Inhale Exhale Film New Video
With the release of their sucker-punch of a third album, Bury Me Alive, on 10/6, Cleveland, Ohio art-metalers INHALE EXHALE shifted into high gear with the filming of a new video for lead single “Did You Ever Have A Touch To Lose?”. Shot near Greensboro, NC on September 28, the video echoes the push-and-pull tension of “Did You Ever Have A Touch To Lose?” – the ferocious riffage juxtaposed with singer Ryland Raus’ pleading melodies, the snarling screams colliding with the frantic guitar leads – with its striking usage of lighting in the darkest contexts. “We wanted it to be a feeling of being surrounded,” says guitarist and primary songwriter John LaRussa. “There is going to be a lot of live performance shots, and a lot of lights and blinders going on.” Coinciding with the video shoot is the stream of a third track (and album opener) from Bury Me Alive, “Rooms,” on INHALE EXHALE’s MySpace page which was posted on September 29th. With each released track, the band demonstrates in no uncertain terms that Bury Me Alive marks a sea change for an irrepressible young force in metal music.

Austrian Death Machine Stream New Single
Austrian Death Machine pump “Iron Fist” on their myspace! With the new album releasing this week, Tim Lambesis adds: “Ahhnold and I were able to put together an entire CD full of great cover songs related to his movies. Since we released one song from the originals disc already, we figured it was time for everyone to hear a cover as well. Even now you’ve only heard less than 1/10 of the album, so make sure to pick up the whole thing on Tuesday!” Ahhnold enthusiasts and metalheads will have a chance to catch Austrian Death Machine live soon on the west coast.
Tour Dates:
10/07 – Yuma, AZ
10/08 – San Diego, CA
10/09 – San Francisco, CA
10/10 – Victorville, CA
10/11 – Pomona, CA
10/12 – Phoenix, AZ

For Today Touring with Throwdown
Facedown’s FOR TODAY will be heading out on the road with THROWDOWN this winter for the Deathless Tour I. After a short stint in Canada and a turn-around trip to Germany, For Today will spend four weeks in 11/and December with Throwdown, also joined by Bury Your Dead, ABACABB, and The World We Knew, for a boomerang tour that will start and end in the western US, hitting as far east as New Hampshire.
Tour Dates:
10/7 – Toronto, ON
10/8 – Windsor, ON
10/9 – Toledo, OH
10/10 – Mansfield, OH
10/24 – Hessen, GERMANY
11/13 – Reno, NV
11/14 – Boise, ID
11/15 – Seattle, WA
11/16 – Spokane, WA
11/17 – Pocatello, ID
11/18 – Layton, UT
11/19 – Denver, CO
11/20 – Odessa, TX
11/21 – Ft. Worth, TX
11/22 – Houston, TX
11/24 – Atlanta, GA
11/25 – Fayetteville, NC
11/27 – Richmond, VA
11/28 – Baltimore, MD
11/29 – Reading, PA
11/30 – Manchester, NH
12/1 – Vineland, NJ
12/2 – Cleveland, OH
12/3 – Syracuse, NY
12/4 – Columbus, OH
12/5 – Detroit, MI
12/6 – Covington, KY
12/7 – Little Rock, AR
12/8 – Wichita, KS
12/9 – Austin, TX
12/10 – El Paso, TX

Victory Releases Before There Was Rosalyn
Five boys from Houston Texas who attest that they are a ministry first and a band second, Before There Was Rosalyn is the kind of band that strives to become more than just the sum of their parts. With a passion and sincerity that’s all too real in a world where so many things are not, they invite you into their lives and their struggles, hoping to share in yours. After extensive touring, and a great response to their 2008 release “As Far As The Moon From The Sun,” this post-hardcore act has set out to make a powerful statement with their Victory debut entitled THE FUHRER: An Allegory Of A History Of Deception, an album about humanity’s potential to create and its power to destroy. With a release date of 10/27/09, THE FUHRER is a bold and emotional journey into the heart of a humanity left to its own devices. Characterized by a sound of driving beats, powerful lyrics, and tasteful songwriting, Before There Was Rosalyn is here to remind us that music is still the best way for us to offer the only thing of value we really have to offer one another: our hearts. “This record is for our generation,” Vocalist Carlos Salazar conveys. “It’s for all of us. This is about humanity. It’s not about the black and white lines that divide our morals or our beliefs, but the gray matter that makes up the lives we lead and the importance of the choices we make.”

