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When Bane first encountered Batman in “The Dark Knight Rises,” he told him, “You fight like a younger man. Nothing held back.” This can honestly be said about Mouth of the South. In their new album, Transparency, nothing is held back in regards to creativity, lyrical meaning and sound. There are the soft vocals and the harsh vocals on this album, but it’s important to note that they are presented right where they fit. MOTS brings forth a sound that can be associated with Impending Doom, Meshuggah and the energetic feel of The Chariot. Transparency is an album that can be played from start to finish without skipping a track, and the lyrics aren’t just another “sugar-coated” Christian message, but, instead, focus on how ugly and weak humans are compared to God’s grace and His undeserving love. The breakdowns aren’t stale and the drumming is more than simple blast beats.