Introducing is a not-for-profit Internet radio station based in Bakewell, UK that plays exclusively  unsigned and unknown songwriters and artists.

We GUARANTEE to play any band or songwriter’s original and unsigned tracks – as long as the sound quality is good enough regardless of genre – we will even play demos !

Have a listen to our station and see what you think !

If you don’t like what we are playing then YOU can change what we play  by getting bands and artists playing the type of music YOU like to send us some tracks!!!  WE WILL PLAY THEM.

Although we are called “Songwriter Radio .org” we are NOT wed to any specific type or genre of music.  What we play is entirely governed by what we are sent . If we get enough of any specific genre we will create a special show to highlight it. At the moment we have the “Home Grown Country Music Show” – featuring UK and Irish country acts and a “Folk, Roots and Acoustic Show”  playing acoustic based music. We’d add Dance, Rock, Electronic, Reggae, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Metal  etc  special shows if we get enough tracks sent in to do it . But we’ll include all genres in our general playlist – you don’t have to be Lady Gaga – in fact we WON’T PLAY Lady Gaga!

They should initially send us 2 tracks  via our DROPBOX at

So please spread the word – and don’t let the major labels and acts get it all their own way. There’s load of great original  music out there waiting to be heard – we provide a platform for discovery !

Mike & Tony

Mike Evans/ Tony Godbehere


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