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Now Seeking Bands
Warclub Records is now seeking new bands. If you are in, or know a band who would be interested, please feel free to email us a link to your band’s page with a complete bio, including a link to hear your music at warclubrecords (at) gmail (dot) com.

Broken Flesh
Ricky Puckett has stepped down from his vocal duties and is no longer a part of the band and is currently in the process of seeking out other musical endeavors. In related news, after over a year of promoting the upcoming release from Broken Flesh, plans have recently changed. Warclub Records will not be releasing “Stripped, Stabbed, & Crucified”. The band has decided to self-release the album independently.

Veil of Suffering
Warclub Records will be releasing Veil of Suffering’s “No Apology” demo soon. Veil of Suffering was a Christian metal band from Oklahoma City, OK which started in 2007. Technically, it was years earlier than that, as the band went by the name of Mercy’s Wake. The band was comprised of Ricky Puckett (Obliteration/Death List, Broken Flesh) on vocals, Che Fitzgerald (Mercy’s Wake) on guitar, Dave Affentranger (Eleven Hours Down) on bass, and Al Garrison (Mercy’s Wake) on drums. Che and Al are two of the original members of the band when it was still called Mercy’s Wake. Ricky and Dave entered the band in 2007, at which time the name was changed to Veil of Suffering. This particular lineup only stayed together a little bit over a year, but Che and Al are reportedly in the process of giving VOS a comeback, along with John Booker on vocals and Ian Hayes on bass.

The “No Apology” demo is from the lineup which included Ricky Puckett and David Affentranger. It is only a 2-song demo, but the two songs are definitely worth releasing, rather than seeing them wither away into obscurity to be forgotten. The following, are vids of each of the two songs that will be released soon. Check them out and become a fan!

Veil of Suffering – “No Apology”


Veil of Suffering – “The Void Within”



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