The Burden of Sorrow

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I’m going to call this three-song EP a blue chip demo for a couple of reasons. First, the band is going to sell units based on name recognition of two of the members’ “other” bands: As I Lay Dying and Embodyment/The Famine.

Secondly, Pyrithion is already signed to Metal Blade, perhaps because of reason one, so this EP serves more as a demo to get the band’s name out there for the fans, and less to garner label interest in recording a debut album.

Now, Pyrithion being Tim Lambesis’ baby, you’re going to want to know if this sounds just like his main band AILD. Much like his other project Austrian Death Machine, the answer would be no.

Tim shows us that his metal rep runs deeper than metalcore and puts out a traditional death metal vibe on the first two tracks that is- dare I say- heavier than his normal fare, and perhaps closer to early sounds of Embodyment/The Famine. The third track reminds me of thrash titans Testament’s death metal phase, which is never a bad thing either. Will this become more than a project? I don’t know, but these three songs show a lot of promise.


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