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A Common Goal/False Idle

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Review of: Split Decision
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A Common Goal/Flase Idle

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On January 5, 2015
Last modified:January 14, 2015


I’ve been a fan a Sef Idle — the frontman of puck rock group False Idle who also dabbles in the acoustic punk world — for awhile now, and this split with fellow punks A Common Goal is an awesome way to bring in the new year.

A Common Goal’s side, “Nowhere Fast,” “Two Steps Behind” and “Where Do We Go,” are solid melodic punk songs that jam like Tooth and Nail greats Hangnail did, but with the extra punch of that Gainesville sound. False Idle kicks it into gear with their side, “First World Last Place,” a fast punch in the face calling out American privilege, followed by “Say Goodbye” and “The Cavalry.” Between the in-your-face lyrics and fast punchy melodic punk, False Idle’s becoming a more modern Anti-Flag. I would highly recommend this split to anyone who questions if there is such a thing as good Christian punk.



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