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Reveler’s new album, Iridescence, is a throwback to the early days of metalcore. The group has managed to meld the modern with the traditional for a beautiful result. Though this album doesn’t bring anything new to the table for the genre, it’s a must-have for any fans looking for a blast from the past, a version of the genre they may have heard half a decade ago.

Iridescence hits a lot of high notes throughout the album. First off, the West Virginia quintet never makes things overly repetitive. Every song stands out on its own by bringing fantastic rich tones, but also deep breakdowns, without sounding too chuggy or over-the-top. Also, vocalist Zack Perry does a superb job at giving the clean vocals a balanced feel.

But the best quality of this album is its blended atmosphere. Metalcore seems to be on a decline recently due to a repetitiveness and lack of new ideas. And while the band may not be breaking new ground, they’re successfully dipping in and out of the same genre to create a new mix; it feels like they could have fit in with the scene five or six years ago just as well as they do now — something that’s hard to accomplish. Look for Reveler to be a killer new band in the metalcore scene.


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