If you’ve been looking for this generation’s spirit-filled hardcore bands, look no further than OnTheAttack Records artist, Revivalist. The band just released a new music video for their song, “Vanity.” Be sure to listen all the way through for the powerful closing starting at 3:13.

If you like it, download the band’s Brother EP for free exclusively through HM.

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Righteous Vendetta

Not Dead... Yet

After canning the entire album in 2015, Righteous Vendetta is ready to release 'Not Dead Yet' and prove they're still thriving. We recently got to sit down with Ryan Hayes, vocalist of Righteous Vendetta, to discuss the band's upcoming album, life in the Mountain West, and how the pandemic has him venturing into country music songwriting.


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Loose Talk

The Blackened Blues

With Anberlin putting a hold on its career, two of its members – Christian McAlhaney and Deon Rexroat – weren't ready to put on hold on music as their careers. Now, their former side project – a "blackened blues" rock and roll outfit – has become their main gig.


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Ever Eden

The Haunting Sound of Hope

"Ever Eden has been this perfect culmination of us realizing what our journey has been and how to aim that as a message for other people." After years of introspection and coming-of-age, Ever Eden has embraced their own struggles, as haunting as it may feel, to create a community that's turned out to be much larger than the band itself.


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