War Of Ages Debut New Video
War of Ages are debuting their brand new video for the song “Collapse” off of their new album Eternal. You can get a first look now exclusively at Noisecreep. Also be sure to check the tour dates for a date near you. War of Ages are out now with As I Lay Dying and Demon Hunter, and they’ll be back out with AILD on the Cool Tour later in the summer, joined by Underoath and Between the Buried and Me.
Tour Dates:
5/20 Reno, NV
5/21 San Diego, CA
5/22 Las Vegas, NV
5/23 – Los Angeles, CA
5/24 – San Francisco, CA
5/25 – Twin Falls, ID
5/26 – Moorcroft, WY
7/12 – Orlando, FL
7/13 – Atlanta, GA
7/14 – N. Myrtle Beach, SC
7/15 – Charlotte, NC
7/16 – Baltimore, MD
7/17 – Toronto, ON
7/18 – Royal Oak, MI
7/20 – Boston, MA
7/21 – Sayreville, NJ
7/22 – Philadelphia, PA
7/23 – Columbus, OH
7/24 – Milwaukee, WI
7/25 – St. Louis, MO
7/27 – Houston, TX
7/28 – Dallas, TX
7/30 – Mesa, AZ
7/31 – Los Angeles, CA
8/1 – San Francisco, CA

To Speak Of Wolves Debut Out Now
With the curiosity of the metal world piqued, red-hot rock upstarts TO SPEAK OF WOLVES take a bite out of the scene with the release of their debut album Myself < Letting Go, on 5/18. Mixed by metal mastermind Jason Suecof (ALL THAT REMAINS, AUGUST BURNS RED, TRIVIUM), Myself < Letting Go careens wildly between brutally bombastic riffage and soaring, arena-worthy choruses. Rick Jacob’s vocals hammer and haunt, vaulting seamlessly from sky-high melodies to visceral screams. Early reviews have affirmed it – TO SPEAK OF WOLVES have lived up the hype, and then some. In anticipation of the release, the North Carolina five-piece is debuting the video today for lead single “Darkness Often Yields the Brightest Light.” The video was shot earlier this spring by Iron Curtain Media Group. “We wanted something chaotic and desperate-feeling to go along with the meaning of the song, which is about someone losing their confidence and being utterly lost in life,” explains WOLVES drummer Phil Chamberlain. “Iron Curtain Media really did an awesome job capturing that for us. The visual concept is loosely based on a fictional turn-of-the-century look and adds to the tone of the video.” The video can be seen here.

Sufjan Stevens On FNL Soundtrack
Friday Night Lights Vol. 2 Original Television Soundtrack, was released in stores on 5/18, 2010 by Arrival Records/Scion Music Group (distributed by Fontana Distribution, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group). The album became available digitally on 5/4, 2010. The selection of music ranges from the soulful to the more hard rock and all the songs and artists included in the album will be featured in the upcoming season. Liza Richardson is the soundtrack album co-producer and music supervisor for the television series. Jason Katims is both the executive producer of “Friday Night Lights” and of the Friday Night Lights Vol. 2 Original Television Soundtrack. The “Friday Night Lights” soundtrack is licensed through NBC Universal Television, DVD, Music and Consumer Products Group. Reflecting the passion and emotion of the show, Friday Night Lights Vol 2 Original Television Soundtrack, boasts a wide variety of artists including White Rabbits, Band Of Skulls, Augustana, Heartless Bastards, A.A. Bondy, Jakob Dylan, John Doe, The Avett Brothers, AM, Sufjan Stevens, Fink and Snuffy Walden. A complete track listing follows below. Commenting on this diverse and spirited album, Jonathan Platt, the soundtrack’s co – producer says: “We are extremely excited about releasing this amazing soundtrack which is so reflective of the spirit of this show consisting of some of the most relevant artists of today’s ‘Indie’ and mainstream music scene.” “Working on this show is a music supervisor’s dream,” said Richardson. “On this compilation, we’ve focused on a handful of the more emotional selections to give the soundtrack more cohesiveness. Our selections range from various rock music tracks, to hip hop, to some more prayer-like “twang!” There’s so much amazing music in the show, we could go on and on for volumes! The quality of the exceptional writing, acting, directing and editing of Friday Night Lights deserves music with equal integrity.” Adds Jason Katims: “I am so excited about the release of the Friday Night Lights Vol. 2 Soundtrack. I think fans of the show will agree that this is not only a great collection of songs from some of the most exciting artists out there, but it is also a true representation of the musical voice of Friday Night Lights.” “Music plays an important role in how fans connect with a show and embrace it,” said Shelli Hill, Vice President NBC Universal Television, DVD, Music and Consumer Products Group. “This soundtrack features great music from pivotal moments in the program that really resonates with fans of the show.”
Track Listing:

