We’re pleased to start 2012 with a release by ABSOLVED.  And, we’re so sure that people will like it that we’re providing a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for people who purchase from our Bandcamp site.

ABSOLVED’s latest release combines their self-titled 2010 full-length album (known as the Red album, updated and digitally re-mastered) and their 2011 This One Goes to Seven EP, and is the first commercial digital download for both albums.  20 songs over 31+ minutes of punk rock for $10 (and a guarantee).  We would appreciate your mentioning this in your News section, and adding us to your list of albums for Review.

A link to the place where customers can purchase with the money back guarantee is:



David @

Thumper Punk Records


** Shock Your Mom.  Go to Church.



The Industrial Revolution

Italian creative Giovanni Bucci, otherwise known as ODDKO, has spent a professional career pushing the limits of some of the world's largest brands. HM contributor Andrew Voigt talks with the man behind the curtain to find out what it looks like when he pushes the limits of his own creativity.


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