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Seventh Day Slumber

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Seventh Day Slumber was one of the opening bands for the first rock show I ever went to. I was a sixth grader. In person, I was mesmerized with the band’s energy and sound on stage. They impressed me so much I bought my first band shirt from them, which I still have in a tote buried in the depths of my closet. Even though I’ve obviously changed since then, I still find myself loving the music this band is producing. I find so much to appreciate about their most recent release, a five-track EP named Redline. The instrumentation and breakdowns on Redline still sound like the band’s older music, reminiscent of one of their first releases, Once Upon a Shattered Life — the album I saw them perform live over a decade ago. Perhaps the nostalgia myself and a number of fans of the band may experience with this EP could have us seeing through rose-colored lenses, but Christian rock’s notoriety for being cheesy in both content and musical output should be considered. However, there is not a single music connoisseur who would listen to this album and not find genuine talent on this well-written collection of songs. Tracks such as “Lost in the Lights” exemplify the typical pop-rock song format, but the redemption is found in the instrumentation, with impressive guitar work and a groove that anyone can bang their head to. For an EP, it’s a venture that proves this is some of the band’s best work yet, and if it’s a stage-setter for a future full-length, it upholds the band’s worth in their arena.