White Collar Sideshow Late Summer Recap
White Collar Sideshow has had an extremely busy summer. They posted the news in their latest enewsletter: It’s hard to believe the Summer of 2009 has come and gone…we had an amazing journey. We got to hang with old friends and meet many new ones. We even hung with one of my elementary school girlfriends in Cali and stayed with friends in Colorado that were at our wedding back in ‘01! Philippians 1:3 says I thank my God every time I remember you. We are so blessed with such amazing friends and I am truly thankful for each of you!! We had The Leech (Tristen, my bonus child/T’s son) in the beginning of August for a Daystar TV show called Check The Sound. It should air within the next few months. It was so fun. Our buddies from Children 18:3 filmed the same day, so we got some good hangtime. We also filmed for the Dog Whisperer a few weeks later. That was SO amazing, such a great day. We filmed in Ventura, California at a venue called Epic. This place is INCREDIBLE. First off, it’s a venue, and that’s where we did most of our shoot. It also has a coffee shop, a theater room and a video game center. The interior design of the whole place is amazing. If you’re ever in Ventura, I highly recommend you stop by as they’re open 7 days a week-grab a cup of coffee or one of their crazy drinks in a bottle! The DW shoot was great. We started playing The Parasite Matrimony and in walks Cesar Millan. He is such a great guy-it’s like we’ve known him for years (perhaps since I’ve been watching the show for a while, lol). He is passionate about his job and truly loves dogs. As far as him whispering to my dogs…this dude is LEGIT! Seriously-they’re not 100% calm submissive, but we’re so close I can taste it. Just gotta keep working with him. This should air around January. The producers of both shows told me they would keep in touch and let me know when they air so I’ll keep you posted via facebook/myspace/twitter. If you’re not following me on twitter, our username is wcsideshow. Harvey the RV was definitely a champ this summer. We drove all the way up to Washington State for TOMFest (which was amazing), down the 101 in California (which was amazing), all throughout LA (traffic was insane), south to Carlsbad, CA (which was amazing) and back across I-40 as I’m typing this in Nashville. Harvey is a trooper for sure. We have definitely talked about an upgrade though. Nothing bigger, length wise, just engine-wise. We’re thinking a diesel would be good as Harvey’s transmission has been rebuilt once and isn’t really made to pull our 5,000lb trailer. Definitely praying about a change, anyways. I mentioned last email that we got the cover of the Sept/Oct HM magazine. Such a huge blessing. If you haven’t picked up a copy-they are still in stores. We also have some we’re selling at our merch booth. We all signed the cover (even The Leech) so if your store has run out, come to a show and get one from us! We spent a lot of time at the end of August/beginning of September with our friends Sleeping Giant. Our buddy, Travis (777 Productions) who filmed all of the White Collar vids, drove out with another guy, Lee, and they collaborated with T for SG’s latest music video. It’s to the song-The Army of the Chosen One and it’s gonna be sick! We’re hoping for the release within a month or so. Keep an eye out-T of course went for creepy but it definitely has a message. Our Online Merch Store is UP!! Please check it out and support the Sideshow! We’re hoping to get new designs soon as well as a hoodie!! T and I have been asked to be on the board of directors for RYFO as artist liaisons. We absolutely love RYFO and everyone associated has been incredible. RYFO was established to holistically care for the unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs of touring musicians. If you sign up on their page, we would love for you to “adopt” us! We are currently on the road and I am still booking shows for the rest of the year, even into next year. We’re working our way up to New York with a weekend stop in Maryland for the Unified Underground Conference next month. If you have that weekend off, you should definitely join us! You can see all of our dates on our page. If you are interested in booking the sideshow, please email me at whitecollarsideshow@hotmail.com We have played at all different venues, churches, groups, bars, clubs, conventions and festivals. We would love the opportunity to challenge, inspire and love on everyone in your group! Mid-November, we are doing a week long tour with The Great Transparency, the tour is called “A Night of Transparency.” I’m still needing to fill a few dates that week as well. It will primarily be in the eastern US. We are hoping to spend January in California. We figured SoCal would be a great place to hang in the winter. We played some great shows while we were there in Aug/Sept and are looking forward to more next year.

Family Force 5 To Do Christmas Tour
On 11/28th, “The Family Force 5’s Christmas Pageant” first annual tour will kick off in Grand Rapids, MI. The Atlanta-based band’s combination of dance and rock, funky rhythms and percolating club grooves will get anyone up out of their seats. “The Family Force 5’s Christmas Pageant” tour promises to be no different, putting the Family Force 5 touch on classic holiday tunes and age-old favorites. The inspiration for the tour comes from The Family Force 5 Christmas Pageant album, set to release on 10/6. In accordance with the holiday spirit and in an effort to give back to the communities that “The Family Force 5’s Christmas Pageant” will be visiting, Family Force 5 has asked that their fans bring canned goods for donation to local food banks. Family Force 5 is currently ruling the road with their very own “DANCE RAWR DANCE 3” tour, powering the rise of their most recent album, DANCE OR DIE. The tour has already proven a huge success, but the band, feeling no need to slow down, wants to bring their notoriously crazy style on the road with them throughout the holidays as well. “We encourage fans to dress up in costumes, whether it be a killer whale, a big chicken or a Skeletor outfit,” says guitarist Chap Stique. Or a Santa Clause suit! Family Force 5’s recent notable partnership with Target and Skelanimals has also been drawing national attention lately – The Target EP exclusive “Keep The Party Alive” features six songs including the new title track and enhanced DVD video. “Keep The Party Alive” debuted at #12 on the Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Album Chart this week!
For more information on this tour, visit:

