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Twitter/Facebook Status Updates: July 14 – Sept 8, 2009

After Cornerstone Festival 2009, our plan was to tour the east coast in July and early August, go home for 10 days and then do a 4+ week run from Dallas to Tom Fest through Utah and Colorado – down the west coast into Southern California and across back to Texas. We had already toured the Dallas to OR – west coast to TX run in May so playing the east coast not only made sense, we were excited to continue growing our ministry nationally.

About two weeks before leaving on our proposed east coast run, as I was looking at our dry erase calendar on the office wall filled with east coast cities and dates, I got the overwhelming feeling that something wasn’t right. I actually said out loud, “This looks wrong… this doesn’t look right…”

The dates and cities just didn’t look right at all. Now, foundationally, we only desire to play when and where the Lord would have us play. We’re not interested in playing a city or a venue that He hasn’t pre-ordained, hence the prayer and fasting and need for others to partner with us in intercession (I can’t stress enough how vital intercessors are!). Well, this East Coast run looked absolutely and completely wrong… now what? We quickly focused our prayer and fasting on this possible schedule change and within two days determined that the Father was redirecting us to the west coast so of course this didn’t make any sense at all. To make matters worse, “go to southern California and be spontaneous and available for whatever I would have you do” was the word that came along with it. Now this was really insane!

You don’t tour like that! You don’t take nine people on the road without a pre-determined schedule of cities and dates! You don’t blindly drive 1400 miles and “…wait on the Lord!”! Apparently, you do if you’re His prophetic worship/ministry band that has asked to be used anyway, anyhow and anywhere… so that’s what we did. We pulled out of our driveway on Tuesday night, July 14th and in less then an hour, the mechanical troubles began.

We pulled into a Love’s Travel Center about 50 miles from the house to fuel up, etc., and discovered that one of our trailer tires had blown up. It was after 1am and any and all assistance would have to wait until morning. We were forced to sleep in the bus 50 miles from home. This alone would end up delaying us by over 12 hours. The thought of turning around and going back home sounded like a good idea but we all knew we were supposed to go forward in the direction we were headed – west. The provision that was to come in the form of finances and resources from the brethren was enough confirmation for us to go forward. I remember saying, “if this is happening 50 miles out, what’s going to happen to us in the other 6,964 miles? I don’t want to find out”.

Silly boy… How were we to know that our reckless obedience would stimulate faith and action from the body, literally, worldwide?!?

See for yourself:

Allan Aguirre
Dallas, TX

Status Update: July 15 at 1:38am

40 miles out and our frnt right trailer tire is shredded… 3,960 miles to go

(Note: at this point we thought we would be returning to Dallas after three weeks, hence the miles calculation. You’ll see how this was also not going to be the case)


  • July 15 at 1:40am: bummer
  • July 15 at 1:46am: thats brutal!
  • July 15 at 1:49am: we have a reputation for breaking down and nobody wants to travel with us, but I think you are right there with us. ..
  • July 15 at 1:52am: do you have a spare?
  • July 15 at 2:03am: (Allan Aguirre: aa) No spare. Having to fix the trailer siding that got pulled and jacked up from the blowout first. Hoping that Loves Tire Care carries this size. What’s this going to cost us… All this stuff designed to keep us from going forward is becoming comical. Thank you Father!

Status Update: July 15 at 2:12am

Looking at around $150 for a service call, putting it on and the tire… Sheesh…

Status Update: July 15 at 2:17am

Well. The only place in town can’t help me til 7:30am. Did I mention I’m only 43 miles from my house?!?


  • July 15 at 2:22am: Oh my word!!! That is so terrible! So what are yall going to do?!?!
  • July 15 at 2:28am: (aa) I don’t know. The only thing we can think of is if someone from town went to walmart and bought a tire on a rim and brought it to us. Otherwise we’re sleeping here and paying out the nose in 5 hours

Status Update: July 15 at 2:25am

This is getting better. So if someone in town could go to Walmart and buy a tire and rim and bring it to us… So we go to… To check pricing/availability and the sites down… Classic

Status Update: July 15 at 2:53am

Ok. A friend of ours is leaving the movies to go and try to buy us a tire and rim to bring to us… Who’s praying for us out there?!? 🙂

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  • July 15 at 2:54am: i am
  • July 15 at 3:09am: Praying my friend…where are you?
  • July 15 at 3:18am: (aa) 52 miles west of my house. Lolol. At a Loves truck stop
  • July 15 at 3:21am: Offering it up!

Status Update: July 15 at 3:20am

Walmart won’t sell our friend a tire and rim until morning. What’s up with that?


  • July 15 at 3:28am: yea, i used to work for the oil change and tire dept at a walmart they are closed from like 8pm till 8 am . there isn’t anybody in the dept overnight

Status Update: July 15 at 3:46am

We found a place that would sell us a new tire & rim but our friend doesn’t have enough money to pay for it. Stranded 52 miles from home…


  • July 15 at 4:05am: so close but so far away. cash in your 401k’s.
  • July 15 at 4:18am: (aa) 401 whaaa…?
  • July 15 at 4:47am: i thought you were a corporate man these days?

Status Update: July 15 at 7:15am

Looking for a good Samaritan to travel less then 60 miles. Any takers?


  • July 15 at 7:23am: Where & when (date & time)?
  • July 15 at 7:53am: What do you need?
  • July 15 at 8:04am: be right there….
  • July 15 at 8:33am: (aa) Date and time: now – Place: just outside of ft worth
  • July 15 at 8:54am: Now: no can do. I get off @ 6pm. If no one fetches you, call or text me.
  • The number is on the profile.
  • July 15 at 9:00am: I’d give ya a hand if I was closer, sorry!

Status Update: July 15 at 9:16am

So apparently it wouldn’t make sense to sell both trailer tires and rims at the same location. Hunting down a rim…


  • July 15 at 9:21am: they sell trailer tires with rims at walmart, cheap… wish i could see you guys live!
  • July 15 at 8:33am: (aa): Actually, they don’t. At least not in the metropolis known as Ft Worth, TX.

Status Update: July 15 at 9:33am

Stranded 53 miles from home. Needing someone in DFW to buy and bring us a trailer tire and rim. Any takers?


  • July 15 at 9:35am: Is there no mercy for you guys?
  • July 15 at 9:41am: Dude, the enemy hates you so much because every time you hit the road, he gets a kick in the pants. praying for you guys.
  • July 15 at 9:58am: Again that sucks! Sorry man

Status Update: July 15 at 9:44am

Looks like we got a nibble!


  • July 15 at 10:02am: Praise the Lord man!
  • July 15 at 10:59am: Where are you exactly? I know I don’t keep close track but I thought you were headed our way… or is that after a stop at home? Are you still stranded? I can call our son in Heber. He has traveled with us and understands “stranded”. ooops, Texas?

Status Update: July 15 at 11:38am

Ok. We need some major prayer covering!! While waiting on our tire we just had another major set back.


  • July 15 at 11:43am: praying now, Allan.
  • July 15 at 11:44am: prayers sent amigo
  • July 15 at 11:44am: praying…details?
  • July 15 at 11:48am: yikes. praying for you guys…
  • July 15 at 11:49am: (aa) details: The tank that holds the diesel that powers the generator just ruptured while being refilled. Fun times
  • July 15 at 11:50am: is it repairable or only replaceable?
  • July 15 at 11:56am: yipes… this bus is quickly turning into a money pit…
  • July 15 at 11:57am: (aa) Replaceable. Going back home as soon as we get the tire issue resolved to get this new issue resolved
  • July 15 at 12:00pm: Allan- I am sorry to hear of so many trials for you on the road- my family and I have been praying for smooth and safe travel- I guess I better hit the smooth part a little harder for you!
  • July 15 at 12:03pm: (aa) actually, this bus is becoming a major testimony of our faith and call to action and the faith and call to action of his Saints! Money pit? It all depends on your perspective and response 🙂 it’s His bus 🙂 !
  • July 15 at 12:06pm: praying…
  • July 15 at 12:10pm: Fair enough sir… just feel bad for the pain it’s been…. but it seems like you have a great perspective on the situation… way way cool to see… idk if I could be so gracious… hats off to you and yours for your faith my friend
  • July 15 at 12:16pm: Allan – we are in intercession for you now 🙂 Text my husband if you have not already. I will try to call him.
  • July 15 at 12:17pm: Allan, I’m sure your hat is off and on the ground in front of your knees. Your faith IS the testimony and will continue to be as this journey is told to others and how Christ is glorified in your midst. How is everyone else holding up. Anyone in particular that needs prayer besides the situation of course. I will see you soon my brother!
  • July 15 at 12:19pm: Keep YHVH’S perspective Allan and Band 🙂 Just remember that we are in the straights/structure time now. YOU WILL be VICTORIOUS!!! We all will be who seek YHVH face 🙂 Not HIS hand. I am really feeling it as well….it is the Lawless unloosed now. We are praying in tongues.
  • July 15 at 12:26pm: I meant stricter….should try typing with glasses on huh?
  • July 15 at 12:27pm: (aa) everyone: thx. And yes, I am before the Father humbled by His love and care. Everyone is in great spirits and the majority consensus is to continue forward in boldness.
  • July 15 at 12:33pm: Allan, Majority consensus you say… very diplomatic of you. I will pray for continued unity among you.
  • July 15 at 2:23pm: Love your hearts…
  • July 15 at 6:37pm: praying
  • July 16 at 3:34pm: praying my friend

Back Story: One of the brothers from our local church was on his way to take us to purchase a tire and a spare as well as a new diesel tank for the generator. Around this time we had also received a $500.00 donation through our PayPal account from a Facebook friend we didn’t know personally in Washington, D.C. Needless to say, the reality of being placed in this situation, where I was dependent on the Father providing for us through the giving of others and how others were providing resources and finances for us, overwhelmed me to tears.

Status Update: July 15 at 5:09pm

We’re 2 hrs down the road and pampering the generator and bus radiators. It’s brutal out here! 114 miles in 16.5 hours…


  • July 15 at 11:43am: I pray you guys reach your destination without any further mishaps!

Status Update: July 15 at 5:23pm

No wonder… it’s 104 outside!

Back Story: About 90 minutes after getting back on the road, while going up a steep grade, the bus overheated. We had to sit on the side of the highway for about 20 minutes to let the engine cool down. We were about 15 minutes away from the next Love’s Travel Center where we stopped to replenish the cooling system. Traveling with a full load in triple digit heat was not comfortable for us or the bus.

Again I suggested turning back and abandoning this insane idea… thankfully, everyone convinced me that we were to press forward and continue on no matter what. We decided that we would wait here where I could rest/sleep, wait for the sun to go down and continue our trek across the southern deserts by night when the temperature would be cooler outside and inside the bus.

We left Love’s around 10pm, drove throughout the night and stopped two hours outside El Paso, TX so that I could sleep.

Status Update: July 16 at 11:06am – I’ve never stayed at a place like this before. Not in this country anyways… Driving by night-sleeping by day


  • July 16 at 11:22am: mmm, good ole No Tell Motels
  • July 16 at 11:31am: Man, thats all my family used growing up…
  • July 16 at 11:51am: Are you in New Mexico by chance? Or the southwestern desert? Quite amazing huh?
  • July 16 at 11:53am: Now I will get comments from people thinking I am picking on them…I am not doing that. I LOVE that area, just not how some people keep their towns and hotels….is that what you call them btw??!! Just don’t touch anything Allan!! Use hand sanitizer on EVERYTHING!
  • July 16 at 1:22pm: (aa) No, we’re not in NM. I know it sounds insane but we’re still in TX. Evryone is doing great and looking forward to all the Father has for us on this trip

Status Update: July 16 at 6:27pm

Tonight’s route forecast calls for thunderstorms with hail. I hate night driving in the rain…


  • July 16 at 6:29pm: (Saphraine) grace and peace.
  • July 16 at 6:53pm: I suppose you won’t be interested in the music of Eddie Rabbitt tonight then.
  • July 16 at 6:55pm: Be careful, brother…
  • July 16 at 8:11pm: Get here safely!
  • July 16 at 9:34pm: I hate it too… our prayers are with you.
  • July 16 at 11:37pm: Me too.

Status Update: July 17 at 12:37am

Saga continues: 35 miles dwn the rd & generator blew. No idea how much it’s going to cost or how we’ll be able to pay for it. Please pray


  • July 17 at 12:39am: well at least you know that once this bus is all fixed up with new parts and pieces it will be super wicked and good as new… literally… prayers sent
  • July 17 at 12:44am: (aa) Heh… I said the same thing
  • July 17 at 1:02am: Allan, I thought that generator was brand new?! Was it not when we saw it or have I lost my mind?
  • July 17 at 1:11am: keep us posted – we’re praying….
  • July 17 at 1:14am: another thought… this bus has already become a legend… a piece of lore… to help pay for repairs you should auction off rides in it… then people could place bets on if the destination will be reached or not… then the winner of said gamble must donate their winnings to the cause of the bus… lol
  • July 17 at 1:15am: Ian…that is great!! ROTFL!!! GREAT IDEA! 🙂
  • July 17 at 1:20am: thanks you thank you… I’ll be here all week folks… and remember folks… the 7:30 show is completely different from the 9:00 show… (note: we’re on the side of the road, in the desert, in the middle of nowhere, wondering how we’re going to get across the desert without AC or electricity for dvd’s and games!)
  • July 17 at 2:09am: (aa) Are you guys having a good laugh at our expense?!? J/k. no the gen wasn’t new. I also don’t believe they ever serviced it hence the blow out. We’re in El Paso (finally). We just found a place for dinner that we could park at. The plan is to drive through to Phoenix sans A/C (generator runs that) and inquire of repairs when we get there. I am so weary…
  • July 17 at 3:16am: When we were on the road one summer without A/C, I sprayed myself with a spray bottle to help keep cool…that may help a little if you are able to open the windows. You guys must feel like the original pioneers traveling west. Isaiah 40:31
  • July 17 at 6:41am: no. no windows that can open
  • July 17 at 1:06pm: Your adventures sound strangely similar to Ron and Susan’s when they were f/t missionaries in Guatemala, and MX. HHHMMM or the Israelites in the wilderness desert. Prep time is what I am getting at…

Back Story: I remember thinking how comical and surreal this was as it was happening. Let me set the stage: Everyone’s spirits are high. I’m listening to great music on my iPod as I drive. Everyone is well rested and in the front lounge watching a movie. The bus is running beautifully. It’s the idyllic picture of touring until Jason screams out “We’re on fire! We’re on fire!”

The following update was posted after making it to El Paso, finding a place to eat and assessing the damage. Remember, no generator means no microwave, no refrigerator, no stove, no TV or DVD and no Air Conditioning… now we really have to make good time throughout the night. Forecasts call for daytime temperatures up to 119 in some areas.

Status Update: July 17 at 3:09am

Looks like the generator fan belt broke which then cracked the radiator causing the gen to overheat and smoke. Prayerfully that’s all it is


  • July 17 at 3:33am: Praying!
  • July 17 at 7:42am: Praying it has no expensive parts to crack (like cars do)!

Status Update: July 17 at 6:40am

This no A/C isn’t helping things


  • July 17 at 6:43am: come to michigan it is 40 f right now, we had a low of 32 in cadilac mi 5 days ago!
  • July 17 at 6:58am: When will you guys ever catch a break!
  • July 17 at 10:20am: Are you sure God said go west? Glad you are though!
  • July 17 at 1:39pm: (aa) Mykel: isn’t it obvious? 🙂
  • July 17 at 1:41pm: Of course it is! Can’t wait till Sunday!

Status Update: July 17 at 8:23am

Just crossed into AZ


  • July 17 at 8:24am: good driving
  • July 17 at 9:49am: YAY!!!
  • July 17 at 12:37pm: glad to hear you’re finally making progress. Sorry to hear about the AC… it’s not as if it’s the hottest weekend of the year here in the Southwest (according to the local weather-peoples)
  • July 17 at 4:08am: Welcome.

