Play with us on tour!

Our Summer 2011 Tour is underway! We have two weeks left of sharing music with you, our lovely friends! I was struck with a great idea this week, and I wanted to issue an invitation to you!

PLAY MUSIC WITH US! I have scored string arrangements for two of our songs, “I Will Go Plant Little Flowers” and “Dawn Awakes”, and have loaded them on our facebook page as photos. If you are a good string player and would like to perform live with us on this tour, print out the parts, practice with the recording (which you can also stream live at, and email me! We’ll set up a practice time for the show. If you can send us a video or recording of you playing so that we know you’re legit, that would be great too!

We’re open to other instruments as well, just message me about it! You can reply to this email and it will go straight to me!

Here is the music:

If you can’t see it, you might have to like the page:

Here are our remaining shows:

more info:

Jul 24, 2011- Gainesville, FL
The Dollhouse

Jul 26, 2011- Orlando, FL

Jul 27, 2011- Charleston, SC
Eye Level Art 103 Gallery

Jul 28, 2011- Asheville, NC
Firestorm Cafe and Books

July 29th- Lynchburg Va
White Hart Cafe

Jul 30, 2011- Charlottesville, VA
Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

Jul 31, 2011- Harrisonburg, VA
Blue Nile

Aug 2, 2011- Pittsburgh, PA
House Show- 222 ORMSBY ST

Aug 3, 2011- Hamden, CT
The Outer Space

Aug 4, 2011- Lancaster, PA
The Candy Factory

Aug 5, 2011- Brooklyn, NY
Pete’s Candy Store

Aug 6, 2011- Philadelphia, PA
Circle Of Hope

Aug 10, 2011- Nashville, TN
The Rutledge

Thanks to everyone that has made this tour so lovely! We have met so many amazing people, and we love you all! Please feel free to write me and say hi!



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