Summer Time
Hello! As summer is upon us, we wanted to give you some UPDATES and NEWS on what’s going on with Sanctus Real! And we also wanted to Thank You for being our friends! Be sure to say hello to us this summer!

We’ve launched our LEAD ME page on our site, go check it out on You can see a video featuring Matt and his wife Sarah talking about the story behind the song. You can listen to ‘LEAD ME’ and there are also some encouraging prayers available for download. Please Respond and Connect with us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK, as we declare together that we want God’s leading in our lives.

Lead Me Devotional Videos – AIR1
Matt recently submitted a short series of devotional videos themed on the roles of a man. Check the videos out here: Air1 Devotional Videos

United Tour 2010 Wraped Up
We recently finished our United Tour with David Nassar, Mike’s Chair and Jonny Diaz. It was a great privilege to see 264 children get sponsored through the amazing adoption organization HOLT International. This is, indeed, good news in the effort to see orphans become well cared for and redeemed.

Mocha Club
We also wanted to mention that this Spring there were over 1200 people that became NEW Mocha Club members. That is a huge number and we cannot express enough how excited we are that you’ve partnered with us!

Take a look at some of the things we are accomplishing through our CLEAN WATER PROJECT:

A Man Named Morris
An incredible rehabilitation story from a Darfur refugee.

Water for the World Act – Passed
Thanks to everyone who advocated to President Obama on behalf of all those without clean water, and particularly our friends in Africa…

Other News:
**Sanctus Real’s video ‘Forgiven’ will be in rotation this week on MTV U. Among other artist such as Black Eyed Peas, Jack Johnson and many others.

**If you would like purchase TOMS Shoes and help out a child without shoes, be sure to use the PROMO code: SANCTUSREAL
As you’re checking out, just use the code and help out others in need.



Droning On

The world came to a halt in 2020, but London-based Drones trudged on, giving a voice to the hurt that circulates with (or without) a pandemic: "You shouldn’t underestimate the power of writing things down or literally speaking them out loud, which I’m learning. I’m glad I made these songs, no matter how personal they are."


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Top 25 Albums of 2020

The Top 25 Albums of 2020

When the going gets tough, artists create art. Despite a world reckoning outside our quarantined doors, musicians relentlessly created new music giving birth to genre-defining releases and, despite a year spent indoors, a marked 2020 full of passion and fervor. Here are our Top 25 albums of 2020.


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