Photo of Tim Lambesis performing with As I Lay Dying in 2010 by Daniel Garcia

Rock Feed is reporting that Tim Lambesis is planning a comeback with As I Lay Dying. It would appear in name only, as it would feature all new members except for, obviously, Lambesis; the rest of the ex-AILD members now make up Wovenwar with Oh, Sleeper vocalist Shane Blay. The former (now current?) vocalist for AILD and founder of Austrian Death Machine was quietly released from prison in December 2016 following a six-year sentence handed down in 2014. He was charged with the attempted murder of his spouse, pleading guilty to paying $1,000 to a San Diego police officer posing as a hit man to commit the act.

From Rock Feed:

“We’ve learned from a source familiar with the situation that Tim Lambesis is plotting a comeback with a return to As I Lay Dying… We’re told that the previous members of the band will not be involved in the proposed As I Lay Dying revival, and instead, new members will be in place at the time of a return. The identities of those members are not known, but we’re told that the band has new material in the works.”

His release was confirmed by Dokken guitarist George Lynch when he spoke with Eddie Trunk on his Trunk Nation Sirius XM Show from the Monsters of Rock Cruise. Lynch also had some very interesting words to say about Lambesis and what he faces now that he’s out. (The following quote is transcribed from the YouTube video below.)

“He recently got out of jail. He destroyed his band. They don’t have a pot to piss in now; they’re all struggling. (They are) a great band. … I know them very well because, actually, the guitar player was my daughter’s fiancée. And, actually, the drummer played in another project I had ways back, Souls of We. So, anyways, (Lambesis) is out, he’s got a mega-record deal, he’s got a book deal, everything’s lined up for him. I mean, he’s gonna skate through life. Everybody else is suffering. His wife is living in fear; his children are living in fear.” via


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