How did you hear about this tour and what was your initial reaction?
We got an email about this tour from our agent to and when saw that we were gonna be touring with our old friends in Saving Grace & Creations we were very excited! Then we looked up the rest of the bands and found out how good they are we got even more excited! Plus knowing that INRI is sponsering this tour was like the icing on the cake.
How is it going so far and how do the personalities of the bands involved mesh?
Its going very good! The shows have been better then we expected, and thanks to everyones who’s came out so far. Its awesome being able to hang out with good friends and people we already get along with very well, plus the bands we just met are awesome! Amazing dudes and we love hanging out with them everyday.
What are some funny and/or glorious moments that have happened thus far?
Actually the 5th day of tour on the way to Boise, ID and we stopped at a rest stop and saw that Stand Your Ground was sleeping there, so us and a few members of Saving Grace got out our van and ran up to thier bus and started banging on it and right away we heard a loud ” HELP!!” Coming from the bus so we ran out of there, we caught the whole thing on video. ha ha.
What is the most embarrassing or funny thing that has happened on this tour?
After the show in Provo, UT us and Saving Grace were getting some McDonalds before heading out to Denver, CO. Our Guitar player Jesse was running and joking around with Saving Graces guitar player George and his foot caught a little hole in the ground and he completely rolled his ankle haha. He even had to play off stage for a show on a chair cause of the swelling. ha ha.
What are some of your predictions for the music scene we’re involved with? What changes do you think will take place?
There are a lot of upcoming bands on this tour with lots of talent, I think that each one of these bands have a bright future ahead of them and I cant wait to see how that unfolds. The music scene is is always changing so its really hard to tell or even guess whats gonna happen in the future, but I see a bright mosh future. ha ha.
Anything else you’d like to comment on?
Check the dates for the rest of the INRI Young Bloods tour and come and hang out with us! Also we just finished recording our 2nd full length record on Mediaskare Records. So be on the look out for a release date as well as new tours which will be announced very soon!
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