World-Reknown Entertainment and Fine Art Photographer JEREMY SAFFER Announces New Website, Management, and Photography Seminar with Special Guests MyChildren MyBride and Thy Will Be Done


World-Famous professional entertainment and fine art photographer JEREMY SAFFER is pleased to announce the launch of his brand new official website, as well as management under Miss Management / Maria Ferrero. You can visit Jeremy’s new website now at The website features new, full screen images, a new navigation operation, and much more.

“I am very proud to announce my new website has officially gone live, but more importantly, I am very excited to officially announce Miss Management as representation,” states Jeremy. “I have been working with Maria Ferrero through Adrenaline PR, Miss Management, and the bands she’s represented for over half of my career. Through the years working in this industry, the best press always goes to the Adrenaline roaster due to their tireless and extremely professional work ethic. So, when it came time for me to secure proper and professional representation, it was a no-brainer to go with THE BEST, as well as someone who is both familiar with my work, and my future goals in my career. So with that said, it’s an honor and a privilege to be under the banner of Miss Management, and I can’t wait to see where we go from here.”

JEREMY SAFFER is also pleased to announce ‘Capturing Music’, a two day music photography seminar and workshop taking place on October 22nd and 23rd in Chicopee, MA. The seminar/workshop will focus entirely on doing portrait work with musicians. It will cover the process from setting up the photo shoot, scouting locations, posing, different types of lighting and lighting equipment for different situations, shooting endorsements, promos, CD layouts, magazine layouts, as well as taking you through the process of what you do after the shoot, invoicing, getting repeat business, etc.

The first day will be the seminar day, where all of the above is taught in the morning, then in the afternoon students will be doing mock-photo shoots experimenting with different types of lighting equipment, lighting set ups, poses, etc. The second day will be a hands-on photo shoot of special guest bands done first by Jeremy, so students can see him work a full shoot, and then it’s their turn! They will take over and complete a real photo shoot with the band in various locations in studio, outdoors, and around the studio location with various lighting setups.

“I can now announce that MyChildren MyBride will be taking time off of their hectic recording schedule to be one of the special guest bands at the seminar/workshop,” adds Jeremy. “Massachusetts metal kings Thy Will Be Done will also be trekking out from a weekend tour to be a special guest band at the seminar/workshop.”

Both of these bands will be part of a Q & A about band photography, be photographed by Jeremy in a real-life photo shoot situation, then photographed by the students in various locations with different lighting.

Saffer began making the rounds within the magazine world, publishing his work on the covers of such varied publications as Metal Maniacs, AMP and Outburn. Saffer has blazed his own trail, working with artists and models from all across the musical spectrum. From My Chemical Romance, Jeffree Star, and A Day to Remember, to Megadeth, The Misfits, Alice Cooper and Hatebreed, all have spent time behind Jeremy’s watchful eye and steady hand at one point or another. Jeremy establishes relationships with his subjects; he has earned the trust and respect of his peers via his attention to detail, and an unerring work ethic which can only result from years of hard work.

Recent years have seen a flurry of activity from the Western Massachusetts native, whether it’s organizing his own seminars and workshops, or releasing his acclaimed Bring the Noise collection of band photography, or his recently debuted collection of Corpse Painted Nude photography.

One thing is certain: whatever does wait for JEREMY SAFFER out there in the shadows…odds are pretty good that he’s going to shoot it.


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