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Solamors is the brainchild of ex-Becoming the Archetype member Alex Kenis. He recruited ex-ex-Becoming the Archetype vocalist Jason Wisdom and drummer Travis Turner (who played with Kenis before BTA in Aletheian). Just like many other bands these days, Solamors used crowdfunding to release this, their debut album, Depravity’s Demise. Originally due out last spring, the band had some unseen setbacks and ended up releasing the record on Christmas Eve.

For a band who has never played in the same room together, Depravity’s Demise is just about as good of a record as a band who spent three weeks hashing out one in a studio together. With very few straight metal records released last year, Solamors delivers a great mix of technical and rhythmic guitar. This record captures some of the best styles in metal I have heard in the past few years. If you are a fan of The Burial, Dream Theater, Animals As Leaders, Amon Amarth (or if you’re just missing Becoming the Archetype), you are going to be a very happy camper. This is a great end of the year release for the metal genre.