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Not all wounds are physical. Traumatic events can cause deep emotional wounds as well.

Nearly three months after his church was attacked, Samuel still wears a bandage across his face, waiting for the remaining wounds to heal.

More than 300 church goers were gathered that morning. A suicide bomber tried to get into the church compound, but had driven into the closed gates when the bomb went off.

Two people were killed; Samuel’s uncle, who was a Sunday school teacher, and a baby girl. Samuel was badly injured during the explosion. Samuel underwent four hours of surgery and continues to wait for his wounds to heal.

But not all wounds are physical. These traumatic events often leave Christians with deep emotional wounds as well.

After traumatic events like this, Open Doors offers trauma counseling to persecuted Christians. This is done by a team of trainers who each have taken a certified trauma counseling course. The course combines biblical teaching and counseling techniques to address the enormous trauma linked to the violent loss of loved ones.

When you give Where Needed Most, you can provide persecuted Christians with the practical help that they need—whatever the situation may be. Your gift could be used for important programs like trauma counseling or for an emergency need!

Thank you for your faithfulness in providing for Christians, no matter what their need might be!


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Open Doors works in the most oppressive countries, strengthening persecuted Christians to stand strong and equipping them to shine Christ’s light in these dark places.

Where other Christian organizations cannot enter or have been forced to flee, Open Doors can be found – supplying Bibles, training Christian leaders, developing Christian communities and ensuring prayer, presence and advocacy for persecuted Christians.


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