Hey. It’s Dan. Wanted to send out a quick email here and let you know of a few really cool things happening and going to happen in Listener world right now and in the coming months.

First off is the new Return to Struggleville album. IT IS BACK IN STOCK, and all brand new. We’ve had a love hate relationship with this project for a little while, but it now has legs and is walking again properly for the first time. We’ve been sold out of the DIY copies since last summer, and haven’t wanted to press it up again until we addressed some issues we had with it. So, here enters the actual proper version of Return to Struggleville.

The original RTS had seen a few different designs, but mostly is was recorded and mixed in haste in between tours. We took some time and added proper packaging, new songs, a video, re-did all the vocals, full mixes and added mastering. It really is like a whole new album, it sounds great, we’re proud of it, and we’re happy to offer it up for once and for finally as we get ready to put out the Wooden Heart album on schedule for this summer.

You can purchase it off of our site here: store.iamlistener.com , or buy it from our bandcamp site which will get you the CD and an instant download of the album and video. If you order the CD through the mail you will get a free RTS Album poster while the posters last. Also, if you are one of the people who had bought RTS in the past to help support us and don’t really want to buy it again we’d like to offer a free download of the album to you. Preferably email us a picture of you and your old RTS album, or some sort of convincing email letter or other proof and we’ll send you a link and code to download the new album for free. Send it to: freedownload@iamlistener.com

For those of you who don’t know I am in a side project called Deepspace5. It’s a indie hiphop group with members from all over the place. A little bit ago we recorded a new album and video, and on Aprilil 27th we will be releasing said album called “The future aint what it used to be” on Mega Royal Records. You can watch the video here. We are going on a tour starting this month. A big one. It’s called the Wooden Hearts – US Talk Music Tour, and we’re going everywhere. Right now I’m working on final booking plans up until the first week of July, but also beyond that too. Here is the first few months of where we are going. Alot of these dates are all set, some are not. If you see a TBA or nothing type thing and think you could help with a show please email me about it….or if we’re not coming to your city and we should and you could help with a show email me too. Thanks, we’ll see you soon. Bring your wooden heart.

March 13 – Siloam Springs, AR (English Tea Room)
March 20 – Fort Smith, AR (the Regeneration)
March 26 – Springfield, MO (Front Porch Coffee)
March 27 – Bentonville, AR (Skia)
Aprilil 1 – Fayetteville, AR (TBA)
Aprilil 2 – Tulsa, OK (Joe Mommas)
Aprilil 3 – Oklahoma City, OK (Sauced)
Aprilil 4 – Emporia, KS (The Inner Bean)
Aprilil 5 – Manhattan, KS (TBA)
Aprilil 7 – Kansas City, KS (ScionLab)
Aprilil 8 – Omaha, NE (Caffeine Dreams)
Aprilil 9 – Moline, IL (Fireworks Coffee)
April 10 – Decatur, IL (1st Church of the Living Dead)
April 11 – Macomb, IL (Aroma Coffee)
April 12 – Ames, IA (Ames Progressive)
April 14 – Northfield, MN (The Key)
April 15 – Willmar, MN (The Warehouse)
April 16 – St. Paul, MN (Ekklesia House)
April 17 – Rochester, MN (TBA)
April 18 – Madison, WI (TBD – Help on this date)
April 21 – Milwaukee, WI (Miramar Theater)
April 22 – Chicago, IL (TBD – Help on this date)
April 23 – Chicago, IL (Summer Camp)
April 24 – Springfield, IL (TBA)
April 25 – St. Louis, MO (TBA)
April 26 – Greenville, IL (TBA)
April 30 – Columbus, IN (TBA)
May 01 – Fort Wayne, IN (Studio 13)
May 02 – Grand Rapids, MI (the DAAC)
May 5 – Bay City, MI (The Snugly Mug)
May 6 – Flint, MI (TBA)
May 7 – Detroit, MI (Division Street Gallery)
May 8 – Toledo, OH (TBA)
May 9 – Springfield, OH (TBA)
May 12 – Covington, KY (Molly Malones)
May 13 – Mount Vernon, OH
May 14 – Columbus, OH
May 15 – Cleveland, OH
May 19 – Seneca, PA
May 20 – Butler, PA
May 21 – Rochester, PA
May 22 – Pittsburgh, PA
May 23 – Pittsburgh, PA
May 26 – Harrisburg, PA
May 27 – Lebanon, PA
May 28 – Philadelphia, PA
May 29 – Manhattan, NY
May 30 – Brooklyn, NY (Goodbye Blue Monday)
June 02 – Long Island, NY
June 03 – Long Island, NY
June 04 – Springfield, MA
June 05 – Boston, MA
June 06 – Brooklyn, NY
June 08 – Baltimore, MD
June 09 – Washington, DC
June 10 – Frederick, MD
June 11 – Frostburg, MD (The Tryals, early house show)
June 11 – Frostburg, MD (Dante’s, late show)
June 12 – Morgantown, WV (So.Zo)
June 13 – Asheville, NC
June 17 – Atlanta, GA (Star Bar)
June 18 – Birmingham, AL (Nomad Supply)
June 19 – Memphis, TN
June 25 – Springfield, MO
June 26 – Springfield, IL
June 27 – Mackinaw, IL (Momma Linda’s House)
June 28 – July 03 Bushnell, IL (Cornerstone Festival) listener website listener facebook listener twitter


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