Name: 4&20 Blackbird Music Festival
Date: August 4 and 5
Location: Downtown Weed, CA 96094
Time: 11am – 11pm
Featuring: 12 Stages, 125 Bands (of all genres), Gourmet Food, Craft Beer, Premier
Wineries, Art Installations, Dance Party, Car Show
Purpose: A celebration of music, art and food to benefit downtown Weed.
Tickets: Starting at $25
(Weed, CA)—Haven’t heard of the 4&20 Blackbird Festival? Don’t worry, you will soon
enough! The annual festival created and hosted by Sylvia Massy, drew nearly 3,000 festival
goers in its first year and is anticipated to double in attendance this year, making it a festival
worth including in your summer plans!
The two-day festival (August 4th and 5th) is designed to satisfy all musical tastes as musicians
from across the country embark on the tiny town of Weed, CA to show the town some much
needed love.
Weed is officially recognized as part of the Volcanic Scenic Byway, a 500-mile route beginning
in California’s Lake Amador basin and ending at Crater Lake in Oregon. The route traverses
extraordinary scenery and geologic phenomena and links the four notable volcanoes in this part of
the continent. “It’s a town that so many people pass through to get to larger areas. We recognize
the importance of historical cities like Weed and feel it is our responsibility to secure its place on
the map,” says Sylvia Massy. “Without support from the general public, towns like Weed, CA
are easily dismissed, making the 4&20 Blackbird Festival crucial to its survival.”
Proceeds from last year’s festival went toward the purchase of a street clock that now resides on
Main Street as a symbol of the cities endurance and staying power. Money raised at this year’s
festival will be put toward further updates and improvements to the cities downtown area in
hopes to increase tourism and provide more economic opportunity for the city.
The 2nd Annual 4&20 Blackbird Festival welcomes some of the region’s premier wineries and
craft breweries as well as food from some of the region’s favorite restaurants. Regional artists
will also be converging on the 4&20 Blackbird Festival to showcase arts and crafts for all
Festival goers will enjoy over a dozen stages of music to satisfy every ear, with headliner acts
currently being booked. Over 125 bands are included in this year’s lineup ranging from indie
rock bands, country, jazz and eclectic bands that defy any kind of categorization. Clearly, variety
is becoming the hallmark for this eclectic festival. From the heavy hitting One Eyed Doll to the
rhythms of Sunspot Jonz, DJ Katch (Resin Dogs) and Abstract Rude, to the impactful melodies of
Sexrat and Showbread, to the world’s youngest rock band Haunted By Heroes, the 4&20
Blackbird Festival is sure to deliver on this promise!


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