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Music, like most art, leaves room for interpretation. The Old-Timers, in true punk fashion and against that grain, walk up and punch you in the face with their convictions. The Connecticut-based band band has released a new double EP, Turn it Off / Turn it Up, a rough, energetic and raw powerhouse, and I love every minute of the outright hardcore songs. The Old-Timers are unapologetic in their faith-based message of loving the poor, champions of those who are hurting, and this theme runs throughout all eight songs split over the two EPs.

This is classic, old-school hardcore punk with shouting lyrics, guitar licks and drum beats, all at a break-neck pace. Some highlights include “Angela,” “Broken Glass” and “Televangelist” for their awesome guitar riffs. “No Regrets” and “Homeless Friends,” on the other hand, have powerful writing, whose lyricism pushes them above the rest. The double EP mixes things up with songs about the joy of being a father in “No Regrets,” while criticizing the commercial preacher and their empty promises in “Televangelist.” While it’s awesome that The Old-Timers are so upfront about their beliefs, it won’t appeal to everyone.

The band isn’t content to just make music with a positive message, but they are also donating every cent made from Turn it Up / Turn it Off to U-turn Homeless Ministries in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s admirable for not just being preachy but also living out the message they have in their music.


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