Hope your Summer is wrapping up beautifully! It’s been a busy time ’round here (read an update here <http://sleepingatlast.com/whats-been-cookin-an-update/>
!) A few brief announcements to make on this fine September day…


Pleased to announce that my 2006 album, “Keep No Score” is NOW available <http://www.sleepingatlast.bigcartel.com/product/keep-no-score-vinyl-double-lp>
on 1st edition double-vinyl! Orders are shipping out starting today!
It’s my first vinyl release ever and I’m so thrilled with how it turned out. (Stock is limited, first come first serve!) Grab your copy here <http://www.sleepingatlast.bigcartel.com/product/keep-no-score-vinyl-double-lp>

SHOW ADDED! <http://sleepingatlast.com/tour/>

Last month I played at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI… They were kind enough to invite me back this month! September 21st <http://sleepingatlast.com/tour/> , I’ll be performing another intimate, “evening with” type of evening (feat. a String Quartet!) at the Ladies Literary Club in Grand Rapids, MI for Calvin Students and for general public! Hope to see you!! Can’t wait. Details here <http://sleepingatlast.com/tour/> .

CHARITY: WATER <http://mycharitywater.org/sleepingatlast>

This is my final mention of this- I wanted to let you know one last time about that my charity: water birthday campaign <http://mycharitywater.org/sleepingatlast>
. It’s ending in just a couple days… I would be absolutely thrilled, honored and privileged for you to check it out, learn more and consider helping me reach my goal for this cause! Learn more/Donate here! <http://mycharitywater.org/sleepingatlast>

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you at one of the upcoming Fall Tour dates <http://sleepingatlast.com/tour/> ! Check out the dates here <http://sleepingatlast.com/tour/> .


Top 25 Albums of 2020

The Top 25 Albums of 2020

When the going gets tough, artists create art. Despite a world reckoning outside our quarantined doors, musicians relentlessly created new music giving birth to genre-defining releases and, despite a year spent indoors, a marked 2020 full of passion and fervor. Here are our Top 25 albums of 2020.


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