Showbread’s (FREE) Fifth Album
After 12 years of being a band, 5 years and 4 albums on a giant record label and 8 years of international touring, Showbread has withdrawn from one of the most basic principles of the music industry: make music to make money. Showbread has partnered with Come&Live! (an organization that works to equip ministry oriented bands with the ability to offer their music as a free gift) and are preparing to release their 5th (and best) album as a completely free high-quality download here. On September 21st, 2010 the band will return to Radiostar Studios in Weed, California to record with Sylvia Massy (who has worked with Tool, Johnny Cash and Prince to name a few) and the creative team behind the Showbread albums “No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical”, “Age Of Reptiles” and “The Fear Of God.” Their vision is to create an amazing album and then give it away as a free gift. The band exists to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and create unique, challenging art intended for those who do not share their beliefs as much as those who do. For years Showbread has been known, loved and hated for its originality as well as its bizarre nature among other bands, frustratingly obstinate approach to art and controversial and uncompromising vision. Over the years they have received thousands of emails and been approached by countless individuals who have detailed amazing changes God has made in their lives by using albums made by the small and imperfect folks in Showbread. The hope Showbread holds for this album is that it can inspire and be enjoyed and experienced by anyone willing to click a link instead of only those willing to pay for it. In order to turn this vision into a reality, they need your help. They are making an album in a prestigious studio with an acclaimed producer, in the past there was a huge record label to foot the bill. Now in order to make an album of the same quality with the same team, they sincerely need help from anyone and everyone who believes in our mission of truth, love, humility and service in Jesus Christ as well as the art He inspires in our band and uses for His kingdom. This record depends on YOU! without your support this grand idea for a free Showbread album will not come to pass. For the first time in a decade, Showbread has complete creative control over the creation, manufacturing and release of this album, and they have big plans to make it exciting. As a thank you for donating to fund our album we’ve prepared some great gifts and opportunities. Please think and pray over the decision to donate, your support literally means the world to Showbread. ALL DONATIONS will be given a membership at the RawRockMilitia.com forum, including the “exclusives” section where Showbread posts rare, advance and unreleased content. For more information on this, go here.

mewithoutYou Announce Summer Headlining Tour
mewithoutYou will be hitting the road on the nationwide Our Cashew Princess of the Swirling Marble Tour this summer with Rubik and David Bazan and Rocky Votolato on select dates. There are currently 23 scheduled stops starting June 2nd in St. Louis, MO and culminating June 29th in Kalamazoo, MI. The tour comes after mewithoutYou’s latest release, IT’S ALL CRAZY! IT’S ALL FALSE! IT’S ALL A DREAM! IT’S ALRIGHT which stands as another daring adventure charted by frontman Aaron Weiss, guitarist Michael Weiss, bassist Greg Jehanian, and drummer Rickie Mazzotta. The band’s fourth studio album, produced by Daniel Smith (Danielson Familie) and Brian McTear (Mazarin, Matt Pond PA) has been described by Absolutepunk.net as “one of the most ambitious albums of 2009” and “a beautiful work of art which shouldn’t be missed,” by Alter The Press.
Tour Dates:
6/02 – St. Louis, MO
6/03 – Lawrence, KS
6/04 – Denver, CO
6/05 – Murray, UT
6/07 – Seattle, WA
6/08 – Portland, OR
6/10 – San Francisco, CA
6/11 – Anaheim, CA
6/12 – Los Angeles, CA
6/13 – Scottsdale, AZ
6/15 – Austin, TX
6/16 – Dallas, TX
6/17 – Oklahoma City, OK
6/18 – Springfield, MO
6/19 – Little Rock, AR
6/20 – Birmingham, AL
6/21 – Memphis, TN
6/22 – Atlanta, GA
6/23 – Nashville, TN
6/24 – Columbia, SC
6/25 – Knoxville, TN
6/26 – Covington, KY
6/27 – Pontiac, MI
6/29 – Kalamazoo, MI