Status Update: July 17 at 1:37pm

In Phoenix with triple digit heat in the bus… thank you Father for your mercy, grace and protection


  • July 17 at 1:40pm: Hey, looks like I might not be able to see you guys here @ HFHY because I’m going back up to Redding. But if you guys ever come up to Redding, I’d love to see you all there!
  • July 17 at 1:42am: Just buck up and put on your bikini allan. No ones gonna care, and you’ll be nice and cool. When it’s hot, people can just deal with my outfit that I choose to wear.
  • July 17 at 1:43am: Did anyone else just picture Allan in a bikini??? You know you did!! HA!
  • July 17 at 1:45pm: ouch,….praying 4 u guys.
  • July 17 at 2:59pm: Allan, does Judah have windows to open?
  • July 17 at 3:00am: Why isn’t MTV documenting this!
  • July 17 at 3:53am: 99 cent Arizona tea time
  • July 17 at 5:34am: like I said point that wonderful bus to Michigan it is at the moment 55 f
  • July 17 at 7:35pm: (aa) No windows and yes, we need a film crew to doco this

Back Story: By this time the running joke is that our A/C thermostat is overtly friendly. We are watching it climb as the daylight hours pass and the temperature outside and inside the bus rises. Friendly because the thermostat is two digits and after passing 99 degrees it reads “Hi”.

Status Update: July 18 at 6:26am

Great time w/ my brother and fam in Phoenix. We’re L.A. bound. Have to fix generator while there. Heat is unbearable

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  • July 18 at 6:49am: Here’s what you do. Get a big power inverter and a window a/c unit. Plug it in and cool down!
  • July 18 at 7:20am: especially with virtually windowless bus.
  • July 18 at 7:35am: their alternator is on the fritz-thats one reason the generator is so important (Note: not true about the alternator and only the generator can run the AC or power outlets)
  • July 18 at 7:49pm: Sorry, I was just kidding…

Status Update: July 18 at 7:37am

Changing out a trailer tire w/ the spare 22 miles e of Blyth where it will be 119 today. Trying to get out of the desert ASAP


  • July 18 at 7:45am: (our L.A. hosts) What is the first thing you all want when you get here? Coffee, showers, food, ? So I should see you around 10 or earlier?
  • July 18 at 7:56am: You poor thing. Seems as though you have been having a lot of trouble lately. Will pray.
  • July 18 at 8:13am: ooh – blyth! praying for you guys!!
  • July 18 at 10:30am: yeah, Blythe is no joke..go take a dip in the cold Colorado if you can
  • July 18 at 11:04am: (aa to host) Tommy’s and then the beach!!!
  • July 18 at 11:20am: You come thru Phoenix?
  • July 18 at 11:22am: (our UT hosts) Oh Allan. You guys are staying in this house when you get to Utah!!! I will not allow those kids to stay another night in this heat….as a mom!! LOL! Seriously, home-cooked meals, air-conditioning and RAW MILK!!! We know Jason loved it! Lenny might have a condo, but if he did not….stay here please?!

Status Update: July 18 at 11:01am – Everyone has a dream, Pee Wee…

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  • July 18 at 11:02am: You must be near Indio!
  • July 18 at 11:18am: Still praying much for you guys!! Him who endures to the end shall be saved, or him who endures through the deserts of the southwest in a bus with no air conditioning into CA. shall get to play his venues 🙂 .With this much opposition you KNOW you are going to have a good harvest my family in that bus!!!
  • July 18 at 11:26am: Hey Allan, do you have a place to stay in P.C.? If not you and the band are welcome to stay at our place. Cool mtn air and real beds and bathrooms….no Tommy’s though…
  • July 18 at 11:29am: “I was rolling this doughnut, and a snake wearing a vest”
  • July 18 at 1:16pm: walked into a bar and said…
  • July 18 at 2:26pm: (aa) not that I know of. The plan is to leave mon?
  • July 18 at 3:38pm: Then you can stay here. Not Tommy Burgers but Wanita Burgers : )
  • July 18 at 6:30pm: Dude….hippie food all the way, raw EVERYTHING. She CAN COOK though 🙂 for those of us who like our food not moving still.

Status Update: July 18 at 11:31am

Took a stretch break now about to knock out the 90 miles left to our first destination. Thank you Abba for mercy, grace and protection

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  • July 18 at 11:38am: See you in a couple of hours!
  • July 18 at 1:06pm: thank you Jehovah Jireh! Here’s another song for your concert. An oldie but a goodie! Play it for us Joey! Jehovah Jireh…
  • July 18 at 1:07pm: well, it stacked up the cords but if you want me to sing it for you call me… Love you all very much! Praying moment by moment for your trip!!
  • July 18 at 1:08pm: I know that one!
  • July 18 at 1:12pm: sing it!!!
  • July 18 at 1:14pm: I have my own special key. The key of Bret, there is few that have the pleasure of hearing me and it makes the dog nervous.
  • July 18 at 1:18pm: lol! awesome!
  • July 18 at 7:39pm: so, Allen, when you do a stretch break, do you sing the chorus to “Stretch”? Please tell me you do!

Status Update: July 18 at 2:29pm

Pulled into my buddy’s place in Pasadena an hour ago. Shower, TOMMY’S!! & then a pool party instead of the beach. I get to sleep tonight 🙂

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  • July 18 at 3:37pm: YEAH!!!
  • July 18 at 4:06pm: yummmm ….. Tommies !!!
  • July 18 at 4:53pm: i know how much you love Tommy’s..enjoy it. 🙂
  • July 18 at 6:25pm: Eat in memory of me dude!

Status Update: July 19 at 1:56pm

We’re off to brave the heat and desert climbs to our first “show” of this run

Status Update: July 19 at 2:17pm

(I’m) convinced we need a dedicated driver for our bus immediately


  • July 19 at 2:25pm: if i was debt free i would offer my services immediately!
  • July 19 at 4:20pm: what are your parameters? How often, how long? How accessible does your driver need to be to the Texas area. I know a fellow in Maine who would be more than adequate.
  • July 19 at 4:53pm: (aa) I haven’t thought it through

Back Story: Our first “show” was a house church in a desert community outside of Los Angeles. Because of the triple digit heat and no generator and the steep mountain grades, we decided that another form of transportation for the band and trailer would be best. Our host called a friend that had a truck that could take some of us and tow the trailer who thankfully agreed to help. Upon arriving it was determined that the trailer hitch on his truck couldn’t support the stem of our trailer ball. They then went out to find the appropriate supplies to accommodate us at their own expense!

Unfortunately we would be a no show…

After all that we had endured to get to Southern California and we were going to miss our first engagement… what’s going on?!?

Status Update: July 19 at 3:12pm

Setback. Unable to find the right sized long stemmed hitch ball for the pickup we’re using to pull the trailer to Victorville. sheesh…


  • July 19 at 3:20pm: (show promoter) its all good…
  • July 19 at 3:27pm: Our sister Messianic camp is just outside of Victorville in Lucerne Valley
  • July 20 at 1:06am: Go there and rest LOL! Plant yourselves a spell LOL!!

Status Update: July 19 at 3:46pm

The window of opportunity to get to Victorville closes in 15 mins. So this is what “playing where and when He wants us to play” looks like


  • July 19 at 4:04pm: Forget about Victorville, when are you coming back to NYC???
  • July 19 at 4:14pm: and Canada? I can help you out here!
  • July 19 at 4:58pm: (show promoter) Bummer we couldn’t make it happen…God must need you somewhere else!
  • July 19 at 5:33pm: (aa) It’s a crazy sword he’s given me to wield. Thanks for understanding

Status Update: July 19 at 4:29pm

Men as Trees Walking is officially a Vortex of time and space. Resistance is futile.

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  • July 19 at 4:36pm: borg as trees walking?

Status Update: July 20 at 3:40am

We have 2.5 days to repair the generator. Plz pray for wisdom and the finances to cover this repair. Goodnight

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  • July 19 at 4:06am: will do

Status Update: July 20 at 1:59pm

anyone have a 12 passenger van we could borrow for a day in metro L.A. to do some sight seeing?

FB Note: July 20, 2009 at 2:46pm

For, brothers, we want you to know about the trials we have undergone in the province of Asia. The burden laid on us was so far beyond what we could bear that we even despaired of living through it.

In our hearts we felt we were under sentence of death. However, this was to get us to rely not on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead!

He rescued us from such deadly peril, and he will rescue us again! The one in whom we have placed our hope will indeed continue to rescue us. And you must add your help by praying for us; for the more people there are praying, the more people there will be to give thanks when their prayer for us is answered. For we take pride in this: that our conscience assures us that in our dealings with the world, and especially with you, we have conducted ourselves with frankness and godly pureness of motive – not by worldly wisdom but by God-given grace.

There are no hidden meanings in our letters other than what you can read and understand; and my hope is that you will understand fully, as indeed you have already understood us in part; so that on the Day of our Lord Yeshua you can be as proud of us as we are of you.

2 Corinthians 1: 8-14


  • July 20 at 2:53pm: Allan, HOW do you say THANK YOU, to so many, for so much, who have ask for so little? We are Blessed, beyond what we deserve.
  • July 20 at 3:43pm: (Xaundelle) Amen. This is so fitting 🙂

Back Story: To determine whether or not we had destroyed the generator when it had overheated we would first have to replace the fan belt and repair the radiator.

Status Update: July 20 at 4:40pm

Our generator radiator repair is going to cost around $400. Sheesh… Please pray for these funds to materialize immediately!! 🙂


  • July 20 at 5:21pm: I need 1700 for my roof! I’ll pray for you if you pray for me… LOL.
  • July 20 at 5:23pm: Wow. When it rains it pours… Praying…
  • July 20 at 6:01pm: I’m praying for you guys. That’s pretty lame.

Status Update: July 20 at 6:35pm

We have a van courtesy of @mikeebridges. Thx!


  • July 20 at 6:37pm: (Cristina) Yay!! Now go to the beach and relax. 🙂
  • July 20 at 7:31pm: Mikee is cool!
  • July 20 at 7:56pm: Good hookups. Are you guys playing TomFest?
  • July 20 at 8:56pm: (aa) yes. Mikee is an old dear friend

Status Update: July 20 at 7:17pm

Our generator radiator repair is going to cost $400. Please pray that the funds are released to us within 48 hours! 🙂


  • July 20 at 8:02pm: I pray for that, and that God reveals whatever the cause of this constant breakdown. I pray for wisdom & revelation!
  • July 20 at 8:08pm: prayin!!!!!

Status Update: July 20 at 11:34pm

Thank you for praying! The full amount for the radiator repair has been graciously provided. Thank you, Abba for your children

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  • July 20 at 11:36pm: (Xaundelle) w00t, w00t!
  • July 20 at 11:41pm: That is great!!!
  • July 21 at 12:49pm: Awesome!
  • July 21 at 12:51pm: (Saphraine) so lets get some AC on in that bus

Status Update: July 21 at 2:12pm

I’m cruising Burbank, CA


  • July 21 at 2:18pm: urr hear already?
  • July 21 at 2:40pm: Don’t do it man…don’t go to the old neighborhood
  • July 21 at 2:41pm: (aa) yes. too late
  • July 21 at 2:43pm: how did my kids like it?
  • July 21 at 4:23pm: Did u get ahold of my husband today? He has been in meetings all day it seems….text him if u need 2.
  • July 21 at 4:25pm: (aa) No. He has the banking info. Should I txt him?
  • July 21 at 4:39pm: yup. He has been doing some brain-drain junk and may have misplaced it. I know he needs to go to his credit union.

Status Update: July 21 at 3:28pm

Universal City Walk. Looking for people with casts, crutches, etc to pray for them

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  • July 21 at 3:32pm: You making it down to OC while you are in CA?
  • July 21 at 3:35pm: It’s Hollywood. I’m pretty sure everyone’s crippled in one way or another.
  • July 21 at 3:37pm: Where that at
  • July 21 at 3:41pm: universal city walk!?!! dude go down to hollywood, you will find all kinds of busted up peeps over there
  • July 21 at 4:23pm: (aa) no OC gig. headed there (Hollywood) next

Status Update: July 21 at 5:23pm – See… we were really there


  • July 21 at 5:33pm: You you crazy steam punkers…
  • July 21 at 5:37pm: Do you miss it…?.
  • July 21 at 6:04pm: (aa) heh. to a degree
  • July 21 at 10:02pm: Your future son-in-law is wearing clocks. WEARING THEM….LOL.
  • July 21 at 11:08pm: (aa) Lol
  • July 22 at 7:08am: Allan…I understand…hope travels are safe & successful, brother…

Status Update: July 21 at 6:22pm

Going to Hollywood after some real non Texan Mexican food in NoHo


  • July 21 at 6:38pm: please take pics!!
  • July 21 at 6:49pm: tex-mex is not mexican food.
  • July 21 at 6:51pm: take pics, and post ’em on your scratch and sniff page
  • July 21 at 7:51: (aa) Lol. The food was over an hour ago
  • July 21 at 7:53pm: bro…….i thought you were my friend…ha ha ha
  • July 22 at 6:24am: Yeah, the Tex-Mex food does make you crave the real thing after a while.

Status Update: July 21 at 6:45pm

Holli-wuu!  Holli-wuu!

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  • July 21 at 8:12pm: “1941,” I believe
  • July 21 at 6:49pm: (aa) Yup

Status Update: July 21 at 7:40pm

Watching the Hollywood Blvd street and tour vendors do their thing

Status Update: July 21 at 7:44pm – Here’s a pic by request


  • July 21 at 7:51pm: take pics of the food!!!!!

Status Update: July 21 at 7:45pm – Street tour vendor from France

Status Update: July 21 at 8:03pm

Everyone is going to see Jimmy Kimmel Live. I’m going to hang with the DelGado girls

at the Kodak Center


  • July 21 at 6:38pm: did they buy tickets there or before? we want to go to that show when we go in Sept.
  • July 21 at 6:49pm: (aa) No tickets were bought. They saw some of us walking by and they asked them to come in
  • July 21 at 6:51pm: nice..gonna keep that in mind..just know you and the crew are missed ..keep on truckin’
  • July 21 at 7:51pm: (Mr. Delgado our host) It’s Delgado not DelGado

Status Update: July 21 at 8:14pm

Taking a taxi w/ the girls to Voho on Ivar & Sunset to hang w/ my old partner in crime, Jonathan Peters

Status Update: July 21 at 8:28pm

It’s BoHo not VoHo

Status Update: July 21 at 8:45pm

I was just informed that MATW was mentioned in Jimmy Kimmels monolouge


July 21 at 8:49pm: what? for real?

  • July 21 at 8:52pm: no way! how did that come up?????
  • July 21 at 9:02pm: gonna have to stay up and watch Jimmy Kimmel tonight
  • July 21 at 9:03pm: (aa) I was just told it will air next wed.  have you seen our outfits?
  • July 21 at 9:15: whaaaaa???? what happened????
  • July 21 at 8:49pm: what? for real?
  • July 21 at 9:38pm: Cool, can’t wait to see that! How did it happen??
  • July 21 at 10:27pm: Mad at the World? Sorry…couldn’t resist….
  • July 21 at 10:29pm: ^ ^for shame. 🙂

Status Update: July 21 at 9:01pm

Now the chef is sending out complimentary courses


  • July 21 at 9:19pm: First a night of shrimp, then a fight. Looks like it’s going to be another wild season.
  • July 21 at 9:22pm: (aa) No shrimp… I’ll have the kosher police on my arse (sheeesh)
  • July 21 at 9:30pm: There are kosher police?
  • July 21 at 10:00pm: Really?? HHHMM Morality police and now kosher police…who knew? The first counts the hours from engagement till marriage then next check the kosher marks on food….ROTFL!
  • July 21 at 10:00pm: How much is the pay for that btw? I need to pay a plumber.

