This week on the show we are joined by Jacob Olds (aka Crouton), drummer and vocalist for Family Force 5. We are going to talk tours, the new album III, and what he thinks about people questioning the band’s faith. Don’t miss this one it will be one for the records.

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Live In Concert
By Manafest

White, Canadian, skater dude doesn’t sound like your typical rap artist, but Manafest has a way of making it look easy. Now since he has donned the rock and roll frontman hat he has made it look good too. Manafest’s The Chase has turned heads like never before and now he is bringing his live concert experience to CD and DVD in this cool combo pack.

Mannafest’s Live In Concert is fun to listen to or watch on your TV at home, featuring mostly songs from The Chase it also features more classic tunes like “4-3-2-1,” “Bounce,” and “Impossible.” With the full band he even ads more rock flair to songs that started off as hip-hop. I do wish that “Skills” had been part of the set list, but hey nothing is completely perfect. … >>>Full Review

New releases for October 18
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Close Your Eyes
Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts
Mercy Screams
Broken Mirrors
We The Gathered



Seaway's Big Fall

Planned for the summer, 'Big Vibe' was moved to the Fall as COVID swept the nation. It turns out, the vibes were exactly the breath of fresh air we needed. HM contributing writer Danielle Martin talks with Seaway vocalist Ryan Locke about the band's new era, how they formed their sound for 2020, and why Harry Styles belongs in their lives.


Full Feature
Payable on Death – P.O.D.

A Voice of Life

Almost 27 years after the band's first studio album, P.O.D.'s message is arguably more important than ever. "I believe (our message) is even more relevant now than it was then. If you really listen to 'Youth of the Nation,' we still have these tragedies going on. There’s a lot of searching still going on out there."


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