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Swedish metalcore band Safemode – who leans more towards the punk side of the metalcore genre, but still delivers that familiar metalcore punk – is at their best on Gold Digger, a fine example of their heavily punk-infused metalcore style.

Gold Digger is a four-track release that leans towards post-hardcore at times (“Last Push”), as well as some heavy hardcore sentiments on the track “Gold Digger: Sam.” The track “Another Day Will Haunt You” stands out, as it carries some serious groove metal throughout the song, accompanied by a beautifully sung bridge. The final track on this sweeping powerhouse is instrumental track “Pursuit of Fame.” When you put it all together, you may think it would come up short, but this album carries you on a journey you’d be hard pressed to match with any 10-track album on the market today.

The only downside to this album is that, on some of the tracks, the instruments sound a little stale and cliché (“Gold Digger: Sam”), but due to the diversity found on this album, it never makes any of the songs boring. Safemode’s Gold Digger is a punk-soaked metalcore album that carries an emotional pitch to keep you coming back to it.

For fans of Blindside, In Flames and Demon Hunter.


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