THE OVERSEER to release debut album, We Search, We Dig, June 19th on Solid State Records

Single “Secrets” available on iTunes now

THE OVERSEER, the latest addition to the Solid State Records roster, are pleased to announce a June 19th release for their debut album, We Search, We Dig.

The surging hard rock outfit has been dominating the underground circuit of late with a relentless touring schedule and a rousing catalog of dynamic material that has been turning heads while also setting them apart from their peers. Not content to simply be another voice in a crowded music scene, THE OVERSEER have three goals with their songs: to elevate, to transport the listener to a place that’s emotionally honest … and to stir up one hell of a mess in the moshpit.

All of those elements are on full technicolor display in We Search, We Dig. Recorded earlier this year at Atlanta’s Glow In The Dark studios, the album is a huge, dynamic debut that calls to mind artists like UNDER0ATH, THRICE and CAVE IN though with a clear, distinct voice that never emulates those artists directly. The band’s debut single, “Secrets,” perfectly encapsulates that approach and is available now on iTunes.

Download ‘Secrets’ on iTunes Now:

We Search, We Dig is an aggressive rock record that’s going to be a refreshing sound to this generation and today’s music scene,” says bassist Bradley Riggs. “Fans are really going to love the expected heavy aspect of the album… But it’s not a ‘breakdown’ heavy, exactly.The album has a lot of smooth softer rhythms and melodies that really set up big impacting choruses and riffs.”

For THE OVERSEERWe Search, We Dig is just as much an album of self discovery as it is the work of a band with a clear vision.

“The end of the second track, ‘Dredge’, has the lyrics ‘We search, we dig,'” explains vocalist Anthony Rivera. “That is a theme of the whole record, not just that track in particular – the idea that people are searching for hope, digging for truth and going through trials full of highs and lows. The record reflects on both extremes of the journey through the eyes of the band members.”

Proving they’ve got the work ethic to back up their talentTHE OVERSEER have spent 400 days over the last two years touring as an unsigned band and winning over the fans the good, old-fashioned way: By playing their hearts out and grabbing listeners by the throat with an artful brand of dynamic, hard-hitting rock. It’s been a fruitful run for THE OVERSEER – if not always glamorous. “There’s really nothing like sleeping in a van in a different Walmart parking lot every night and showering once a week  – or less,” laughs Riggs.

With the release of We Search, We DigTHE OVERSEER is firmly planting their flag as a future genre frontrunner.

Upcoming Dates:
Apr 24 – Franklin IN @ The Gear w/SENT BY RAVENS
Apr 26 – Dallas TX @ The Door w/PROJECT 86
May 18 – Girard PA @ The Element w/WAR OF AGES
May 19 – Terre Haute IN @ Terre Haute Music Venue w/WAR OF AGES, AS HELL RETREATS
May 20 – Joplin MO @ Solace Music Venue  w/WAR OF AGES, AS HELL RETREATS
May 21 – Nashville TN @ Rocketown w/WAR OF AGES, AS HELL RETREATS
May 24 – Manchester NH @ Rockos w/WAR OF AGES, AS HELL RETREATS


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