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Silverline’s highly anticipated new album delivers a really solid record. Produced by Ben Kasica (formerly of Skillet), Lights Out allows the listener to be encompassed by the uplifting atmosphere it sets out to create.

This is the type of album you turn up loud in the car and sing your lungs out to. Silverline has a true pop-rock style with catchy guitar riffs and driving, catchy hooks.

One issue (that may not be an issue at all for some) is that it seems like it’s stuck a little between a praise and worship record and a rock record. “Lights Out,” the first single, has already gone to No. 1 on the Christian rock charts, but I don’t think it’s an accurate representation of the album. However, I can absolutely envision that song being played during the encore of a headlining tour and changing a lot of lives.

The simplicity of the record is refreshing. Each song has a clear message and the record really puts you into a good place listening to it.