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False Idle frontman Sef Idle, also in an assortment of other bands, recently released his first solo record. Following in the footsteps of other punk artists such as Kevin Seconds (of 7 Seconds fame) and Matt Skiba, Idle has put down the electric guitar and picked up a much quieter and introspective instrument. However, don’t think that means that he’s “grown up” or “sold out” – while the style certainly is different, those familiar with punk rock will recognize chord progressions, rhythm and lyrical content that follows closely with Sef Idle’s punk rock roots. Overall, the tracks are surprisingly introspective, focusing on the ability to start again no matter the past. None are particularly upbeat, with slow strokes and musings meshing retrospectively with Idle’s quiet, crafted vocals. The bonus of a piano accompaniment on the track “In The Sand” deepens the musicality of the album, and adds a nice enhancement to the track, while fitting in perfectly with the theme of the music. When it comes down to it, Start Again is a solid album with a positive message, showing that punk rock isn’t getting old, it’s just getting smarter.


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