The Elms Self-Release 4th Album
The Elms debut on Billboard Heatseekers chart with fourth album ‘The Great American Midrange’ released via the band’s own label in conjunction with A2M Distribution and Warner Chappell. They had their best first week sales ever for as radio support continues to grow across the country. THE GREAT AMERICAN MIDRANGE–the latest set for Indiana foursome THE ELMS–debuted at #18 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart this week and #1 on the Heatseekers chart for the East North Central region. It follows the band’s weeklong promotional tour of appearing on national & regional radio including The Bob & Tom Show, performing at Best Buy in-stores and special release week concerts, and making a high profile appearance live at a Chicago White Sox game. The fourth album from the band also sees their best first-week sales ever, exceeding those of all three previous major label releases. Released on their own label TRUST Incorporated, in conjunction with Artist 2 Market (A2M) Distribution–who have also had recent success with independent albums from Dolly Parton, Hurt and Spinal Tap and whose support of THE ELMS’ record has been substantial–and Warner Chappell, the album was co-produced by THE ELMS and longtime collaborator Brent Milligan; engineered and mixed by Adam Kasper (Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age); and mastered by the legendary Bob Ludwig (Rolling Stones, U2, Pearl Jam, REM, Radiohead). THE ELMS build solidly upon a tradition that stretches from The Band to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, with deep roots in the muddy working soul of their home country. In the eight years since its inception, the band–Owen Thomas (Vocals, Guitar), Christopher Thomas (Drums), Nathan W. Bennett (Bass) and Thomas Daugherty (Guitar)–have become an extremely tight unit, embodying the hard-working values that they sing about. Radio support behind rousing first single “Back to Indiana”–which debuted on television in May as part of national coverage of the Indianapolis 500–and AOR single “Strut” has been steadily growing all over the country. THE ELMS will be on the road in support of THE GREAT AMERICAN MIDRANGE throughout the fall, including confirmed headline shows and support dates with Cowboy Mouth, Pat McGee and a special Halloween performance with Better Than Ezra. See below for current tour dates and look for additional dates to be announced soon. Since forming in 2001, THE ELMS have played more than 700 shows sharing stages in the U.S. and Europe with artists as diverse as Band of Horses, Shooter Jennings, Neil Young, the Fratellis, Switchfoot, Goo Goo Dolls and Buddy Guy. They also had the opportunity to perform alongside fellow Seymour, IN-native John Mellencamp at Farm Aid.
Tour Dates:
10/2 – Lafayette, IL
10/3 – Auburn, IN
10/4 – St. Louis, MO
10/7 – Austin, TX
10/8 – Dallas, TX
10/9 – Corpus Christi, TX
10/10 – Houston, TX
10/28 – Athens, GA
10/29 – Birmingham, AL
10/30 – Jonesboro, AR
10/31 – Bossier City, LA
11/12 – Terra Haute, IN
11/13 – Indianapolis, IN
11/17 – Detroit, MI
11/18 – Cleveland, OH
11/19 – Milwaukee, WI
11/21 – Chicago, IL

Dreampilots Debut Album Out Now
Comedown, the highly anticipated American debut album from Norway-based foursome Dreampilots, has officially landed on U.S. shores through Red Hammer Records and E1 Entertainment Distribution (formerly Koch Entertainment). While new to stateside audiences, the Dreampilots have already found fame and fanfare in its homeland thanks to their debut album If You Ever Come Down (2005), international touring and performances at such world renowned venues as Oslo’s Valle Hovin (which has literally hosted every prominent music act including the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Madonna and more). It also doesn’t hurt that the band is comprised of music veterans with an incredible track record. Frontman Oddi Nessa is a former Word Records UK artist, and bass player Gulleiv Wee is a founding member of the platinum selling pop band The September When. The pair was later joined by sought after keyboard player Inge Engelsvold and drummer Karl Oluf Wennerberg, who is also the current drummer for legendary Norwegian band a-ha, best known for their global smash hit “Take On Me.” The imagery created by the band’s name is intentional. “It comes from our fascination for planes and flying, we like the word ‘dream,’ plus we want to pilot people to the Lord,” explains Gulleiv. Adds Karl, “For me it reflects some of the mission in the band. We want people to fly away from daily life, both mentally and spiritually. When people are traveling, they are more open minded, and based on our stories, hopefully this can point people to God and their ultimate salvation.” Earning comparisons as diverse as U2, Switchfoot and Foo Fighters, the Dreampilots consider themselves to be the cure for musical and spiritual complacency. “We wanted simple, catchy and energetic music that would have humor and depth at the same time,” explains Inge of the songs that make up Comedown. “It’s about facing the real world and taking the fight head on – not the easy way out,” adds Oddi of the theme that runs throughout the record. “We want to play great music that can change people’s lives and write songs that matter. We want to reach young and old and make a difference by singing from the heart and sing about the cross in an honest and truthful way.”
For more information about the Dreampilots and upcoming tour dates in North America, visit:

