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Poured Out

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Poured Out

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On October 23, 2016
Last modified:October 23, 2016


The newest member of the Facedown Records family, Poured Out, have released a killer full-length debut. The band, evoking ’90s-era hardcore, brings raw to a new level on To the Point of Death. It’s turned up to 11 right from the start, and it never dips in riotous energy. The quartet serves up speed metal fused with thick distortion, and there’s a never-ending supply of hard and fast drumming to whet any hardcore appetite. As a whole, it’s an album filled with music you want in your collection as an amped-up augmentation to your life’s soundtrack. Add to the instrumental madness the dirty vocals and intentional exclusion of melody, and Poured Out has provided a proper hardcore performance. All 13 of the songs fit the short-but-sweet bill, each one just long enough to get you jonesing for the next. Standout tracks include “Weeping” for the endless beatdown of breakdowns, “And Gnashing of Teeth” for the vocals, and especially “Remember Me” for tying that brilliant existential monologue from the movie Signs into its fabric. Though there are moments that hearken back to your favorite jams of yesteryear, Poured Out has written an album of metal/hardcore fit for today’s modern sound. It stands apart from the metalcore scene it will ultimately be ushered into, but one thing about Poured Out’s first LP is for certain: It’s only the beginning of something new.


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