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It has been three years since we’ve had a full-length album from Charlotte, North Carolina’s My Epic. (The band did give us an outstanding acoustic EP, Broken Voices, in 2011.) It has still been a long wait for a new record from one of a Facedown Records’ fan-favorites.

Behold is nothing short of a masterpiece. The most special part about this record is founding members Jesse Stone and Jeremiah Austin are both back in the band for the first time since their Facedown debut, I Am Undone.

This new record is more of a mix of the band’s previous two: melodic, yet driving. Lyrically, frontman Aaron Stone is at the top of his game. I honestly don’t know how he did it. Behold proves, once again, that Stone is one of the best lyricists of our generation.

If you have been disappointed with worship artists not pushing the boundaries of the genre, Behold is the record you have been wanting all year long.
Standout tracks include “Confession,” “Hail” and “Zion.”



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