Status Update: July 21 at 9:27pm – The girls after course 3

Status Update: July 21 at 11:03pm

Just “ran in” to some Ethiopian Jews speaking Hebrew from Tel Aviv…

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  • July 21 at 11:04pm: Something about those divine appointments!.
  • July 21 at 11:13pm: How cool! Divine appointment….
  • July 21 at 1:08am: Falasha Mura!
  • July 22 at 4:17am: So, what were they talking about?
  • July 22 at 5:35pm: Gather, gather, gather…lost sheep of that house 🙂

Status Update: July 22 at 2:13am

Back at the house after visiting with Jonathan some more at a coffee shop on Hollywood Blvd.  An adventurous and fun filled day

Status Update: July 22 at 1:12pm

Time to determine if the front wheel is leaking oil/grease because of the parking angle we’re in or something else…


  • July 22 at 1:13pm: grace for grease and zeal for seals… love y’all zanies!
  • July 22 at 1:18pm: its just LA sleaze, you must be still be in Hollywood

Status Update: July 22 at 4:04pm

Wheel issue looks to be a non issue. Thank you Yeshua (that’s Jesus for you Gentiles) 🙂


  • July 22 at 5:45pm: Thanks for clarifying that…
  • July 22 at 8:28pm: Oh.. I thought you sneezed.

Status Update: July 22 at 11:03pm

Our first test of the generator was a success! Replacing a hose and then we’ll really know. Tonight’s gathering in Pasadena was awesome

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Status Update: July 22 at 8:07am

It’s street cleaning day. Bus driver… move that bus!

Status Update: July 23 at 3:03pm

These anti-smoking laws have me paranoid & feeling like a criminal. How did I miss the Brown Shirt distrib ctr when I crossed the border?

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  • July 23 at 3:07pm: Maybe its a sign to kick the habit.
  • July 23 at 3:09pm: You’re a conservative- when do you ever feel any other way?
  • July 23 at 3:25pm: Oh dear. A little teasing of Allen and the claws come out!! Rher!! Kitty want candy.
  • July 23 at 3:26pm: The government has decided smoking is bad for you therefore they will restrict it or tax it to death. Do you drink soda? Do you eat sugary snacks? Just wait….
  • July 23 at 3:27pm: Auntie Em’ Auntie Em it’s a twister!!!!
  • July 23 at 3:45pm: Allan, I assume this was written from California?
  • July 23 at 3:46pm: hehehehehehehehe
  • July 23 at 5:41pm: i would be interested in hearing Allan’s thoughts on paying for smokes, with what is going on with the band, etc. Of course i do not think its necessarily sinful to smoke, im refering to the financial aspect. And i am seriously interested, not being a smart ass
  • July 23 at 5:37pm: Kinda like obese Christians paying for bad food habits…and I’m not a smoker 😛
  • July 23 at 5:40pm: Allan…The People’s Republic of Socialist California. Not that I disagree with their politics or anything.
  • July 23 at 8:20pm: (aa) I think cigarette prices are ridiculous

Status Update: July 23 at 4:41pm

At the Pasadena Guitar Center troubleshooting our bad ground hum in a monitor


  • July 23 at 4:43pm: Powered monitor?
  • July 23 at 4:50pm: only in one cabinet?
  • July 23 at 5:25pm: (aa) Yes to both
  • July 23 at 5:30pm: Does it hum without an input plugged in?
  • July 23 at 6:35pm: Maybe it just doesn’t know the words? 😛

Status Update: July 23 at 8:28pm

Generator is working better then ever – Trailer spare purchased – New cable for monitors – Happy Birthday Corin!!! Ventura, CA 2morrow

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  • July 23 at 8:36pm: (Xaundelle) YAY for AC!
  • July 23 at 4:50pm: Fantastic!
  • July 23 at 5:25pm: what? call me holmes.
  • July 23 at 5:30pm: (aa) just left you a vm

Status Update: July 24 at 10:56am

Another new thing here is not taking CC’s and then charging you a debit card use fee. What’s going on?


  • July 24 at 11:07am: Welcome to the USSR – I mean, new USA.
  • July 24 at 11:31am: It means they’re cheap. To take credit cards, you have to have a merchant’s agreement. That costs a per-transaction fee that they cannot recoup by charging you to use the card, lest they break their agreement. (Lots of places still do that, though, like 35 cent charge for purchases under $5.) If they don’t do enough business, they likely pay a charge for each debit transaction, and the agreement isn’t violated to pass that on to the customer as long as they make it clear there’s a fee before you pay. The anger comes when you find out that ‘real time transactions’ (aka debit/ATM) actually -save- banks money. ‘Batch’ transactions like credit card purchases have more handling, human interaction, and therefore cost banks more to handle. They charge for real time transactions because they can…people still perceive it as a ‘convenience’. (Sorry…worked for a financial services software company a while back.)

Status Update: July 24 at 11:37am

After running the generator all night our worst case scenario is now evident. Either a gasket was blown or we have a warped head.


  • July 24 at 12:05pm: dang dawg .. that bus has been a money pit ..
  • July 24 at 12:05pm: Ok its time for yall to sit down & pray for what’s causing all these issues. I love all dearly AND God can fix engines, but something is amiss here. You’re too anointed of a band to have this much opposition & because of it, the more anointed, the higher requirement of holiness. Please ask the Lord who or what is the hold up. I will be praying too. Love you all immensely!
  • July 24 at 12:15pm: (aa) Isn’t it possible that the opposition is equal to the amount of anointing and level of calling? Does this opposition have to be caused by someone or something being wrong? Just asking…
  • July 24 at 1:05pm: i been feeling the opposition is some of it.
  • July 24 at 1:21pm: That’s a good question indeed! And I pray I didn’t offend you. But I know that if you’ve already prayed for God’s will, he opens doors that no man can shut with miraculous results. I remember serving in an internship with pastor David where I was coordinating a home repair for someone. Regardless of how I would hook her up, every contractor would bail. Finally pastor Dave met with her & prayed to find the hold up. When it was revealed (unforgiveness) things flowed normally. I know you’re anointed to do this. I know if God calls you to it, he will see you through it. I also know that its the foxes that spoil the vineyard & there’s been way too much spoilage with this van. God doesn’t curse the path of his kids, ya know? Love ya
  • July 24 at 1:22pm: I believe God is giving you all the ultimate test in faith here. You have been sent on a mission to minister to his lost sheep, but God wants to make sure you are true to him by proving that no matter what crosses your path you won’t give up.
  • July 24 at 1:24pm: Amen
  • July 24 at 2:06pm: Don’t give up Allan and band. Stay faithful, we are praying, praying, praying. Last night I felt so prompted to intercede for you too!!!
  • July 24 at 2:08pm: oh goodness, I am praying!!!!
  • July 24 at 5:04pm: We always known your head is warped! Just kidding bro. Love you and will be praying….
  • July 24 at 5:34pm: Allan, remember that in Israel opposition was often used by YHVH to strengthen them militarily and build cohesion. Without opposition it seems nothing is birthed. Keep remembering the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. GATHER THEM IN! 🙂 Look at the oppostion faced by Shaul, Yeshua had a tad too 😛
  • July 24 at 7:49pm: (aa) No offense. I just know that common thought usually lies in “they must be doing something wrong” vs “they are such a threat”
  • July 24 at 8:15pm: (aa) cont. “they are such a threat, look at the opposition”. Either way, be it due to sin in the camp or the enemy doing his thing, the Father is allowing it. The real question is, how do we respond? Israel responded in fear, doubt and unbelief in the wilderness. We resolve to respond in peace, confidence and faith creating an atmosphere conducive to our own breakthrough. So, we go forward, allowing the Father to empty us so He can fill us anew so that He can pour us out like a drink offering to the nations making His Son’s name famous and known along the way.
  • July 24 at 8:17pm: (aa) BTW: there is no sin in the camp 🙂
  • July 24 at 10:51pm: Totally! And I so agree with you in that its “common”. This, I knew I was hearing. HOWEVER lol, I don’t know what or who the issue is, I just know something is amiss other than just opposition, ya know? And YES y’all are DEFINATELY a threat! :oD. I told you i’d intercede, so that’s just me doing what you asked people to do. Y’all are loved! I don’t want ANYTHING to even THINK it can take y’all down!
  • July 24 at 11:02pm: 2nd Cor 1:9 gives the answer why. And then 1st Peter 1 is a more detailed explanation. So that you will trust in God and He will perfect your faith so that He may glory in the faith He perfected in you when He receives you unto Himself. Take care out there.
  • July 25 at 1:29am: (aa) thx!
  • July 25 at 1:31am: Yw as always!
  • July 25 at 10:25am: That was my point EXACTLY Allan! YHVH allows what He does often to accomplish a GREATER END. I am praying the greater end 🙂 be accomplished. 🙂 Opposition no matter how tuff is not always about sin in the camp. Often it is “greater end.” Take it from one who has in the past gotten before YHVH and asked the hard WHY’S! I did not see the greater end of HIS kingdom until I looked back. 🙂

Status Update: July 24 at 7:33pm

The drive up PCH was awesome. In Ventura at @epicventura and the weather is beautiful!


  • July 24 at 10:16pm: When you coming to Vegas????
  • July 24 at 10:16pm: any pics?
  • July 24 at 10:18pm: Did you drive up highway 101 while listening to Social D’s “Highway 101”?
  • July 25 at 1:00am: PCH…umm…where you wearings jamms?

Status Update: July 25 at 2:02am

Oh oh. Karaoke at @epicventura again with @mikeebridges. Good times


  • July 25 at 2:04am: Always a good time. I hope to see you at TomFest this year.

Status Update: July 24 at 11:44am – Marcela doing it up at the rave.

Status Update: July 25 at 8:17pm

RT @mikeebridges: Uhhhhhhh! Ok?


  • July 25 at 8:24pm: They’re definitely you!
  • July 25 at 11:25pm: That’s awesome. Essential steampunk.

Status Update: July 25 at 11:44pm

When I’m in Ventura, CA I loiter at @epicventura

Status Update: July 26 at 1:24pm

We just finished playing the South Pasadena Convalescent hospital. Wow…

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  • July 26 at 1:28pm: Axiom ministers to those in Convalescent hospitals…truly a humbling experience. Its like ministering to Jesus himself!

Status Update: July 26 at 10:08pm

Looks like we’re staying in So Calif until Aug 10th. Hook us up with your church, youth/college group!! Thx!


  • July 26 at 10:16pm: oh man! that’s so long!
  • July 26 at 11:14pm: get ahold of brian h. he may know some places in the area
  • July 26 at 11:34pm: (aa) tell me about it. After the 10th we head for Portland and then do WA state back down here. That puts us out on the road a total of 8 weeks
  • July 27 at 12:44am: Allan – Did you decide to skip the Park City trip? Let us know…
  • July 27 at 5:57am: Allan call this church in southern Orange County. They have a youth center in town also. Would be a great place for your band. ‘the shoreline’ Church of San Clemente
  • July 27 at 10:44am: (aa) nope. We should be there Sat afternoon/evening. thx
  • July 27 at 12:41pm: I know I don’t have to tell you this, but if you play that San Clemente church you MUST mention it here, that’s about ten minutes from my house!

Status Update: July 27 at 2:39pm

In Ventura, CA. We’ll be in So Calif until Aug 10th. Hook us up with your church, youth/college group!! Thx!

Status Update: July 27 at 9:24pm – Home Sweet Home

Status Update: July 27 at 10:46pm

Judah is now a tattoo parlour… kids…


  • July 27 at 10:50pm: This made me smile.
  • July 27 at 10:56pm: Judah?
  • July 27 at 11:00pm: How is Judah…feeling better?
  • July 27 at 11:06pm: That Mikee Bridges is a bad influence!
  • July 27 at 11:22pm: hmmmmm
  • July 27 at 11:46pm: (aa) Judah is the bus. Judah is fine. The generator is the issue. heh… yeah… Alleys…

Status Update: July 28 at 4:06am

Everyone is tucked into their bunks. Goodnight Cristina. I love you! Goodnight Neverland…

Status Update: July 28 at 12:35pm

Phone meeting with client, text msgs and emails and I just now started brewing some coffee. Good morning So Calif!


  • July 24 at 10:16pm: Say hello to the lefties for me!
  • July 24 at 10:16pm: what about those on the right…do they not deserve a “hello”? Let’s not forget about those centrists either.
  • July 24 at 10:18pm: Well, unless you’re OC, there’s not many rightys or centrists left… but if you see any, say hello to them too.

Status Update: July 28 at 2:35pm

Ventura today, Pasadena 2morrow & Thurs, Los Angeles on Fri, Park City, UT on Sun. Hook us up:


  • July 28 at 2:49pm: Gonna miss you tonight at the Terry Taylor show. I hope things are going well with the new band. God Bless!
  • July 28 at 3:35pm: Are you still going to make it to Vegas?
  • July 28 at 5:11pm: (aa) What’s tonight? I know we’re driving through Vegas and we should be there around 5am. What’s for breakfast? We have quite the group…
  • July 28 at 5:12pm: I meant tomorrow night
  • July 28 at 5:19pm: (aa) yes it is
  • July 28 at 5:33pm: not on the link you put in this post
  • July 28 at 5:43pm: Nancy says she’s all up for making breakfast… but she wants to know how many? And it’s this Saturday morning, right?
  • July 28 at 6:04pm: (aa) it would be sat morning and we’re 9, possibly 11. No pork please 🙂
  • July 28 at 8:11pm: Are you guys coming thru here again? We’d love to see you all again.

Status Update: July 28 at 8:20pm

Men as Trees Walking and Joey Catalano have parted ways. See you in Pasadena 2morrow, Los Angeles on Friday & Park City, UT on Sunday


  • July 28 at 8:21pm: Hey! I moved back to Redding so I won’t be able to see you guys! But maybe I’ll catch you another time!

Status Update: July 28 at 9:12pm

Getting ready for dinner compliments of Josh and Jenn

Status Update: July 29 at 4:13pm

Back in Altadena at our gracious host’s home

Status Update: July 29 at 4:23pm

RT @mikeebridges: RT @facelessgen: Back in Altadena at our gracious host’s home – your gracious host lives in ventura. Heh

Status Update: July 30 at 1:47am

oh the craziness 🙂

Status Update: July 30 at 2:13am

So will we be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight? Watching to see…

Status Update: July 30 at 11:15am

Spending the day with friends and family in So Calif. I miss my @ZaneeMe


  • July 30 at 1:57am: Are u coming to San Jose anytime soon??
  • July 30 at 7:40am: (aa) We might drive through on our way to Tom Fest

Status Update: July 30 at 12:01pm

Just got the quote to completely repair the generator: $2200.00. Abba bring it in by Tuesday Aug. 4th

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  • July 30 at 12:18pm: What are all these repairs on?? A van or RV or something?
  • July 30 at 12:27pm: Bus
  • July 30 at 12:38pm: Abba is in Sweden trying to make a come back, but will prob be stoked to help a fellow struggling artist!
  • July 30 at 12:38pm: Isn’t it a shame that I work for California’s Biggest Auto Parts Company…….
  • I might live in the west but I still got my NEW YORK Sarcasm!!

Back Story: A friend of ours in Ventura referred us to a shop owned by a believer that could repair the generator. We took the bus to the shop before leaving Ventura for Los Angeles and then Utah in @mikeebridges van. The shop owner agreed to let us leave the bus at his shop for the five days we would be gone and would diagnose the situation free of charge. I made it very clear that we didn’t have any money and the sooner he could tell us how much the repairs would be, the sooner I could ask my Father, who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, for the money and that I would call him back

Status Update: July 30 at 5:02pm – Hangin’ with my cuz at the original Tommy’s on Beverly

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  • July 30 at 7:08pm: that one is the BEST….the others just can’t seem to get the chili quite right!
  • July 30 at 9:51pm: Is that cuz Eric my son? Give him a hug for me.

Status Update: July 30 at 5:30pm – Looks like heaven

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Status Update: July 30 at 11:21pm – Hi @ZaneeMe!

Status Update: July 30 at 11:39pm – Proof we’re married, me and @ZaneeMe


  • July 31 at 12:17am: nope, she married some ramald guy, hehe

Status Update: July 31 at 12:28pm

Gave the generator mechanic green flag to begin repairs. Plz pray with us that the $2200.00 needed will materialize by Tues of next week!


