PILLAR FRONTMAN DEFYS THE NORM: Rob Beckley announces first ever solo album

Rob Beckley talks about his upcoming solo release on idefi music

Grammy nominated artist Rob Beckley says he’s excited that his upcoming solo album will be the first release on new record label idefi Music.

“I am incredibly excited that Idefi believes in me enough to be their initial launch artist. I believe in Idefi and what it stands for and am incredibly honored” he says. “An unknown future is as exciting as it gets in business, especially the music industry.”

For years Beckley served as lead vocalist for the nu-metal band Pillar and is scheduled to release his debut solo album in March through idefi. During his time with Pillar the band sold over a million records worldwide and won three Dove awards. Their 2008 effort “the Reckoning” received a Grammy nod for “Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album.”

“The solo record is an opportunity to just be myself and not worry about sounding like “what Pillar is supposed to sound like”” he said. “I love rock, I love worship, and I love anthemic songs. This will be a straightforward rock record with the same passionate lyrics people grew used to in Pillar.”

“I really cannot wait for people to hear the record Rob’s working on and see what an artist can do when they are not under the thumb of a traditional label” says idefi CEO Brady Deaton.

idefi music is a new record label model that puts control into the hands of the artists. It allows artists to set their own pricing and determine what, when and how their music is released. Payment to the artist is instant and does not revolve around recouping advances and exorbitant promotional fees as seen in the traditional model.

“We’ve scanned a million records but we really haven’t seen any royalties” Beckley says. “They loan you all this money to do a record and you have to pay it back plus all the marketing before you get to any kind of return.”

Music from Rob’s new album will be released shortly after the launch of idefi Music on March 14. To learn more about idefi Music visit www.idefimusic.com.


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