Flatfoot 56 Video Premiere
In the first month of release, FLATFOO­T 56 managed to cement their position among the country’s most important artists with their Old Shoe Records debut, BLACK THORN. Met with critical acclaim to augment the swelling anticipation of its release, the band would emerge #2 on Billboard’s Heatseekers (new artists) Chart in addition to healthy positions on the Billboard Top 200, the Billboard Top Independent Current Albums Chart, Top Alternative Rock Chart, Top Rock Chart, Top Current Albums Chart and Top Internet Sales Charts, just to name a few. A sincere tribute to the blue-collar backbone of America, the first single from BLACK THORN, “Courage,” embodies the band’s unwavering pride in their working class roots. Frontman Tobin Bawinkel explains the inspiration of the song: “This was written with a few faces in mind. We thought of all of the stories and life long testimonies of people who sacrificed all they had to make a good life for their kids and decided that they needed to be respected in a Flatfoot song. I guess we were tired of everyone around us idolizing people who have done nothing but spend their lives feeding their own pride. This is the reason for writing Courage. To give respect where respect is due.” Helmed by director Kendal Miller and shot on location in Chicago, IL and Gary, IN, the video for “Courage” remains an ode to the lives and sacrifices of the men and women who championed the labor force. Set during the Industrial boom of the World War II era, Miller and FLATFOOT 56 genuinely capture the lives and stories of those who often go unnoticed, the working class.

MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE has released a brand new track, ‘Terra Firma’, off of their upcoming Solid State Records release, Lost Boy. The record hits stores June 8th, 2010, and the new track can be found at the band’s MySpace page. Also on the horizon for MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE is a month-long tour with HASTE THE DAY and UPON A BURNING BODY! Lost Boy is the eagerly-awaited follow up to 2008’s critically acclaimed Unbreakable. Unbreakable has sold an impressive 30,000+ copies in the United States alone, and has generated two music videos. MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE’s most recently released video for ‘On Wings of Integrity,’ shot at The Waterfront Tavern in Holyoke, MA, received over 60,000 views in less than 24 hours. Lost Boy was recorded at Glow In The Dark Studio in Atlanta, Georgia by producer Matt Goldman (UNDEROATH, COPELAND, and THE CHARIOT). The new record recalls both the vehemence and sincerity of 2008’s Unbreakable while progressing in musical maturity. With a hectic touring schedule both leading up to and following the release of Lost Boy, MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE are sure to be busy in 2010. In addition to dates with HASTE THE DAY, MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE will be performing at a festival near you!

Destroy The Runner Disbands
Destroy The Runner has announced that the band is calling it quits. From the official statement on their myspace: ”
THIS IS AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT RELEASE FROM DESTROY THE RUNNER. PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY AND ALL INFORMATION NOT RELEASED THROUGH ANY OF THE BANDS OFFICIAL SITES (i.e. myspace, facebook, twitter, ilike, etc.) IS NOT CONSIDERED RELIABLE OR CORRECT. PERSONAL MEMBER STATEMENTS TO WILL FOLLOW. To all of our fans that have become friends, we wish to thank you for your support and dedication to us, as a band and as individuals. Without you, Destroy the Runner would not have been able to have had the opportunities allowed to us along the way. We all posses an insurmountable gratitude for any and every one that has given our music a chance. There is an even greater gratitude we posses towards anyone who has helped us in any way on the road, or at home. We have been fortunate enough to have met some of the most incredible people on our journeys, and we thank all of you for imparting your fervor on us. We hope to see you all again one day. You have aided in our personal struggles and decisions as well. So, as words could never truly express our sentiments, thank you. It is with this in mind that we wish to inform you that our time has run its course. We unfortunately must embrace an indefinite hiatus. We have sought to maintain musical integrity and honesty within all facets of our functioning, and, unfortunately, are not able to do so at this point in time. We have grown busier as the pains of real life and financial responsibilities keep us from a full time emersion into our passion for music. This has allowed compromise to enter the creative process. As soon as we could perceive this, we understood that it was time to give up the ghost, as compromise is the last thing we ever wish to entertain. This is the harsh face of reality. Please be assured that past and present band members will forever remain lifelong friends. We have bonded in a way that cannot be described. We can each personally call every member, past and present, a brother. With that being said, music will never fall far from any one of our lives. There are several side projects already underway and hopefully each and every one will reach your hearts and ears as Destroy the Runner has. Keep on the lookout for a softer, more experimental project with Nick, Duane, Marc, Jeremiah and several others called Other Mountains. Also check out Chapter 14 with Chad and Tanner. And for the super heavy fans, be on the lookout for a very heavy, experimental band with Nick, Duane (vocals), Kyle (from Thieves and Liars), and our guitar tech Jason that is yet to be named. It would not be far fetched if several other projects came out of Destroy the Runner. We will keep you informed on any music created or shows performed by any of these side projects. Once again, thank you so much for your patronage. And I hope music will continue to affect your lives for the constant improvement as much as it has ours.