  • July 31 at 12:40pm: Was Klank able to help you out with parts? If some of us can contribute to the generator fund, how would we get it to ya? (I know about buying merch, but just GIVING the cash would be even better.)
  • July 31 at 1:19pm: (aa) you can go to and click on the “Donate” button. Thx for asking!!
  • July 31 at 1:28pm: Did what we could. Wish we could do more. 1 down, 21 to go. 😀
  • July 31 at 1:53pm: (aa) Thx
  • July 31 at 3:29pm: See you guys tomorrow morning… breakfast will be waiting. Any requests? Need directions? Address?
  • July 31 at 4:03pm: no pork, nd address and directions
  • July 31 at 4:15pm: I know you said no pork last time, but that’s still kind of vauge. Is there anything you guys would like to have? There’s a La Quinta in front of our apartment… plenty of parking.
  • August 1 at 2:09am: (aa) A great breakfast. Eggs, hasbbrowns, turkey bacon, f ruit, pancakes, coffee, lots of coffee, juice. You know, the usual

Status Update: August 1 at 12:07am

Played L.A. DreamCenter tonight… Wow…


  • August 1 at 12:48am: Was amazing…the Father blessed everyone!
  • August 1 at 10:16pm: beyond wow. more words to share with you all when you come back. we love you all.

Status Update: August 1 at 7:26am

Sin City for breakfast


  • August 1 at 7:48am: Allan, are you guys going to be there for a while? I’m going to be there on Thursday and would love to meet up with you guys.
  • August 1 at 9:10am: 🙂 watch out it doesn’t eat YOU for breakfast
  • August 1 at 9:11am: (aa) no, just driving through
  • August 1 at 9:13am: Bummer
  • August 1 at 12:46pm: That’s an early breakfast? Did you find a cheap buffet?
  • August 1 at 2:55pm: (aa) no, a friends house
  • August 1 at 3:02pm: How’s it look for the bus?
  • August 1 at 8:41pm: I wished you wold have given Nancy more credit than this…
  • August 1 at 9:14pm: (aa) lol. For the record everyone, we have beloved bretheren in Vegas that prepared us a home cooked breakfast at 5am!!! I’m talking the works! Endless coffee, love, hospitality and blessing. We are truly rich!!

Status Update: August 1 at 2:49pm

In Utah


  • August 1 at 2:52pm: Wish we were there!!!! Bummer…are you coming thru this way?
  • August 1 at 2:52pm: Lived there for a year in 1983 while my dad pastored a baptist church in Sandy. Talk about strange.
  • August 1 at 2:56pm: (aa) no. Have Glen call me
  • August 1 at 3:22pm: Great. Lasagna and greens 4 dinner…raw milk to boot!! ROTFL!!! We will have chocolate cake for desert to balance out the raw milk and greens : p Call Chuck when you get here! We will be out bringing things to the motor-home.
  • August 1 at 12:11pm: can u call him?

Status Update: August 1 at 9:00pm

Driving through Provo, UT before going through the pass to our beloved Park City. Why do I love this place so much?


  • August 2 at 2:39am: Because there is SO MUCH to love about it!!

Status Update: August 1 at 10:05pm

Park City, UT. We love this place!


  • August 2 at 10:19pm: Hope you all are enjoying your tour! How much longer for this one?
  • August 2 at 2:52am: (aa) We won’t be back til early Sept.
  • August 2 at 7:12am: Any good skiing yesterday. 😉

Status Update: August 2 at 7:44am

Good morning Heber Valley


  • August 2 at 9:29am: In AZ?
  • August 2 at 2:20pm: (aa) Nope. UT
  • August 3 at 12:35pm: Now that view looks familiar! 🙂

Status Update: August 2 at 10:55am

Leading worship in Park City, UT. Come Holy Spirit

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  • August 2 at 10:59am: Are you guys coming thru Colorado again?  We’d love to have you all again.
  • August 2 at 7:38pm: (aa) No. Not this time.

Status Update: August 2 at 3:34pm

Thank you, Abba, for providing more than enough through your children in Park City! Blessings on your children, Father!

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Back Story: We were the Sunday morning service that day and the saints in Park City, UT were informed of our need before they took an offering for us. The offering was prayed over, that it would multiply, before being counted. There were maybe 50 people in that meeting, yet the offering came out to $2400.00 not including the just under $300 we received from merchandise sales! To top it off, they said we had blessed them and left a prophetic impartation… wow…

Status Update: August 3 at 5:18pm

We’re on the side of the road, overheated, 73 miles outside of Provo. All you can do is laugh.


  • August 2 at 10:59am: Prov. 17:22
  • August 2 at 7:38pm: Allan, I have loved scaterd few’s Sin Disease album for years, and sometimes it’s easy to think of music artists as “stars”, and it’s refreshing to see that you have a good attitude. I know it’s hard, but I certainly admire you for it, and I believe a good attitude, as simple as it seems, is pleasing to the Lord. Good on ya.

Status Update: August 3 at 5:45pm

Moving forward with the A/C off.  Can you say Déjà vu?


  • August 3 at 5:54pm: (Cristina) Onward and upward. Love you!
  • August 3 at 5:56pm: Just overheated or more?
  • August 3 at 6:39pm: (aa) Just overheated
  • August 3 at 6:52pm: We moved cross country from Austin, TX to St. Paul, MN in August 1999 in a U-Haul sans AC. It was BRUTAL!
  • August 3 at 7:27pm: Less brutal at the end than at the start, I hope.
  • August 3 at 8:03pm: Yeah, it was.
  • August 3 at 8:09pm: all blessings to you…
  • August 3 at 8:40pm: Turn the heater on….that will help it not overheat

Status Update: August 4 at 12:00am

Sin City for the night


  • August 4 at 12:21am: Hanging out with pops?
  • August 4 at 12:22am: Congrats…one more day through the Mojave. Mercy Lord.
  • August 4 at 12:35am: How far away are you guys?
  • August 4 at 1:35am: yes. Thank you Father. Further up and further in. we’re here 🙂
  • August 4 at 6:50am: Allan, sure you can’t stick around and do an impromptu worship set on the 6th? I can’t believe I’m missing you guys by 2 days! Men as Trees Walking… “Walk on by…” 🙂
  • August 4 at 11:38am: where on the 6th?
  • August 4 at 11:39am: Not sure—I don’t live there or have any real contacts…but, something acoustic on the strip would be cool.  My comment was more of a wish there was something setup there to see the group—kind of thing.

Status Update: August 4 at 7:07pm

The day has been spent traveling from Sin City to Beach City.


  • August 4 at 7:34pm: yeah wahoo
  • August 4 at 7:59pm: God is good!
  • August 4 at 8:35pm: is there a sin beach?
  • August 4 at 11:26pm: Did you make it through the rest of the Mojave without overheating?
  • August 4 at 11:52pm: (aa) yes!
  • August 5 at 12:19am: Glad you all are safe!! We were concerned, but prayerful. Gotta love driving through the desert in August…kinda like a root canal, a necessary evil.

Status Update: August 4 at 11:50pm

Back in Ventura ala our hosts @mikeebridges & @verabridges (the zoo will be just fine). Blessings!

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Status Update: August 5 at 10:44am

Picking up Judah today! Blessings on the saints in Park City, UT!

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  • August 5 at 4:29pm: That is an awesome testimony…how the Lord came through when you were obedient to do what He put on your heart…drive all the way from LA to PC to do one Sunday morning service. Blessings to all of you! It was great to host everyone in our house.
  • August 5 at 8:18pm: and more blessings on all ya’all

Status Update: August 5 at 2:15pm

Judah needs a bath bad!


  • August 5 at 2:21pm: So who is going to wash it? You have been saying that for weeks.
  • August 5 at 4:28pm: Get some dish soap, a bucket, a hose and some towels…

Status Update: August 5 at 5:24pm

Judah is parked @ the @epicventura pking lot and the Lion mural is terrifying the old women @ the Chinese restaurant. I need to move the bus.


  • August 5 at 5:29pm: Hahaha that’s awesome
  • August 5 at 5:31pm: HAHAHAHAHA
  • August 5 at 5:38pm: Hahaha leave it parked.
  • August 5 at 5:39pm: (aa) They mentioned it last week and (I) thought “how weird.” When I parked there earlier today I thought about it but thought “surely they can’t be serious,” it’s the Lion of Judah.  Mikee just called from his vacation getaway with his wife asking me to move it because they complained.  We both had a good laugh… poor old lady.  I guess dragons and buddahs aren’t scary…
  • August  5 at 5:43pm: … I meant to get a t-shirt from you when you were here yesterday. Blessings to you all!
  • August 5 at 5:53pm: I wanna see the lion mural!
  • August 5 at 5:55pm: My husband and I are laughing out loud. Good stuff.
  • August 5 at 5:56pm: (aa) Just talked to the restaurant owner. All you can see out their front door is the mural (lol).  The Lion is tripping them out because it’s jacking with their “feng shui” and it’s “bad for business.”  I told him it was Jesus. He didn’t know Jesus was a Lion.
  • August  5 at 6:50pm: (aa) go to our blog at and you’ll see it.
  • August 5 at 8:51pm: hahahaha!! that is sooo funny!!
  • August  5 at 11:26pm: THAT is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!! ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you park it in front of my crabby old neighbor’s Allan?
  • August 5 at 11:31pm: I am just kidding….I don’t need a deliverance :0

Status Update: August 6 at 3:09pm

Having Tommy’s for lunch with a client. Mmmmmm… Tommy’s…


  • August 6 at 3:32pm: Tommy’s in San Clemente?
  • August 6 at 4:22pm: (aa) No. Valencia.
  • August 6 at 5:20pm: I am extremely envious! You are SO lucky.

Status Update: August 6 at 11:36pm

I just found an interview from the Fall of 1990. Such dreams…


  • August 6 at 11:38pm: Scaterd Few hotline? haha… awesome.
  • August 6 at 11:42pm: I still have an old interview on a cassette tape that you and HR did with Roberto on KROQ many many years ago.
  • August 6 at 11:44pm: (aa) seriously?!? oh man I must sound like an idiot on that thing. Can you make a digital copy for me?
  • August 6 at 11:51pm: Wow! Scaterd Few, Blackhous, The Lonely Now, and the 77’s! All in one place… talk about taking me back! How cool is that!
  • August 7 at 12:12am: Allan — your attitude about playing is much the same today as it was then, I love this quote in the article: “Our job is to show up at any place , even if its a park (to nobody) and just set up and play.” Such awesome willingness to follow God where ever He leads.
  • August 9 at 9:48pm: (aa) hook me up!

Status Update: August 6 at 11:39pm

a quiet evening at home alone, I mean in Ventura… @mikeebridges

Status Update: August 7 at 11:10am

Happy Birthday @ZaneeMe! I love and miss you!

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Back Story: Poor thing… my wife had to celebrate her birthday with her husband and all three children away from home…

Status Update: August 7 at 2:06pm

Playing in Glendale, CA, tonight. Check out the website:

Status Update: August 8 at 2:52am

Wow… The Father just grafted us with an Armenian church here in Glendale… Wow…

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  • August 8 at 8:45am: So very, very cool!!!

Status Update: August 8 at 12:26pm

It’s a beautiful Ventura morning thanks to @mikeebridges. Beach day for sure

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  • August 8 at 12:32pm: Have fun! Be safe and God bless! I love the beach!

Status Update: August 8 at 1:42pm

Watching Scaterd Few live from 02.92 with @mikeebridges

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  • August 8 at 1:43pm: Hey, I wanna watch!
  • August 8 at 1:44pm: COOL! Anywhere I can view that online?
  • August 8 at 1:46pm: is that Taste the Touch?
  • August 8 at 1:46pm: upload! Please!
  • August 8 at 1:50pm: Youtube!! You must place it on digital and upload to youtube!!!!!
  • August 8 at 1:51pm: Any chance of putting out a disc set like the crucified did recently with all of your music from the glory days? If you do, please do a better job of using video footage.  The video footage on their disc was great (regardless of quality), however, I would have liked to see more full sets of three or more songs at a time.
  • August 8 at 3:46pm: I 2nd what Omar said!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • August 8 at 4:15pm: Have a vid of the ’91 Tacoma show somewheres…I should digitize that jank. If I remember correctly, Mikee rocked his knees/shins jumping over an orchestra pit in a heroic stage dive!
  • August 8 at 4:24pm: well i didn’t steal anything!!
  • August 8 at 4:32pm: Yeah Allan, for the love of God!!!!!!! Matt…you too brother, hook it up!!! While you’re at it, give us some classic blenderhead and RM too!!! haha
  • August 8 at 4:35pm: I always have good intentions but…you haven’t seen my attic. Where to start…
  • August 9 at 5:12am: Well then Matt, you should get some stuff Out of the Attic…
  • August 9 at 9:23am: Matt, no pressure…but seriously…;)
  • August 9 at 9:47am: awesome!
  • August 9 at 9:47pm: (aa) It wasn’t Taste the Touch. It was the Club Post Nuclear show from 02.92. We also watched a show from 05.92.  If I can get it digitized, I’ll edit and post it.  I need a VCR and capture card.
  • August 9 at 10:28pm: Youtube would be good!

Status Update: August 8 at 9:35pm

Crashing a 20th school year reunion and was recognized… How embarrassing…

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  • August 9 at 12:49am: well it doesn’t help when you wear a shirt that says…hey I’m Allan Aguirre.
  • August 9 at 7:44am: It seems as though you have been on the road a long time.

Status Update: August 9 at 2:34am

I want to go home

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  • August 9 at 7:06am: it’s time
  • August 9 at 9:47am: go home allan, go home!
  • August 9 at 9:44pm: (aa) I can’t. I can’t point the bus towards Dallas until Sept 7th

Status Update: August 9 at 2:47pm

Looks like we’re going to see Star Trek courtesy of @mikeebridges instead of the beach

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  • August 9 at 2:50pm: live long and prosper
  • August 9 at 3:15pm: You’ll love it. Great movie!!
  • August 9 at 3:23pm: Great movie indeed!
  • August 9 at 4:00pm: (Cristina) I’d go to the beach.
  • August 9 at 4:52pm: I’m with Cristina… go to the beach!
  • August 9 at 5:35pm: My boys are at Mondos beach in Ventura right now. Ridiculous how close you guys have been all month and we have yet to connect. I blame myself. See you tomorrow. 🙂
  • August 9 at 8:31pm: (aa) see us tomorrow?

Status Update: August 9 at 9:41pm

RT @mikeebridges: @facelessgen watching ramsay with Mikee.

Status Update: August 9 at 10:55pm

Leaving So Calif tomorrow evening for TomFest


  • August 10 at 3:41am: Hope you guys have a safe trip and a blessed time 🙂

Status Update: August 10 at 4:00pm

Leaving for the NW tonight. Plz pray for safety and protection as we travel. Thank you!

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  • August 10 at 4:53pm: Prayers coming from Oklahoma.
  • August 10 at 5:04pm: Is that New Work? I am really trying to figure this one out.
  • August 10 at 5:12pm: Northwest. =)
  • August 10 at 5:52pm: Sorry I can’t see you guys this weekend, but you should enjoy the weather, esp. after the July you had. 🙂 Peace
  • August 10 at 7:40pm: Can’t wait to see you at TomFest if not before.

Status Update: August 10 at 11:10pm

Getting ready to head out. Running a little late. We appreciate your prayers and intercession


  • August 10 at 11:11pm: You got it bro.
  • August 11 at 12:28am: will be in prayer for you

Status Update: August 11 at 12:02am

Ok, so we’re pulling out of the pking lot, the bus stalls and now it won’t start. Can you believe this?


