While on the road and still heavily entrenched in their headlining Nothing Matters Anymore Tour, Showbread have announced that they will be staying in the van!  The band will continue to spin the odometer as direct support to Christian metal all-stars Project 86 on The Picket Fence Cartel Tour! joined by The Wedding, Yearling, and Children 18:3.  Dates on the tour, which focuses on the Midwestern region of the US, range from October 14th to October 29th.

Showbread, in support of their album The Fear of God which underthegunreview.net described as “heavy hardcore meets punk music with intricate vocal lines on a variety of topics that are each discussed with a fury only Josh Dies can deliver.”, have been on the road since August 13th with Goodnight Caulfield and The Gallery.  To find information about their tour dates or The Fear of God, please visit http://www.myspace.com/showbread.

Date               City                             Venue

10/14              Denver, CO                Marquis Theatre

10/16              Franklin, IN               The Gear Music Venue

10/17              Chicago, IL                Beat Kitchen

10/18              Columbus, OH         Al Rosa Villa

10/19              Cleveland, OH          Peabody’s Down Under

10/21              Wichita, KS               The Oz Cafe

10/22              Claremore, OK         King Of Clubs

10/23              Burleson, TX             The Stone @ Lighthouse Church

10/24              Bentonville, AR        Self-Destruct of the Ozarks

10/25              Houston, TX              Meridian Java Jazz Entertainement Center

10/29              Phoenix, AZ              River Of Life Church


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