Messenger Signs w/ Two Side Moon Promotions!

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Nick Baldrian of Two Side Moon Promotions contacted Messenger to promote them and their CD in the United Kingdom and Europe to such magazines as Fireworks & Powerplay and radio stations like Headbangers FM & TBFM Online. They have also included an Artists Showcase of Messenger to their web site:

Messenger Says Goodbye to Retiring
Roy Richardson

Roy at Fright Fest RR

Roy Richardson, bassist for Messenger from Summer ’08 to Fall ’12, retires from the band. We all hate to see him go. He sites freeing up his time and looking into other types of music as reasons for leaving. His contributions to Messenger are appreciated and we will miss his humor and remember his commitment. Frank points out, “Roy is usually the last one to leave when it comes to loading gear in or out. He’s just like that. He understands the work it takes to make this happen.”
His extensive knowledge of rock music history has always added perspective to decisions made in the group. His bass work will never be thought of as anything other than art.

Bassist Richard Sandoval Joins Messenger!

Rich Sandoval Richard Sandoval

It was a challenge to find someone to play the kind of bass lines and rhythms in Messenger’s music.There is scaling, different time signatures and a lot of changes. We were looking for someone with a lot of energy and motivation. After months of searching, we found it all in Rich Sandoval.

“Since I moved to the Northern Virginia are back in 2001, these guys have been the most talented and complete band I have been a part of since my time in New Jersey. I am honored to be a part of it. I respect what Roy brought to the band and know that I have big shoes to fill. I look forward to the challenge and the opportunities joining this band wil bring.”

Watch for shows in your area. Let us know venues you would like us to play. Look for stories/interviews/reviews of Messenger and our sounds in your favorite outlets.

Here’s a new one at Untombed :



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