  • August 11 at 12:13am: dude…. This is going to be a brand new bus by the time you are done with all of these repairs…. I do hope you have gotten a great deal on this monster…..yipes….just yipes…..
  • August 11 at 12:17am: I can believe it, but I don’t want it to continue 🙁
  • August 11 at 12:26am: Everything falls apart before a tour! I remember one year at cornerstone they lost all my suitcases at the airport. It was the mud bowl year. I was covered in mud for 3 days and had to play in 3 day old clothes. Ask Undercover guys about their old bus.
  • August 11 at 12:31am: bro… ditch the bus. get a 15 passenger van. that bus has been nothing but a money pit… be safe.
  • August 11 at 12:34am: (aa) can’t do that. This is the bus the Lord gave us. This is His bus and every dime that has gone into it has been provided for by His people.  We won’t be getting rid of the bus. We’ll just have to pray harder…
  • August 11 at 12:39am: Amen. Faith can move buses.
  • August 11 at 12:42am: (aa) We’re running
  • August 11 at 1:10am: God knows what He’s doing. His timing is perfect. His ways are not our ways… (I realize you know all this…but just to encourage you.) 😉
  • August 11 at 1:44am: Amen!
  • August 11 at 8:31am: You’re too good for the ‘Tom.’
  • August 11 at 10:42am: we love the Tom
  • August 11 at 10:57am: Yes, it’s a real Obama fest… have fun.
  • August 11 at 4:34pm: well Allan since the Lord gave it to you… he will provide… be safe and you and your familia will be in my prayers
  • August 11 at 4:35pm: Obama fest? did I miss something?
  • August 11 at 4:51pm: I lived in the NW for 10 years… it’s leftyville.

Status Update: August 11 at 1:47am

Got the bus started but now we have an air leak with the master air brake. We’re not going anywhere tonight.


  • August 11 at 1:53am: crap, looks like were back to work with prayer here. working over time for the kingdom holmes. hes in it all. i wonder what its all about, whats left to do here, or finish, or held back from, protected from, etc…i sense peace around this my friend. your will lord.
  • August 11 at 1:59am: still praying for you guys
  • August 11 at 2:00am: (aa) As soon as we started to pull out of the parking lot everything started to happen. Everything was fine until then. Everything was working properly. It all came down as soon as the bus was pointed out of the driveway. Weird… And of course I’m thinking “I need to get to Portland no later than Friday. Cristina flies in on Saturday!”.
  • August 11 at 2:15am: I can get Cristina. Don’t worry. Just call me if you need me to do that. I was Mikee’s right hand for years. He’s my reference..
  • August 11 at 2:43am: Poor Judah, praying here.
  • August 11 at 2:45am: (aa) thx 🙂 getting her isn’t really the issue, being there is my concern
  • August 11 at 2:57am: Memories of the orange van…
  • August 11 at 6:33am: this would make a good reality show. i guess it kind of already is. tune in later and find out that……
  • August 11 at 9:15am: Well, on the flip side aren’t you glad you caught that one BEFORE you hit the passes? Nothing like driving a huge tour bus down steep mountain inclines with bad brakes Allan.
  • August 11 at 10:41am: (aa) everyone thinks so. I  need a camera crew!
  • August 11 at 10:41am: (aa) agreed, but still frustrating 🙂
  • August 11 at 11:06am: Piece by piece you’re getting a new bus, and stories to tell for years to come. 🙂
  • August 11 at 11:42am: Yup,… VERY frustrating! We are still with ya brother!
  • August 11 at 1:50pm:(aa) yup! thx!

Status Update: August 11 at 1:26pm

Having the master air brake looked at. The mechanic said it should be quick and easy 🙂

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  • August 11 at 1:27pm: (Xaundelle) w00tw00t
  • August 11 at 1:38pm: Your bus/RV (which?) is doom on wheels! This is repair #???
  • August 11 at 1:39pm: at what point do they declare that it’s a brand new vehicle?
  • August 11 at 1:39pm: and if you get twelve repairs do you get the thirteenth free?
  • August 11 at 1:48pm: (aa) it’s a bus and it isn’t “doom on wheels.” It’s “life and testimony of God’s goodness and mercy and supernatural provision.”  It’s a tool for His children to respond correctly to.  It’s a challenge for His body to pray and intercede and speak blessing over. It’s not doom…it’s His bus.
  • August 11 at 1:49pm: (aa) I’ll get back to you on that 🙂
  • August 11 at 2:00pm: allan you are a man after God’s own heart……
  • August 11 at 2:05pm: Wow, now THAT’S a positive attitude, Allan.
  • August 11 at 9:15am: (aa) thx!
  • August 11 at 10:41am: (aa) I want to create an atmosphere that is conducive to our own breakthrough as opposed to an atmosphere that would mitigate against His release and blessing
  • August 11 at 2:56pm: Yes – it’s “where do you focus?” We can label something as negative, or we can see beyond it to the blessings! Working on this in my life for sure

Status Update: August 11 at 2:35pm

Master air brake leak repaired. We’ll have to have a full safety check of the air system on our return in 3 weeks

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  • August 11 at 2:41pm: Judah lives Judah lives whoo hoo
  • August 11 at 3:25pm: On the road again?

Status Update: August 11 at 7:37pm

Heading out for the NW tonight, Father willing. Plz pray for our protection, safety and cool runnings


  • August 11 at 10:03pm: feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme…
  • August 11 at 10:15pm: so you’re starting a Jamaican bobsled team now???
  • August 11 at 11:32pm: Hey, FYI…we have a Brazilian Bobsled in our storage unit if you want it..seriously. Chuck was a Federation Official for the International Bobsled/Skeleton Federation : ) PRAY 4 ME…my kid is doing skeleton THIS YEAR….86 mph downhill on ice face first…..AAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH
  • August 11 at 11:34: (aa) Wow. Sounds scary. Leaving soon. Pray for us!
  • August 12 at 12:29am: Chuck and I will be praying. Run into any troubles…text.
  • August 12 at 1:23am: (aa) Thx. Will do

Status Update: August 11 at 11:47pm

Blessings to our Ventura hosts: @mikeebridges, @verabridges & @epicventura


  • August 11 at 11:47pm: except for that ed harbour guy…

Status Update: August 12 at 1:21am

On the rd again. Thank you Abba!

Status Update: August 12 at 3:40am

Over the grapevine without incident. Thank you Abba!!

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  • August 12 at 5:29am: yeah!!
  • August 12 at 5:39am: if you have any problems in the fresno area give me a call
  • August 12 at 5:55am: 😀
  • August 12 at 6:56am: (aa) Thanks! Stopping for a power nap just outside Madera
  • August 12 at 6:59am: i’m in madera as we speak working

Status Update: August 12 at 6:54am

Stopping for a power nap. Lots more driving ahead

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  • August 12 at 7:10am: i’ll be in madera for another 2.5 hrs if you need anything
  • August 12 at 7:49am: and if any law enforcement gives you any trouble have them call me at the jail.
  • August 12 at 8:09am: Rest up my friend. Blessings to you and all… Safe travels.

Status Update: August 12 at 11:30am

Almost to Sacramento after a 3 hr stop. The goal is Redding before I really take a break. Judah is running as she should! Thank you Abba!!

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  • August 12 at 11:39am: PRAISE GOD!
  • August 12 at 12:50pm: Glory!!!
  • August 12 at 1:20pm:  Allan, I just read your story in “The Bottom Line” today. Very interesting.
  • August 12 at 1:45pm:  Run Judah run. Like the Lion of Judah.
  • August 12 at 2:02pm:  where/what is that?
  • August 12 at 3:29pm: I meant “Down the Line.” You did an interview with Steve Ruff
  • August 12 at 4:54pm: Let me know next time you’re in or near Sac… we can get together… been a long time cous. 🙂
  • August 12 at 8:34pm: (Cristina) That article needs updating!
  • ·

Status Update: August 12 at 2:00pm

I wonder if @billjohnson will take us out for a late lunch in exchange for a cd when we get to Redding… 🙂


  • August 12 at 2:07pm: That would be sweet.
  • August 12 at 7:09pm: Tell him I sent you.
  • August 12 at 18:21pm: (Cristina) I don’t think you’re on his radar. Sorry, babe…

Status Update: August 12 at 3:42pm

CHP just yelled @ me “speed limit is 55 with trailer! Slow down!” I was going 68.


  • August 12 at 3:45pm: nice!
  • August 12 at 3:47pm: I am more concerned you are txting while you drive than the speed, really.  But the two together=WTF?
  • August 12 at 3:47pm: You’re just so excited to actually be going somewhere you couldn’t help it!
  • August 12 at 4:15pm: Was it Ponch or John?
  • August 12 at 4:18pm: lol tell him to shush it!!!! Bring it to an even 75!!!!
  • August 12 at 4:20pm: You wacky devil-may-care rock and roll types!
  • August 12 at 4:48pm: I’m glad at least one person made a CHiPs reference. Hah
  • August 12 at 5:00pm: You have no idea how much I hate speed limits on the highways.… the faster the better.… lol
  • August 12 at 5:40pm: (aa) You guys are cracking me up!!! I wasn’t actually doing the texting, I was dictating
  • August 12 at 5:41pm: Good grief, the guy buys a military hat and now he’s a dictator.
  • August 12 at 6:21pm: (aa) Heh
  • August 12 at 8:21pm: (Cristina) And no ticket? Awesome! 🙂

Status Update: August 12 at 5:34pm

In the Shasta Natl Forest N of Redding for a much needed break. Thank you Father

Status Update: August 13 at 1:12am

On the side of a mtn rd. Loss of power. Charging batter so we can go forward


  • August 13 at 1:19am: If this hasn’t officially been labeled the “Perseverance” tour, it needs to be tagged that ASAP.
  • August 13 at 1:19am: hope all is well soon…stay safe.
  • August 13 at 1:22am: (aa) It’s becoming harder not to lose my temper, get stressed and be frustrated at/with the situation or the people I’m with… I’m also functioning on 3 hrs of sleep. Plz pray for me
  • August 13 at 1:35am: I like hearing your break down statuses, they are like every week! Haha be safe!

Status Update: August 13 at 2:39am

Still haven’t been able to turn the engine over. Waiting for rd side asst to call back. Plz pray so that we can go forward and safely


  • August 13 at 2:44am: Seems the devil is working overtime. In my prayers.
  • August 13 at 2:46am: Praying…
  • August 13 at 3:00am: Praying!
  • August 13 at 3:19am: (aa) Thank you!!!! Read the new update

Status Update: August 13 at 3:18am

Rd side here in 45 mins to give Judah a big jump in hopes of turning the motor over. Plz cont to pray! I’ll let you know what happens


  • August 13 at 3:19am: PRAY HARD!!!
  • August 13 at 3:26am: (aa) We’re believing that all we need to go forward is a jump start and nothing more. No repairs, just a jump start
  • August 13 at 3:27am: Faith
  • August 13 at 3:27am: Praying…
  • August 13 at 3:39am: Praying. Remind Judah the Sideshow will be hangin in a week. That should put a hitch in his giddy up! 😉 love yall.
  • August 13 at 4:03am: praying, too.

Status Update: August 13 at 4:11am

Rd side is here


  • August 13 at 4:21am: Faith bro

Status Update: August 13 at 4:59am

I am almost too embarrassed to tell you why we have been delayed for 5 hrs on the side of the road… Looks like we ran out of gas


  • August 13 at 5:01am: Not enough oil in the lamp, eh?
  • August 13 at 5:01am: (aa) Ewwwww…. That was a good one
  • August 13 at 5:01am: Nice one
  • August 13 at 5:08am: (aa) I’m telling ya. We make for good t.v.
  • August 13 at 5:10am: I’d watch
  • August 13 at 5:15am: Love ya bro! Better than the Osborne’s for sure…
  • August 13 at 5:15am: ahhh…. Those zany aguirres…..
  • August 13 at 5:18am: (aa) Right? We just had a good laugh about “how prophetic are these guys? They don’t even know when to get gas!”
  • August 13 at 5:20am: lol, you really are trying to make the “walking” part literal
  • August 13 at 5:21am: (aa) Where’s the gas fund collection plate? go buy some merch!!!!!
  • August 13 at 5:23am: (aa) Men as Trees Rolling
  • August 13 at 5:25am: persevering men as trees rolling!
  • August 13 at 6:16am: Thankfully it wasn’t serious.
  • August 13 at 6:23am: at least it’s an easy fix!!!
  • August 13 at 6:25am: so the gas gauge doesn’t work???
  • August 13 at 7:54am: Lynn had our car towed once only to be told by the mechanic that we ran out of gas! See, it could be worse!
  • August 13 at 9:55am: My friends just ran out of gas in their Prius a week ago…
  • August 13 at 11:37am: Hey at least it’s not serious. 🙂

Status Update: August 13 at 9:40am

In OR. Stopping to sleep because our last stop wasn’t restful. See you later today @tomfest


  • August 13 at 9:41am: have fun you kats b safe
  • August 13 at 9:50am: Isn’t tomfest next weekend?
  • August 13 at 10:41am: be safe on the road!!!!!
  • August 13 at 11:04am: Tom fest!? Where I met all your cute lil rugrats! In 99 wow… Time flies and now they r playing with you!!!! so cool! Have fun!!!!

Status Update: August 13 at 1:44pm

Good morning Oregon. Getting ready to head out. @tomfest here we come!


  • August 13 at 1:46pm: Got gas?
  • August 13 at 1:46pm: Btw, we plan to leave on Monday… have no place to stay… any ideas?
  • August 13 at 2:24pm: lucky…tell those drum circle, recycling, rockers for Jesus I said hi…
  • August 13 at 3:09pm: YOU MADE IT to OREGON!! WHOOHOOO!
  • August 13 at 3:44PM: Welcome back to Oregon! Praying for clear, safe travels…BUT…if something should happen, let me know. (I’m in Albany, but have contacts and/or family up and down I-5 here in the Valley.)
  • August 13 at 5:31pm: (aa) bring a tent just in case. Depending on how many of you there are there’s rm in the bus
  • August 13 at 5:32pm: thank you very much! I don’t plan on having to call you… 🙂
  • August 13 at 5:35pm: Going to buy a tent tomorrow.

Status Update: August 13 at 10:20pm

Judah, this is Camas, WA—Camas, WA, this is Judah

Status Update: August 14 at 12:08pm

Alone. In the woods. Cup of coffee, a smoke and the Word. Priceless…

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  • August 14 at 1:07pm: So glad you made it to Camas! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it…only getting as far as Mike Roe’s concert tonight in Vancouver @ Ripcord Studios. Peace!
  • August 14 at 1:08pm: (aa) Thx! Say hi to mike for me
  • August 14 at 1:25pm: I will! Linda’s picking him up today, and my wife and I are heading to Pat’s studio to see what we can do to help. Hope you have a great time @tomfest. One of these days, we need to get you back to Albany. 😉
  • August 14 at 1:46pm: Alone=good, The Word=good, a smoke=not good. You need to quit and you need to quit now, not later or in the future, NOW!!!!!
  • August 14 at 2:16pm: (aa) we have the week of the 24th available to minister in OR. When and where?
  • August 13 at 5:31pm: (aa)did I say smoke? I meant… ummmm… yeah… Nevermind
  • August 13 at 5:32pm: Tell everyone at Tom Fest I said hi
  • August 13 at 5:52pm: love you Allan!!!

Status Update: August 14 at 1:08pm – Settling in…


  • August 14 at 1:11pm: Got room for us in there?

Status Update: August 14 at 9:37pm

Friday night in Camas, WA, with absolutely nothing to do


  • August 14 at 9:40pm: sleep. you earned it
  • August 14 at 10:57pm: rest up, the wife will get there tomorrow, she might just flatten you when she arrives, she misses you so much!
  • August 14 at 11:10pm: There’s never anything to do in Camas, WA….
  • August 14 at 11:40pm:  You and that Mikee Bridges should hang out…he’s bored as well.
  • August 15 at 1:31am: heh… yup. he’s w/fam
  • August 15 at 8:52am: Too bad it wasn’t Seattle.  I could’ve told you some great places there.

Status Update: August 15 at 11:32am

Waiting for my honey to arrive

Status Update: August 15 at 12:48pm – Waiting for the fest to begin

Status Update: August 15 at 3:58pm

Enroute to PDX courtesy of the Hellermanns

Status Update: August 15 at 6:43pm – Dinner with the mrs

Status Update: August 16 at 9:06am

Hotel breakfast. Miss the saints at SGC. Back to the fest grounds later today. Great to have my life partner with me again

Status Update: August 16 at 2:34pm

Had lunch with the mrs at cameo café. Yeah, don’t do that.

