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The Color Morale comes out swinging with their third studio release, Know Hope. This album is more melodic than their previous releases, but what it lacks in brutality, it makes up for in lyrical precision and musical excellence. The musicianship on this album is really solid, and though it’s not too complex, it still champions heavy riffs (listen to the introduction on “Strange Comfort”). The Color Morale may be known as a metalcore band, but on this release, they show the occasional punk flair with their vocal delivery and in the post-hardcore, melodic choruses. Know Hope doesn’t abandon The Color Morale’s heavier background, though; there are still devastating tracks like “Living Breathing Something.”

The lyrical vision, however, is what makes this album really stand out. After its release, a flood of tattoos and pictures featuring the album were posted on their Facebook page, and it’s no wonder why – this album’s lyrics are masterful, uplifting and drip with heartwarming melodies, bringing the title of the album to life. It’s in songs like “Learned Behavior” that you get a sense of The Color Morale’s true heart. For fans of Like Moths to Flames, Fit for a King, Silverstein.


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