Flyleaf Debuts New Single & Video
Flyleaf debuted their new music video for “Again” last week. You can view the video by visiting their YouTube page here. Flyleaf will be touring in support of their new album “Memento Mori” later this month and tour dates are below.
Tour Dates:
10/23 – Abilene, TX
10/24 – Lubbock, TX
10/25 – Odessa, TX
10/29 – Los Angeles, CA
11/1 – San Francisco, CA
11/3 – Seattle, WA
11/4 – Portland, OR
11/6 – Salt Lake City, UT
11/7 – Boulder, CO
11/9 – Minneapolis, MN
11/10 – Chicago, IL
11/11 – Pittsburgh, PA
11/17 – Boston, MA
11/18 – New York, NY
11/20 – Baltimore, MD
11/21 – Philadelphia, PA
11/23 – Atlanta, GA
For more information, please visit:

The Letter Black Unveil Video
Tooth & Nail’s The Letter Black premieres their music video for the single “Hanging By A Thread” on AOL’s Noisecreep.com. Along with the music video is a exclusive interview with Noisecreep.com. Check out the music video and interview here. Last week, the female-fronted band released their label debut 6-song EP “Breaking The Silence” to much acclaim and leaving people wanting more anticipating the full record to come in 2010. Kicking off this debut, the band began the Skillet “Awake & Alive” tour last weekend, which is continuing throughout November.
For more information on The Letter Black, visit:

Confide Cancels UK/European Tour
In an unfortunate turn of events, Los Angeles based Confide have announced that they have cancelled their UK / European tour that was scheduled for the month of October due to failed contractual obligations on part of the promotion agency. “We were really disappointed and disheartened when we had to cancel the tour” singer Ross Kenyon said. “This would have been my first tour with the band back home to the UK and it was something we were greatly looking forward to. We’re hoping to reschedule dates after the release of our next record.” In a classic good news/bad news situation, the band is now freed up to work on writing their sophomore album which is already scheduled to be recorded with Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack, Asking Alexandria, etc.) in December.
To check in on the writing progress of the album and any upcoming US dates for the band, go here:

Cryptacize Start A Tour With Sufjan
Recently, Cryptacize and Sufjan Stevens began their tour in Philadelphia. We imagine it will be very exciting as both put on a truly terrific show. Unfortunately these tours dates are all sold out. But fret not! Cryptacize tours on! On 10/10th, Cryptacize will trade in Sufjan and his pals for another set of Brooklyn-based musicians: The Fiery Furnaces. Together, along with Dent May, they will tour from Hoboken (Jersey not Georgia) to the always-sunny palm-kissed LA in November, with a little Canada tucked in there for good measure. It’s on Cryptacize’s own blog (replete with out-of-sight mixes and so-so funny pictures!) that we read with great sadness that this coast-to-coast tour may be the last chance to catch them live for a while. Don’t let the opportunity, and Cryptacize playing in your city, pass you by!
Tour Dates:
9/24 – Cleveland, OH
9/25 – Pontiac, MI
9/26 – Champaign, IL
9/27 – Minneapolis, MN
9/28 – Madison, WI
9/29 – Bloomington, IN
10/1 – Toronto, ON
10/2 – Montreal, QC
10/3 – Portland, ME
10/4 – New York, NY
10/5 – New York, NY
10/6 – Brooklyn, NY
10/7 – Brooklyn, NY
10/10 – Winter Park, FL
11/4 – Hoboken, NJ
11/5 – Northampton, MA
11/6 – Troy, NY
11/7 – Toronto, ON
11/10 – Toledo, OH
11/11 – Ferndale, MI
11/12 – Milwaukee, WI
11/13 – Madison, WI
11/14 – St. Paul, MN
11/17 – Vancouver, BC
11/18 – Seattle, WA
11/20 – San Francisco, CA
11/21 – Los Angeles, CA

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