Status Update: August 17 at 5:08pm – Fishin’


  • August 17 at 5:40pm: catch anything?
  • August 17 at 5:47pm: (aa) One small one. Going back tonight and in the morning
  • August 17 at 5:56pm: salmon eggs?
  • August 17 at 6:19pm: (aa) Power bait. Heh

Status Update: August 17 at 7:23pm

Corin’s BBQ’ing chicken. Camping life at TomFest pre-fest

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  • August 17 at 7:25pm: Manafest is playing there, not sure when or what stage.

Status Update: August 17 at 10:05pm – Hunter fishing

Status Update: August 18 at 12:10am – Pre TomFest front gate fire pit. Let the festivities begin (in 36 hrs)


  • August 18 at 12:10am: Have fun!
  • August 18 at 12:14am: whoopsies…guess alcohol is allowed PRIOR to the festivities?
  • August 18 at 12:15am: that must be root beer…a little thomas kemper.
  • August 18 at 12:25am: We should be right on time
  • August 18 at 4:13am: Good Luck!

Status Update: August 18 at 11:26am

Day 5: coffee w/the mrs. It’s beautiful, brisk and the last day b4 the festivities begin. WCS(S) and the Delgado family should arrive today

Status Update: August 18 at 11:52am – Erecting merchant world

Status Update: August 18 at 12:10pm – Whatever…

Status Update: August 18 at 8:00pm – My buddy Bret from jr high doing TomFest with us. He and his fam have been our base in L.A.

Status Update: August 18 at 11:41pm – T and I doing our thing

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  • August 18 at 11:45pm: I miss you two! How are things going?
  • August 19 at 12:46am: Tell T I said Howdy and I am expecting them to come stay at JPUSA sometime soon.

Status Update: August 19 at 1:59pm – Opening rush Day 1 of Tom Fest 09

Status Update: August 19 at 2:11pm – Look mum! TOMmies!


  • August 19 at 5:39pm: You are SO LUCKY! What I would give for a Tommy Burger RIGHT NOW!!!
  • August 19 at 7:12pm: (aa) Ummm… I’m nowhere near a Tommy’s. This is the line for Tom Festival in Camas, WA. I’m referring to the festival-goers as TOMmies…
  • August 19 at 9:01pm: Oh man!!! I still want a Tommy’s Burger!

Status Update: August 19 at 10:06pm

TomFest is in full swing

Status Update: August 19 at 11:22pm

Have I mentioned how our food is constantly and consistently multiplied? It just happened again and it happens every meal. It’s a bit freaky

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  • August 19 at 11:24pm: Sweet! That’s the supernatural lifestyle we’re supposed to live! Look at how Jesus fed the 5, 000 🙂
  • August 19 at 11:35pm: when I eat pizza I think my appetite multiplies to the amount of pizza available…
  • August 19 at 11:39pm: This really made me smile.
  • August 20 at 4:42am: Whatcha eating? Bread and fish?
  • August 22 at 4:59pm: Whoa…

Status Update: August 20 at 10:27pm – WCS @tomfest

Status Update: August 20 at 11:03pm – @wcsideshow @tomfest


  • August 20 at 11:05pm: Loving the pics from you and Mikee…keep ‘em comin!
  • August 20 at 11:54pm: I just discovered that band tonight…think I am gonna have to catch them at Unified Underground…
  • August 21 at 1:06am: hey cuz, when are you coming thru la.
  • August 21 at 10:50am: (aa) We’ll be back there this week
  • August 27 at 2:27am: tell me when i would love to see you, if you have the time, for an old cuz, i mean i know how you rockn’ rollers are

Back Story: On Aug. 21 Cristina went back home. It was quite sad actually. This is what she Tweeted:

“Heading home. It is so hard to leave my family on the road!! But it was so great to see them and friends from long ago.” 3:48 PM Aug 22nd

Status Update: August 22 at 7:08pm – @ryfonetwork and Ted of the extreme tour @tomfest networking

Status Update: August 22 at 11:20pm

Last night @tomfest. Going north in the morning

Status Update: August 23 at 12:58pm – Newcastle, WA bound

Status Update: August 23 at 12:58pm

RT @RYFONETWORK: RYFO Bands, Help RYFO. Please tweet back why u love RYFO or how RYFO has blessed you? Ummmm…

Status Update: August 23 at 4:37pm

we just arrived at Beit Tikvah Messianic Congregation in Newcastle, WA. show starts at 6:00!

Status Update: August 23 at 5:11pm

RT @mikeebridges: One more @tomfest in the can! Great year, great attendance! @ benculley did a fantastic job. We had a blast! Thank you guys

Status Update: August 23 at 8:21pm

We’re starting……Now

Status Update: August 23 at 10:27pm

Kris & Stef came out w/the kids and about 8 gateway kids from Cyprus

Status Update: August 24 at 12:49am

In Bellevue hanging out with GTS’ers from Cyprus.

Status Update: August 24 at 7:14pm

Having trouble finding pizza dwntwn


  • August 24 at 7:18pm: trouble finding pizza? Where are you, in Hell?
  • August 24 at 7:18pm: Are you still in Bellevue?
  • August 24 at 7:19pm: (Xaundelle) hot mammas pizza was good
  • August 24 at 7:20pm: Look up Pagliacci or Topolino’s if you’re still in Bellevue.  If you’re downtown Seattle, go to Rock Pizza.
  • August 24 at 7:23pm: (Cristina) I betcha can find coffee though!
  • August 24 at 7:25pm: (aa) Hey baby! Yup… Coffee to the right of me—coffee to the left of me
  • August 24 at 7:25pm: If you are in Seattle, I agree on Paggliacci. More NY style than anything though… (capitol hill on the North side of Broadway)
  • August 24 at 7:26pm: (Elysa) bring us some! 😀 mmmm…
  • August 24 at 7:31pm: (aa) Thx! Found a place on 1st ave & Cherry
  • August 24 at 7:34pm: If anyone of you guys have an iPhone just use the gps.
  • August 24 at 7:59pm: (aa) oh, but we are
  • August 24 at 10:46pm: paggliacci and pudge bros. mmmm…

Status Update: August 24 at 9:14pm – Entrance to the underground city


  • August 24 at 9:15pm: someone is in Seattle…
  • August 24 at 9:29pm: is that where the goonies live?
  • August 24 at 9:29pm: Is that my basement?
  • August 24 at 10:52pm: Fun tour!

Status Update: August 24 at 9:32pm

Interesting fact about the birth of Seattle’s fishing industry: Sephardic Jews caught the fish

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  • August 24 at 9:49pm: (aa) Sephardic (Hispanic) Jews
  • August 25 at 5:00pm: what’s up dood

Status Update: August 25 at 3:03pm

On the road again. Staying with friends tonight in Portland, OR


  • August 25 at 3:42pm: good to have you and the band

Status Update: August 25 at 5:38pm

Picked up a 16 yr old white dread named Elijah. Sharing with him the person of Jesus Christ. Heh… Elijah…

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  • August 25 at 5:42pm: Oh, the ironies.
  • August 25 at 5:56pm: that’s awesome!
  • August 25 at 6:00pm: I sometimes wonder whatever happened to Melanie.
  • August 25 at 6:02pm: I’m a white dread I’m a white dread so I’ve got a ring and I hang it through my nose.
  • August 25 at 9:00pm: got a little game take it to the park I don’t care who plays but the game is on

Back Story: After a brief stop at a truck stop just north of the Oregon border, our throttle pedal broke/disconnected it’s self from the cable.

Status Update: August 25 at 6:21pm

Have I mentioned how gifted my future son-in-law is? I think he just fixed the throttle

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  • August 25 at 6:31pm: i guess he’s a keeper then… 🙂
  • August 25 at 7:08pm: Nice!
  • August 25 at 8:45pm: (Xaundelle) and he did, we made it!
  • August 25 at 11:45pm: hum, i told you that many times, i even got a word about it and gave it to you.
  • August 26 at 1:58am: (aa) it was rhetorical 🙂 heh

Status Update: August 25 at 11:13pm

Sorry. Arrived at our host’s, Ricky and Anna, 3 hours ago. He is such a good Abba


  • August 25 at 11:25pm: and they are such amazing people. talk about being blessed.

Status Update: August 26 at 1:30am

Has anyone been praying for our new friend Elijah? Just wondering…


  • August 26 at 1:30am: yes yes yes
  • August 26 at 2:40am: (aa) Well, thx. I’ll just say that acceptance of Jesus as the One was met with some demonic resistance.  But, steps in the right direction were made when he chose to dispose of items that were spiritually binding
  • August 26 at 8:09am: That’s great news… I’ll keep praying.

Status Update: August 26 at 2:09pm

Portland, OR. Staying another night. Thanks Ricky and Anna!


  • August 26 at 3:02pm: You’re back in Portland? That’s great! How was Seattle?
  • August 26 at 3:07pm: (aa) good
  • August 26 at 4:54pm: Well all I’m saying is that your girls need to hang out with me. I’m stuck at home, recouping.

Status Update: August 26 at 7:14pm

Tonight we’re grilling for dinner in Portland, OR. Tomorrow we tackle 2 mtn ranges. Our goal is Redding, CA

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  • August 26 at 8:54pm: Dude! Are you in Redding right now?
  • August 26 at 8:55pm: oh wait you’re talking about tonight, lol! Redding is where I’m at now! I think I told you, I left the Dream Center and came back up here.
  • August 26 at 9:36pm: Jeez that one’s always fun

Status Update: August 26 at 7:17pm

Missing @zaneeme today… 2 more weeks, 2 more weeks…

Status Update: August 27 at 4:52am

Going to stay in Portland through Sat. Would anyone in town like to have us come over and minister while we’re here?


  • August 27 at 8:17am: hey, have any new England dates opened up?

Status Update: August 27 at 3:58pm

Ok… crickets…


  • August 27 at 4:02pm: enjoyin their song? or is it annoyin?
  • August 27 at 4:21pm: Jiminy? Buddy Holly and The…?

Status Update: August 27 at 7:29pm

Planning on visiting Bethel in Redding, CA on Sunday morning. Who else will be there?


  • August 27 at 7:38pm: I won’t be there, but I have a friend that goes to Bethel. I will try to make sure he gets out and sees you guys!
  • August 27 at 7:44pm: Say hi to Kim Walker for me!
  • August 27 at 8:37pm: awesome
  • August 28 at 6:35pm: I’ll be there! Which service? I’m normally at the 11AM service and always at the Sunday evening service. Kim lives in San Francisco now. She got married and her name is now Kim Walker-Smith. She still does worship from time to time but not as often. Mainly for conferences.
  • August 28 at 6:46pm: (aa) we’ll actually be pulling in sometime around 2am so I’ll be sleeping during the first service (I hope they don’t mind a tour bus in the pking lot!) I was planning on doing the 11am serv too

Status Update: August 27 at 8:06pm

So there is an iPhone Facebook app upgrade


  • August 27 at 8:14pm: Hey can you write note on your iPhone?
  • August 27 at 8:42pm: (aa) Yes
  • August 27 at 8:44pm: That’s not fair. Hey I just looked at your site and can you download that song into iTunes?
  • August 27 at 8:44pm: (aa) What song
  • August 28 at 8:45pm: Seal upon my heart.
  • August 27 at 8:48pm: (aa) Dwnldable on myspace and from our site
  • August 27 at 8:49pm: Yeah but can you store it in iTunes?
  • August 28 at 1:38am: (aa) Once you dwnld it, yeah

Status Update: August 28 at 1:43am

Just watched “faith like potatoes.” So timely… Thank you, Abba, for the gift of your Son

Status Update: August 28 at 3:35pm

Doing Shabbat in Portland, OR tonight


  • August 28 at 4:31pm: Shammon man! Hee hee! M.j. style?
  • August 28 at 4:38pm: Shabbat… sounds like something I do in my shorts…
  • August 28 at 4:53pm: Shalom
  • August 28 at 5:55pm: (aa) Shabbat is the Jewish word for Sabbath. Fri sunset to Sat sunset is the biblical Sabbath and since we’re in Portland, we’ll be celebrating the Sabbath here.  …I’m pretty sure the 4th commandment isn’t something we should refer to in that way. I’m just saying… Shabbat shalom!
  • August 28 at 6:50pm: Alright my legalistic brother… Happy Sabbath then. Sorry, I grew up speaking English. What’s the Hebrew words for “shart,” then.
  • August 28 at 6:50pm: (aa) legalistic? Lol. I’m far from being legalistic 🙂 I’m just simply trying to follow scripture by “remembering the Sabbath (Shabbat) and keep it holy.” And like I mentioned in the other post, I’m just saying…
  • August 28 at 6:51pm: (aa) 🙂 and Shabbat shalom to you too! Blessings on you and your family!!
  • August 28 at 6:55pm: I know… I’m just razzin’ ya. I had a good long talk with Omar and I know you guys talk.  It’s all good, and yes, this is the Sabbath.
  • August 28 at 7:23pm: (aa) I know you’re razzin me. Just in case you were wondering, Omar and I don’t actually see eye to eye on all of it but it’s all good.
  • August 28 at 8:18pm: Allan, not being disrespectful at all but what “denomination,” for lack of a better word, are you?
  • August 28 at 8:44pm: (aa) I don’t think that question is disrespectful at all, but thanks! 🙂  I have been non-denominational/spirit filled since I got saved in Jan of 1980
  • August 28 at 8:57pm: Amen brother, I was just curious with the dialogue Re: the Sabbath and all. It’s cool and God bless!
  • August 28 at 8:57pm: Yea Omar said you don’t see things his way yet, but he’s working on you. You have to agree with a lot of it because it’s written. But I get lost in the ritual and legality of it all… it becomes too much religion and ceremony for me personally.  But we need holy people like Omar around so we are reminded of how wretched we really are, and thus praise Jesus for His mercy and grace. You go Omar! I know you’re reading this… I consider myself a Bible believing Christian. That’s why I’ve made it a point not to go to any organized, institutionalized church, period. Why? I don’t want to be an apostate.  Which is worse – not keeping the Sabbath, or voting pro choice? Not going to church, or killing innocent babies? I can’t worship with apostates… that’s just me.
  • August 28 at 9:57pm: (aa) I do agree with a lot of it. What we (my family and I and many, many others) practice isn’t ritualistic or legalistic.  Instead, it’s the honoring of the Father and the precepts and mandates He’s established that point to His Son.  I know many non-believers believe that my believing of Jesus as the sole messiah and way to the Father is ritualistic and legalistic…
  • August 28 at 10:18pm: Well, I’m not a non believer… but I hear you. We’ve both been ridiculed for our faith. Religion is good for some, it just doesn’t save you, that’s all. Muslims are excellent at their religion…committed, stern, dedicated, etc. But even the best Muslim who chooses to deny Christ will perish.  All those long hours of prayer to false God, and complete dedication to their ritual and religion, is just fodder in the end. AAAAAnyway… have a good Sabbath.
  • August 28 at 10:35pm: We are free to worship as we wish as long as it is in Spirit and Truth and within the boundaries of His Word. Be free my friend!
  • August 29 at 6:01am: …then there’s always the 10th chapter of Hebrews. Verse 25 impacted me greatly.
  • August 29 at 10:51am: Good one Scott! But, is the assembling of the saints going to mega churches on Sunday? And all this Sabbath talk is amusing when millions of so-called Christians backed a pro choice president, and voted for “Change…” but not the “change” that saves lives. So, I hope these folks are repenting on their Sabbath day!! Because you can go to church all week long, and assemble all you want, but many are called and few are chosen, and there will be a “GREAT” apostasy – and I’m watching it right before my eyes.  Sure… be a cheerleader for universal healthcare because you care – but kill babies because it’s a “woman’s right to choose.” I’m not speaking specifically to you Scott, as I don’t know you, but to all the apostates that think they’re within the ‘will of God,’ and voted for Obama! For those folks, keeping the Sabbath won’t save them.
  • August 29 at 11:32am: (aa) Let’s also remember that God places men in power and we’re to pray for them. And for the record, I didn’t vote for Obama
  • August 29 at 1:30pm: I’m very glad to hear that Allan – you’re wiser than about ½ in the “Christian Music Industry.” But, will you pray for the antichrist?

