Ultimatum – Puppet of Destruction – Drops on October 13th!!!The remastered disk came out phenomenal thanks to longtime Ultimatum collaborator Ysidro “Sid” Garcia being at the helm of the soundboard once again. The combination has been working well for both parties and continues on with this very special Limited Edition re-release of ‘Puppet of Destruction’. If you think you have heard this CD before… Guess Again! This special release comes complete with new artwork, exclusive liner notes and tons of live photos. But not only do you get the remastered CD you also get 3 added bonus tracks including the Testament cover ‘Sins of Omission’, an early demo version of the track ‘Never’ and a re-recorded version of the track ‘Mortal Stomp’

There are still a few copies of the pre-release version left that also includes the previously unreleased on CD demo ‘Fatal Delay’. This is the demo that started it all for Ultimatum and it was originally only released in limited quantities on cassette tape back in 1993 and is a much sought after demo tape. The demo has been taken direct from the master reels and is being made available here for the very first and very last time ever. All pre-orders taken before the October 13th release date will ship as a 2 disc version complete with the bonus disc of the entire ‘Fatal Delay’ demo.

For ordering details visit www.roxxproductions.com <http://www.roxxproductions.com>