This project is about a war.

A spiritual war that involves determination,

Persistence and sacrifice.

WoL is not just a band or a certain type of music

But a Spirit;

A Spirit of revolt and anger against

All the negative spiritual influences in the world

That try so desperately to destroy us.

If you haven’t already received,

Or have become familiar with our CD

To the left is our lyrical section and

A sample of one of our songs: ‘Demons Be Gone”

Which demonstrates the reality of the

Negative forces we are talking about.

What you hear is very controversial and

Should be listened to with a very open mind.

When you get to the last part of the song

You’ll understand what we mean.

If you are looking to purchase the CD,

Click on the purchase CD link button to the left.

Please know that WoL is in no way interested

In any kind of recognition or financial gain. All proceeds will

Be going back into the project in the hopes

that many will be encouraged by its message.

If you have any questions or comments

Or would like to speak to us further about any matter, especially

If you or someone you know is struggling with

Unexplained impossible problems,

Please contact us by clicking on our contact link to the left

Thanks for reading and many blessings to you


Demons Be Gone


there’s a demon dancing on my shoulder

he likes to whisper things in my ear

he likes to tell me lies about who I am

he’s an evil creature, dead and obscene

lurking in my twisted dreams

yet I know that he’ll never be free

he’s an evil creature oh

and I know that he’ll never…

demons be gone don’t disturb me

demons be gone in Jesus’ name

satan be gone in Jesus’ name

in Jesus name

there’s a demon flying from my shoulder

it cramps his style when he sees my angel

and he’ll be melting in the lake of fire

and I’ll be bathing in the streams of Heaven

he’s a cowardly creature scared and blue

and I know that hell never be free

and I know that he’ll never be free, oh

demons be gone don’t disturb me

demons be gone in Jesus’ name

satan be gone! in Jesus’ name

in Jesus’ name



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