Status Update: August 29 at 11:26am

Leaving in a few hours for Redding, CA. Pray for our safe and uneventful journey there. Thx!


  • August 29 at 11:28am: Make sure you have dinner at Jacks Grill!
  • August 29 at 11:58am: I’m beginning to think y’all can’t do uneventful! Your roadtrips remind me of my honeymoon in an RV. Spent a lot of time stuck on the side of mountains.
  • August 29 at 12:03pm: (aa) Gee thx 😉
  • August 29 at 12:04pm: Make that dang bus prove me wrong!
  • August 29 at 12:07pm: (aa) thank you!!!!

Status Update: August 29 at 1:02pm

We really need new tires all around on the bus. Please pray that $3500 would come in before we leave So Calif

Status Update: August 29 at 2:42pm

Blessings over the Rodgers family for taking us in these last few days. Blessings!!


  • August 29 at 2:43pm: THE RODGERS RULE!!!!!!!!
  • August 29 at 3:11pm: (Xaundelle) Amazing hosts. We love you guys!

Status Update: August 29 at 3:56pm – Portland, OR

Status Update: August 29 at 5:09pm

First stop: truck stop. Fuel, air, coolant and ice. Ready to go

Status Update: August 29 at 10:31pm

Weird. We apparently overheated but no warning light came on and the temp needle wasn’t showing signs of running hot. At a rest area now.


  • August 29 at 10:59pm: Hang in there Judah.

Status Update: August 29 at 11:39pm

Houston, we have a problem. It’s possible that we blew the engine. We won’t know until road side assistance shows up

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  • August 29 at 11:51pm: o.0
  • August 29 at 11:56pm: can you get a refund on the bus?
  • August 29 at 11:57pm: We are praying
  • August 29 at 11:57pm: where?
  • August 29 at 11:59pm: Quick prayer for Allan and co…
  • August 30 at 12:00am: lol just north of Grants Pass, OR
  • August 30 at 12:07am: oh Lord… You have the perfect plan. We just know You do!
  • August 30 at 12:17am: We know you do, Lord!
  • August 30 at 12:19am: Praying…
  • August 30 at 12:39am: Grants Pass is a great place to break down… I mean if there is a great place to break down. I’ve had the same mechanic for 11 years, referred all my friends and family to him…he can do anything for less. If you ever get that thing to AZ, you should let him check it out…he knows his s***. I’ll throw one up for you.
  • August 30 at 12:56am: (aa) Road side asst will only provide a tow truck. I need a mobile mechanic. Anyone know of one in southern Oregon?
  • August 30 at 10:21am: There’s a bus place right on I-5 in So Oregon. Went there once when I had a bus
  • August 30 at 10:25am: it’s in Roseburg. Kinda close-ish

Status Update: August 30 at 12:58am

Road side asst will only provide a tow truck. I need a mobile mechanic. Anyone know of one in southern Oregon?


  • August 30 at 1:43am: bro… what a rough tour
  • August 30 at 2:02am: maybe? what town you near?
  • August 30 at 3:12am: (aa) north of Grants Pass… yeah… Pouring us out like a drink offering 🙂
  • August 30 at 5:59am: Again???

Status Update: August 30 at 2:45am

The body in So OR is mobilizing! Thx to Ted in Salem and the saints in Medford. Details to follow

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  • August 30 at 12:33pm: Ted is the shiznat…”he got what you need”
  • August 30 at 3:11pm: Thank You God!
  • August 30 at 3:21pm: (aa) Yes

Status Update: August 30 at 3:44am

2 suburbans enroute 2 pick up trailer & crew. Towing bus 2 believing mechanic. Huge empty house w/pool to chill at and a show @ 12 2morrow

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  • August 30 at 4:17am: God is good! He is faithful!

Status Update: August 30 at 4:34am

Tow isn’t wking out til morning. Jason & I r staying w/bus. Everyone else is safe & enroute to beds, showers, pool & food. Thank you Abba!

Status Update: August 30 at 11:06am

Having bus towed 2 shop offering us a deal. Going 2 have a huge towing expense. Plz pray that these expenses r covered supernaturally.

Status Update: August 30 at 11:42am

1 dwn, 1 to go! Towing was going 2 cost $500-750. Rd side just agreed to pay all of it!!!! Thank you Abba!!!

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  • August 30 at 11:46am: Yay!!! What a blessing!
  • August 30 at 11:47am: Getting roadside was wisdom on your part
  • August 30 at 11:47am: (aa) Heh.
  • August 30 at 12:01pm: That’s awesome!
  • August 30 at 3:50pm: (Cristina) Who do you think arranged the insurance with roadside?
  • August 30 at 3:59pm: (aa) lolol. You rock, baby.
  • August 30 at 4:08pm: ahhhhh

Status Update: August 30 at 12:48pm – And here we go


  • August 30 at 12:55pm: I’m not saying a word!
  • August 30 at 12:59pm: Praying for yall
  • August 30 at 3:51pm: (Cristina) It’s déjà vu!! I think Judah likes someone else doing the work.

Status Update: August 30 at 1:58pm

RT @RYFONETWORK: why do u love RYFO: ummm… Because the Greenwoods are cool!

Status Update: August 30 at 3:09pm – Judah in tow

Status Update: August 30 at 3:44pm

We’re at the repair shop w/Judah

Status Update: August 30 at 3:50pm – Judah’s new doctor


  • August 30 at 3:52pm: (Cristina) Looks like you’re in good hands.
  • August 30 at 4:08pm: Allan, are you writing a book about your adventure this year? You should. What a testimony you have here.
  • August 30 at 4:13pm: (aa) Last night I actually thought about going back and compiling all the twits and FB comments that have been generated/documenting this trip.
  • August 30 at 4:39pm: I think that’s a really good idea. I’ve been re-telling it to my wife… Of course, for her, I preface it by saying “remember that guy we saw on wife swap…” 🙂
  • August 30 at 7:37pm: “I’m wearing a friggen polo”
  • August 31 at 5:49pm: (aa) that’s awesome

Status Update: August 31 at 12:17pm

Good morning Medford, OR! Led a 20 yr old heroin addict 2 the Father last night. Keep Matthew in your prayers for total restoration

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  • August 31 at 12:23pm: that’s awesome Allan!
  • August 31 at 12:25pm: (Xaundelle) Maybe that’s the only reason we stopped in Medford =)
  • August 31 at 12:27pm: God knows what He’s doing…blown engine, etc…so amazing.
  • August 31 at 12:32pm: That is the coolest thing I have heard in ages. That makes me smile. Good on ya.
  • August 31 at 12:35pm: grace abounds!!!
  • August 31 at 12:35pm: Medford is pretty
  • August 31 at 12:50pm: Some more divine appointments.
  • August 31 at 12:52pm: That’s awesome! For follow on counseling you may want to point him to the XtremeLive Hopeline! Way to God using these fine fellows in this way!
  • August 31 at 12:55pm: That is so cool!

Status Update: August 31 at 3:11pm

Bus update: best case $2k – worst case $3500. This is prelim info. More in 24hrs. Plz pray for provision, donate and/or buy merch too. Thx!


  • August 31 at 3:13pm: will do. i am so excited to see God’s hand in all of this.
  • August 31 at 3:18pm: Can I buy something online to help?
  • August 31 at 3:18pm: Praying bro. Tour buses are the spawn of satan. I saw a band that makes 8k a night tweet that they needed prayer for their bus today and I thought mmm they don’t need to pray. God has already provided, just cut a check. Then I think of you guys out on the road. Not trying to be famous. Or pimp crappy music in Jesus’ name. Just trying to reach people with a message that they are loved by God and that worship music does not have to be the same. I know God will take care of you! I should leave a comment on their status asking them to donate to your cause =)
  • August 31 at 3:41pm: (aa) yes! You can buy merch here: and/or donate here: thx man. Thx for the kind words.
  • August 31 at 8:35pm: When I read this in Hamlet today, I though of you and your bus troubles: “When sorrows come, they come not single spies. But in battalions!”
  • September 1 at 1:49am: Lord, I just ask you to provide over and abundantly for Allan Aguirre and his amazing band!

Status Update: September 1 at 1:26am

Our hosts have organized a house show-bake sale-silent auction 2 raise funds for Judah’s doctor bill. Thank, you, Abba, for your children!

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  • September 1 at 12:56pm: How did it go or is it still going?
  • September 1 at 1:02pm: (aa) Tonight
  • September 1 at 1:02pm: I will pray for an abundance beyond measure!
  • September 1 at 1:03pm: (aa) Thx!

Status Update: September 1 at 2:15pm

tick tock – tick tock – tick tock …

Status Update: September 1 at 3:21pm

Wow… Is this why I’m here? Details to follow


  • September 1 at 3:22pm: Can’t wait to hear. The last several months have been quite an adventure for you.
  • September 1 at 3:23pm: there’s always a reason with Jesus
  • September 1 at 3:30pm: looking forward to the book that will come from the last few months!
  • September 1 at 3:35pm: ?????
  • September 1 at 3:39pm: I’m loving all of this. God bless you Allan… God bless you and your friends. God is good.
  • September 1 at 4:15pm: Never thought you’d spend so much time in Oregon huh?
  • September 1 at 4:21pm: (aa) Heh. Nope…
  • September 1 at 5:17pm: probably 🙂 we had a great experience with the microwave repair guy too… hundreds of $$ later and the guy needs to hear (and wants to!) what Father has for him 🙂 He was Ukrainian Jew (born and raised) who accepted what we shared 🙂 Our Father is so good to go after every lost sheep.
  • September 1 at 7:16pm: Even here in Utah. I actually the sweet spirit of reverence in this state!!

Status Update: September 1 at 5:02pm

Bus update: mechanic still hasn’t been able 2 determine exact issue but it’s not looking good. Plz cont to pray. We are in great spirits!


  • September 1 at 6:12pm: it’s looking better than you think…
  • September 1 at 6:43pm: chin up

Status Update: September 1 at 11:48pm

Our benefit house show was awesome. Thank you, Abba, for your saints in Medford, OR!

Status Update: September 2 at 9:57pm

Auction day: music lessons, house cleaning, landscaping, haircuts. I’m talking w/area pastors 2 find a van we can use 2 go forward & home


  • September 2 at 10:05am: What’s wrong with the bus
  • September 2 at 11:42am: (aa) Sat night we broke down. Looks like we may have blown a head gasket/head or the actual engine. Either way we have to get to so calif and home

Status Update: September 2 at 2:21pm

On my way to meet w/Judah’s doctor to “go over a game plan…”. Sheesh… but no worries! You’re all still praying, right?

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  • September 2 at 2:24pm: Certainly!
  • September 2 at 2:26pm: Always!
  • September 2 at 2:45pm: Yep!

Status Update: September 2 at 3:26pm

So we can put a $5k band-aide on Judah or spend $10k on a total rebuild with a full national warranty


  • September 2 at 4:02pm: Judah has served the kingdom well! do the rebuild! do the rebuild! you know since you’re rich and all…… 😉
  • September 2 at 4:05pm: I agree, rebuild 🙂
  • September 2 at 4:16pm: Band-Aids come off with rain or sweat. And if you guys driving across country, you’re going to hit both of those issues. I’d say go all the way, but it’s understandable if that isn’t an option.
  • September 2 at 4:32pm: (aa) Heh. Yes, the plan would be to do the rebuild but first the previous owner that is carrying the paper has to agree to drop $10k from the balance due.  So pray!!! I plan on making that call in a couple hours
  • September 2 at 4:40pm: If you started charging what the newsboys do you would have no problem at all!!!
  • September 2 at 5:32pm: Well, I don’t have much, but I bought a shirt. I know every little bit helps, so here’s to you guys getting back on the road!
  • September 2 at 6:44pm: rebuild…. That warranty alone will be worth the 10k considering what has already been shelled out on this beast…… go the full nine my friend…. or in this case…. 10

Status Update: September 2 at 3:28pm

cont: Pray that I have favor w/the previous owner carrying the paper when I call to tell him he needs to lower the price tag by $10k. Thx!

Status Update: September 2 at 5:03pm

Ok! We need a 15 psgr van by tomorrow that we can borrow for 2 wks or rent one way until the 10th.  We are in Medford, OR

Status Update: September 2 at 6:26pm

Renting is not going to be an option. I did find an 01 Dodge 15 psgr for $3k. PRAY!!!!!!!! Donate!!! Buy merch!!!!

Status Update: September 2 at 6:42pm

On my way to look at van. Now all we need is $2000 if it’s a good van!!


  • September 2 at 6:46pm: You might be able to find a deal on craigslist!
  • September 2 at 8:40pm: (aa) great minds think alike. What has actually transpired in the last 2 hrs is this: our steps have been sovereignly led to a 2001 Dodge Ram 3500 15 psgr van with only 94+k miles! They are asking $5900 but have made it available to us for $3500!! The deal is this: $3k in cash by 9:30 tomorrow morning. They’ll add a tow pkg to it and float us the $650-800 difference for 3 weeks! It’s fully loaded, in great condition and I drove it. It’s in great shape, etc. So, we need $1000 in the next 12 hours
  • September 2 at 8:55pm: Alan, your faith is very inspiring… I wish/hope to have the faith you guys have. The way you get out there doing what the Lord wants and not letting these obstacles stand in your way is a great thing..
  • September 3 at 5:21am: dude… you guys rule… and i know you’ll get all the money. if you ever need a bassist please let me know… i want to be a tree

Status Update: September 2 at 8:42pm

UPDATE: We have been blessed with the opportunity 2 buy an 01 Dodge Ram 3500 15 psgr van in great shape & low miles. WE NEED $1000 BY 9AM!!


  • September 2 at 9:01pm: That is amazing! What about Judah?
  • September 2 at 9:08pm: (aa) Long story. Right now we’re focusing on getting to this weekends show and home
  • September 2 at 9:14pm: (aa) The van is costing us $3500. The deal is $3000 cash and the difference in 3 weeks. We only need $1000 by 9am tomorrow morning.
  • September 2 at 9:14pm: I know the story…we have talked and I understand meeting the immediate need. I support your direction and will continue to pray for His continued blessing.

FB Note: September 2 at 9:26pm

Read about out immediate need for $1000.00!!!

Hello everyone, so sorry it’s been so long since I last posted.

So much has been going on and I will try to fill in the blanks later.

This blog is an urgent post, we need you to be fasting and praying for us as much as you can.

The Lord is working in mysterious ways and I am going to try and share with you as much as I can.

Saturday we left Portland OR to go to Redding California. We were ready and excited to see what the Lord had for us there. Not even out of Oregon and only 3 hours from Portland our Bus started to smoke. What now? We jumped out of the bus with fire extinguishers to see what’s going on. Trying to make it just a mile longer to the next rest stop but the smoking didn’t stop, white smoke filled the air every time we accelerated.

At the rest stop other truckers said they think our engine is blown because of the color and smell of the smoke. We unfortunately didn’t know where we were and if there was anyone we knew around us. We got a hold of Ted Bruun and he said he had a friend only 45 minutes away.

Not even an hour later we got a call from a guy named Michael smith saying he wasn’t in town but his house was open to us and he will send his brother in-law and a friend to come pick us up. Not even 2 hours later we had rides to the nearest town Medford OR. We walked into a beautiful home with 5 kitties and TONS of food available to us! The next day we had a chance to play at their church and share with them about our ministry.

A friend of theirs has a company that fixes trucks and RV’s and he was more than willing to help us out. By Monday morning we heard it would cost somewhere between 2000 and 3500 dollars to fix it. Unfortunately we don’t have that kind of money, so right away everyone started thinking of ideas how to raise money. We decided to put on a show, a bake sale, and to offer all of our individual’s services for an auction. By Tuesday morning Xaundelle, Elysa, and I were baking away! We made over 100 cupcakes, 100 cookies, and 3 pies. Tuesday night we offered hair cuts, landscaping, house cleaning, music lessons, and construction, we played our set, sold merch, and had TONS of prayer for our finances.

