terrific drummer and epic guitar solos that are only a background for the powerful vocals, which closer to Toxic Holocaust than Megadeth. If you haven’t heard these guys, do it now.

Even more intense is Brazil’s female-fronted band Spirits Breeze. (But calling them thrash might be a stretch seeing as they are far closer to death or black metal.) Their song “Another Day” is noisy, chaotic and a definite highlight. They haven’t been around for several years, but hopefully that will change soon. Meanwhile, veterans Ultimatum and Deliverance both bring songs to the table that make you wonder why they weren’t as well respected as Sodom or Kreator.

If nothing else, download this album for the incredible solos and drumming. You won’t be disappointed. Other highlights: Boarder’s “IV Reich,” Temple of Blood’s “Fearsome Warrior” and Join the Dead’s “Idol Faith.”



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