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Pro-life pop songs are relatively common in Christian music, but when was the last time you heard one performed by a rapper? “Beautiful Life” is rapper Trip Lee’s moving anti-abortion song, and it gets the message across in a whole new (read: urban) way. Like Lecrae, Lee is the real hip-hop deal. As sonic proof, “One Sixteen” rocks to a stripped-down groove, with Lee coming off a little like a righteous Lil Wayne. This “One Sixteen” reference in question, by the way, is Romans 1:16 and with it Lee raps a story about “the hero dyin’ for the villain.” “War,” which paints a cityscape of the end times, is equally powerful, while “Robot” takes a sci-fi approach to explaining man’s freedom from slavery in Christ. Lee has a special way of sounding both contemporary, sonically, while still remaining spiritually relevant. For Christians seeking rap music that hits the mark artistically, The Good Life represents extremely good news.

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