Sophomore Release From Coriolis Is A Concept Album
Fans of industrial metal have been patiently awaiting a sophomore release from Coriolis (pronounced “kor-ee-OH-liss”) since their debut album introduced a new sound to the scene in 2005. “Eric Clayton once told me not to rush things; to let each song idea have time to mature, and develop properly before rushing to put it on CD,” says Coriolis founder, Jonathan P. Stamets. “Five years is a long time to wait for a follow up, but these songs have a lot of meaning for me, and are documenting a very dark period of my life. I didn’t want to release such a dark album until I had gotten through it, so that I had a clear perspective on things. After all, from the top of the mountain, you cannot see the mountain.” The album, cynically titled The Endless Funeral, is a concept album in the vein of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails. “The album is about life,” says Jonathan, “and more specifically about my life. It’s very honest, and very gritty. Instead of documenting a decline into insanity, Like The Wall, or drug use like Downward Spiral, this is documenting the last 5 years of my life, in which I was growing more and more angry at God, and extremely disenchanted with the Christian world view. I never exactly “backslid,” but I can certainly relate with the darkest parts of David’s life in Psalms, when he felt completely forsaken. That’s why I’m keeping the songs “as is.” There is a lot of cynicism, bitterness, and anger in these songs; basically everything that Christian musicians are told to avoid. There will be no sugar-coating, and no Christianese. People need to know that they will experience times of doubt and despair, and that they’re not alone. There is no uplifting “spin,” and the songs aren’t given the “encouragement treatment” that people expect from Christian artists. The encouragement comes from the fact that when you’re going through it, you know you’re not alone, and someone else has been through it and survived with their faith intact: Me.” Musically, Coriolis’ sound has evolved into something ominous and unexpected. Industrial influences such as Nine Inch Nails are much more prominent, and vocal influences from Korn and Marilyn Manson have come to the surface in a very unexpected way. Jonathan explains, “Dan Schultz has brought so much to the table when it comes to guitar work, and working with Bridgeshadows really helped me to transition to writing with a “band,” instead of just doing it all myself. I really like the new sound!” The album’s release date is June 1, 2010 through YoungSide Records.

HarvestBloom Releases New EP
HarvestBloom, formed in 2007 from Silver Spring, Maryland, follows their self-titled 2009 EP with a new 6-song EP entitled DEVIL’S POISON (May 11, 2010). After receiving favorable reviews and airplay on Christian Rock Radio with their first EP, HarvestBloom went into the studio in late 2009 to record their second EP with Producer, Tony Correlli (Ashes Remain and Orphan Project) of Deep End Recording Studio in Baltimore, Maryland. The theme of the second EP, DEVIL’S POISON is about the struggle within and the choices we make. HarvestBloom is celebrating their 2nd EP Release – DEVIL’S POISON and the launch of their new website by asking their fans and friends to go to iTunes and download their new song NATURAL COMPULSION for 99 cents. Half the proceeds are being donated to the Capital Area Foodbank.

Newsboys Single Is Popular
newsboys fans don’t have to wait till 7/13th, the day the CD BORN AGAIN officially releases, to get the single “Born Again” for their very own. As of today, the No. 1 single is now available for download on iTunes. The single is No. 1 on the CHR charts – for the second week in a row! And be sure to catch newsboys live in a city near you this spring and summer. Tour dates are listed below, but be sure to check out newsboys.com for the most updated schedule.
Tour Dates:
5/22 – Decatur, AL
5/30 – Del Mar, CA
6/2 – Kingston, ON
6/3 – Ottawa, ON
6/4 – Toronto, ON
6/5 – Sudbury, ON
6/12 – Charlotte, NC
6/16 – Wilmore, KY
6/19 – Stone Mountain, GA
6/25 – Gaylord, MI
7/1 – Shirleysburg, PA
7/3 – Salinas, CA
7/5 – Pleasanton, CA
7/9 – Oshkosh, WI
7/16 – Wilmar, MN

My Epic On Tour This Summer
My Epic is headlining a summer tour sponsored by World Vision. It’s called The Hunger & Thirst Tour, and runs through the month of June. “We head out on tour at the beginning of 6/with So Long Forgotten and A Hope For Home. We are very excited and will be playing several songs from our upcoming album Yet. We look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones!” Yet is scheduled to be released on 7/6, but you can hear “Lashes,” a song from the album, now at My Epic’s Myspace.
Tour Dates:
6/5 – Willmar, MN
6/6 – Sioux Falls, SD
6/11 – Waco, TX
6/15 – Douglasville, GA
6/16 – Jacksonville, FL
6/17 – East Ridge, TN
6/20 – Baltimore, MD
6/21 – Lynchburg, VA
6/22 – Fredericksburg, VA
6/23 – Covington, KY
6/24 – Sidney, OH
6/25 – Evansville, IN
6/26 – Corbin, KY
6/27 – Terre Haute, IN
6/28 – Springfield, IL

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