You can change a North Korean refugee’s life forever!

You can save a North Korean escapee from the threat of deportation.

When was the last time you were assured that your actions would have such an impact? Well, today I can assure you that through your committed prayers and your support, you can!

Every day, North Koreans try to cross into other countries. Some make it… but many do not. For those caught trying to escape they are either shot dead or sent to a labor camp.

The danger doesn’t end after they escape. They remain in constant fear of being deported back to North Korea, many become gravely ill, some are sold into slave-like conditions, and worse.

First and foremost, I am asking you to pray that every person who escapes North Korea will find their way to safety.

And that they find their way to one of the safe houses that donors like you have provided through Open Doors. There they receive food, shelter, clothing, privacy and the message of Christ.

More good news is that valued partners of Open Doors have offered to match every gift you give for these safe houses up to $33,000. The gift you send is doubled!

Thanks to your generosity we are so close to our goal. We need only $10,350 by May 15 to provide safety for all 1,500 refugees

Raised so far

But let’s not stop there. If we exceed our goal, we can expand our reach by serving others who face persecution in other parts of the world. What a blessing to be able to serve so many brothers and sisters!

We can’t do this without you!

Help a refugee


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