Wednesday our day was full I did 6 hair cuts, Elysa and Xaundelle cleaned 2 houses, and the guys were busy with landscaping and music lessons.

News on the Bus was that it would take 2 weeks to fix if we could even get the money! So we started looking into renting a van to go to our shows in California and make it home in time for my wedding!

There was no way for us to rent a van so we started looking into buying a cheap 15 passenger van. By 4pm my dad got a hold of a dealership called Ron Martin Wholesale and they had a 2001 Dodge 15 passenger for 5,900. We offered 3000 and they said they would consider. By 5pm my dad was at the shop checking out the van to see if it was worth it, supposedly the pastor of the church that we played at Sunday knew Ron and told him to make sure we get the best Van for 3000.

The van is in great shape and they said we could have it for 3500 and they would wave the 500 for 2 weeks.

We only have 2500. We need 1000 by Thursday morning at 9am.

We need this money, we need to get to California, and we NEED to get home!

PLEASE PLEASE be praying with us as we contend for this money. We have 14 hours until we need this money. Help anyway you can.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

–Saphraine/Men as Trees Walking

Status Update: September 2 at 9:53pm

$100 down and $900 to go!


  • September 2 at 9:54pm: Never heard back, wanted to make sure my PayPal went through.
  • September 2 at 9:54pm: (aa) Let me check
  • September 2 at 9:55pm: (aa) Yes it did. Thank you SOOO much!!!!!
  • September 2 at 9:56pm: Yay! Hold on to the shirt and give it to someone who needs more clothes than I do! Love you guys!
  • September 2 at 9:56pm: (aa) That is so awesome!!! Love you both!!!
  • September 2 at 11:03pm: yo… just sent 100.00 let me know if you got it
  • September 2 at 11:04pm: (aa) thank you my brother!!!!!
  • September 2 at 11:06pm: hey brotha… been there before 🙂 love ya
  • September 3 at 2:21am: praying for you guys…

Status Update: September 2 at 11:07pm

$200 down $800 to go!!


  • September 2 at 11:19pm: I know you don’t know me, but I be a prayin’ for ya too! I did get to meet your daughter briefly at TomFest, she was delightful…
  • September 2 at 11:39pm: (aa) Thx!

Status Update: September 2 at 11:34pm

$250 down, $750 to go!!!

Status Update: September 2 at 11:57pm

$270 down, $730 to go!!

Status Update: September 3 at 12:40am

$280 down, $720 to go!!

Status Update: September 3 at 2:11am

$357.77 down, $642.23 to go!

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  • September 3 at 2:21am: praying for you guys…
  • September 3 at 2:44am: Hey Allan…. I seem to have missed what the origin of the fundraiser is for…. Is this another vehicle repair scenario??? You’re more than half way there bro….Kudos!!!!
  • September 3 at 3:03am: (aa) go to my profile and read through the last few updates 🙂
  • September 3 at 3:15am: (Saphraine) or the blog!!
  • September 3 at 5:06am: Judah is the bus???
  • September 3 at 6:23am: yes Judah is the bus.

Status Update: September 3 at 9:33am

Good morning Neverland! We’re still holding @ $357.77. We need $642.23 in 2 hours to go forward and then home. Thanks for all your support!


Status Update: September 3 at 10:53am

$380.00 down, $620.00 to go!!


Status Update: September 3 at 11:03am

$455.00 down, $545.00 to go!!!

Status Update: September 3 at 11:07am

$545.00 down, $455.00 to go!!!

Status Update: September 3 at 11:09am

$570.00 down, $430.00 to go with 20 mins left!!!!

Status Update: September 3 at 11:09am

$590.00 down, $410.00 to go!!!!

Status Update: September 3 at 11:12am

$740.00 down, $260.00 to go!!!!!!

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Status Update: September 3 at 11:21am

10 mins and couting and we still need $260! Thank you Father for your children!!! (sounds like a telethon) 🙂

Status Update: September 3 at 11:27am

$765 down with $235 to go!!

Status Update: September 3 at 11:45am

$965 down and $35 to go!!!!!!


  • September 3 at 11:49am: No way! This is pretty fabulous! If my check was in I’d give the last $35. Ask and ye shall receive…
  • September 3 at 12:00pm: Awesome!!!

Status Update: September 3 at 12:02pm

$985 down and $15 to go!!!

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  • September 3 at 12:05pm:  go go go!

Status Update: September 3 at 12:07pm

$1035!! Thank you Father!! Blessings on all of you for your support! Father, return it to them 100 fold!! In Jesus name!

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  • September 3 at 12:13pm: Great news…

Status Update: September 3 at 12:08pm


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  • September 3 at 12:11pm:  PTL!!!
  • September 3 at 5:32pm: I’ll donate $100 for “Make Me Mine” on 45 by Cygnet.

Status Update: September 3 at 1:26pm

We have an option: 01 Ford E-350 XLT Super Duty V10 w/161k miles or an 01 Dodge Ram 3500 V8 w/94k miles. What to do… What to do…


  • September 3 at 1:28pm: never dodge… go with the ford…
  • September 3 at 1:29pm: but I know nothing about cars so don’t listen to me…
  • September 3 at 1:32pm: what colors are they? It may come down to a coolness factor.
  • September 3 at 1:33pm: (aa) Lololol
  • September 3 at 1:35pm: There are too many “white” 15 passengers out there… So I say steer the opposite of white…
  • September 3 at 1:39pm: Which one drives better? Which one looks like it was taken care of? Look at the engine, which one doesn’t smell like burnt oil and leaking coolant? Just snoop around and be picky… you don’t need another incident like the one you’re in now.
  • September 3 at 1:48pm: on the right track. i am not a v10 fan myself but levi rarely has major problems and theirs is a v10…
  • September 3 at 1:49pm: (Hunter) Lower mileage=higher resale value when we get home next week. And sell it. To someone else.
  • September 3 at 1:50pm: hunter-not always. Dodges are not that desirable
  • September 3 at 1:54pm: at 94k, too many things are up for maintenance and may need factory recommended service. They may have or have not had them serviced yet.  The other at 161k – if the service wasn’t done, it would have died already. Just my $.02, but it may be worth a buck or two since I work in that industry.
  • September 3 at 1:58pm: (Hunter) Duly noted
  • September 3 at 2:01pm: (aa) My mechanic in TX said to go w/ the Ford And it’s maroon 🙂
  • September 3 at 2:05pm: At least the Ford isn’t backed and owned by uncle sam
  • September 3 at 2:06pm: Obama can fix all the GMs himself
  • September 3 at 3:06pm: Maroon is a nice color for Men as Trees Walking
  • September 3 at 3:21pm: toma el dodge, con 161 k miles, ese motor te va a botar aceite por todos lados, y si no es el motor, la transmission ya esta fuera de la garantia, te va a dejar sin retroceso (reverse)
  • September 3 at 3:25pm: wow, all I can read is “sin” in the last post – except for dodge….
  • September 5 at 10:22am: (Cristina) LOL – “sin” = “without” in the above post.

Status Update: September 3 at 1:53pm

After professional & godly counsel, we’re going with the Ford. Thank you again, everyone, for getting us back on the road & closer to home!

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  • September 3 at 2:03pm: the ford with the v10 is a good choice
  • September 3 at 3:17pm: Can’t go wrong with a Ford. I love Ford.
  • September 3 at 4:23pm: praying you’ll feel good about it…or at least succumb to it. 😉
  • September 3 at 4:55pm: yo dije, el dodge
  • September 3 at 5:30pm: Does that mean you are on the road and closer to home?

Status Update: September 3 at 9:25pm

Our plan is to leave Medford, OR by 10pm tonight. We’re playing Sanctuary San diego, CA tomorrow night. Mercy, grace and protection Father

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  • September 3 at 9:28pm: that is a long drive
  • September 3 at 9:37pm: (aa) 808.7 miles, to be exact 🙂
  • September 3 at 9:40pm: amen…all blessings
  • September 3 at 10:00pm: a case of Monster XXL will get you there
  • September 4 at 2:28am: God bless trip…in Jesus name

Status Update: September 3 at 10:42pm

Man… Leaving this beautiful community of believers in Medford, OR is going to be tough


  • September 3 at 10:47pm: Praying for safety and good travels when you go…
  • September 3 at 11:04pm: I hope you guys are well…so you had to leave the Lion behind huh?…that sucks…well we luv you guys! May God Bless the rest of your trip home!
  • September 4 at 1:26am: have a safe trip and come back soon!!!

Status Update: September 3 at 11:41pm – Leaving Medford, OR


  • September 4 at 2:14am: love the laying on of hands. awesome.
  • September 5 at 10:19am: (Cristina) What a beautiful picture of the outpouring of love you received there in Medford! I loved how the kids were surrounding the van and even coming out of it!

Status Update: September 4 at 4:55am

Arrived @ Bethel’s house of prayer in Redding, CA. Leaving Elijah here w/his aunt. The van is running nicely btw

Status Update: September 4 at 11:50am

Coming into Fresno. Good morning Chaffins!! Judah jr is doing great! Thank you everyone for getting us home!


  • September 4 at 12:59pm: Tommy’s in Pasadena?
  • September 4 at 6:39pm: what are you talking about…whats going on.
  • September 4 at 7:46pm: (aa) I’m on tour and in so calif after 3 weeks in the NW
  • September 5 at 10:17am: (Cristina) Judah, jr? LOL!!!

Status Update: September 4 at 4:01pm


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  • September 4 at 4:39pm: ah, Burbank. I think it was your 27th birthday, and someone got you a coffee mug that said “Allan,” and Jason Underground said, “They must have been all out of Ramald.”
  • September 5 at 10:24am: (Cristina) I remember that! But I don’t remember what b-day it was. I wanna know where Jug and Velcro are nowadays. Do you know?
  • September 5 at 12:51pm: No idea. The only person I’ve seen from that long ago is Exler about two or three years ago.

Status Update: September 5 at 3:35am

In San Diego, staying with my sister and my brother-in-law. Starting the drive home in 48 hours. Goodnight @zaneeme

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  • September 5 at 10:25am: (Cristina) Say hello to John and Michelle for me. Give Meesh a HUGE hug for me, and please pray for her and the baby before you go.
  • September 5 at 12:08pm: See you in Diamond Bar!
  • September 5 at 2:32pm: SWEET you are in my birth place!

Status Update: September 6 at 12:18am

Mmmm… Hotel accomodations

Status Update: September 6 at 12:53am

Planning on spending tomorrow afternoon w/my old friend Sonny Sandoval and my new friend Ryan Ries. Makin’ memories…

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  • September 6 at 1:06am: I remember Ryan as a lil’ kid skateboarding thru calvary west Covina yelling at 2 of my homies to cut their hair… that was like in the 80’s… crazy
  • September 6 at 1:31am: Were you guys able to get the van?
  • September 6 at 2:26am: (aa) I’ll raz him about that. We’re playing his dad’s church tomorrow… yes
  • September 6 at 3:08am: Tell Sonny I said ‘Sup. Tell em’ to come to KC. We need to see the brothers from SD…

Status Update: September 6 at 3:05pm

MATW @ Calvary Chapel Diamond Bar tonight @ 6pm. @wcsideshow won’t be with us

Status Update: September 6 at 4:20pm

Our show will be webcast tonight at at 6pm PST. See you there!!

Status Update: September 6 at 4:27pm

Get the word out and RT: our show is being webcast tonight: at 6pm PST. Watch, worship, comment. Cya there


  • September 6 at 6:03pm: I will be watching, I’m very psyched!
  • September 6 at 8:19pm: watching now… very cool
  • September 6 at 7:58pm: good luck allan i will pray for you to have a great show, but i know you will do great!
  • September 6 at 8:04pm: Waiting on it to start
  • September 6 at 8:08pm: I can’t find the link on the site to watch live. Click on “play” doestn’ work!!!!
  • September 6 at 8:10pm: got it—I’m just lame.
  • September 6 at 8:18pm: cool. watching it now. nice rendition of “a freedom cry.”
  • September 6 at 8:18pm: Indeed! What a nice surprise!
  • September 6 at 8:20pm: Watching now… very cool
  • September 6 at 8:26pm: Preach that Word!
  • September 6 at 8:26pm: Let’s see if he updates his status from stage! 🙂
  • September 6 at 8:54pm: (aa) Lol. Going to do 2 more songs
  • September 6 at 9:20pm: How long until you are on again?
  • September 6 at 9:35pm: (aa) 5 mins?
  • September 6 at 9:38pm: Tuned in, can’t wait! Awesome so far, can’t wait for the last two!
  • September 6 at 9:54pm: way to finish it out! Remarkable!! Wow! Especially the last song!!!

Status Update: September 6 at 8:53pm

Going to do 2 more songs. Don’t go away!


  • September 6 at 9:12pm: Bummer. I missed it. Is it recorded?
  • September 6 at 9:26pm: Watching but hoping they will repeat the feed as they have with past shows. I missed the first part.
  • September 6 at 9:34pm: (aa) Yes
  • September 6 at 10:20pm: Feed has not repeated as of yet. Hopefully they will.
  • September 7 at 8:07am: It is up now.

Status Update: September 6 at 10:26pm

Wow. That was cool


  • September 6 at 10:29pm: They haven’t repeated the webcast yet. Do you know if they are going to.
  • September 7 at 9:57am: (Cristina) It’s supposed to be archived on their site.

Status Update: September 7 at 2:14am

What a great night! Friends, family, fellowship. Gassed up and heading for home!!!!! Finally… Cya soon @ZaneeMe!

Status Update: September 7 at 2:46pm

Hello New Mexico

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  • September 7 at 2:50pm: Time to take a break…I suggest a nice mall or maybe a couple of movies at the cinema!
  • September 7 at 3:53pm: (aa) Nope
  • September 7 at 4:52pm: Well battle the heat…and Godspeed to you all!
  • September 7 at 5:11pm: (aa) There’s no heat. It’s cool to moderate out here
  • September 7 at 5:11pm: Praise God for that! Happy trails to you!

Status Update: September 7 at 5:52pm

OMG! After 55 days we’re back in Texas! Thank you Father for your grace and mercy. I’m almost home @ZaneeMe!

Status Update: September 7 at 9:21pm

We’re on the I-20

Status Update: September 7 at 11:09pm

Raining in east TX

Status Update: September 8 at 2:55am

126.2 miles to go. Again, thank you everyone for getting us to our last 2 shows and home. Did you watch last night online?

Status Update: September 8 at 4:16am

So close…

Status Update: September 8 at 4:48am

The DFW Metroplex: I was wondering if I would ever see you again


  • September 8 at 10:10am: I used to live there. I miss it.
  • September 8 at 11:49am: congratulations on your safe arrival home! Now – get some rest!
  • September 8 at 1:11pm: (aa) I met you a couple of days after moving here from Los Angeles in ’94. You were playing the state fair and I happened to walk by and hear you. I stopped and listened, felt the presence of the Lord (I didn’t “know” you were a believer) and we chatted after your set. I asked if you had heard of Phil Keaggy, etc. Of course I don’t expect you to remember that but I’ve been a fan since

We have been home for 17 days now.

I was such a proud papa to see the band respond correctly, time after time, in the face of insurmountable challenges.

I was also humbled by the giving of finances and resources, time after time, by His church body because of these insurmountable challenges; humbled because He is using this ministry as a means for His body to respond in obedience to and in the invaluable principle of reaping and sowing; humbled by His requiring me to depend on His total provision in order to go forward… and humbled by His love and care for me and my family…

If we truly are called as Levitical priests in this ministry, “to stand and minister in the Lord’s name always” (Deut. 18:5b) then we are also to be humbled before Him and His body, in His provision for us, in and through the body (Deut. 18:1-4, 6-8).

This is not an easy thing, especially when you’re willing and able to work for your own means. Through a prophetic word last Fall, God told us that He was “pouring us out so that He could fill us anew so that He could pour us out as a drink offering to the nations…” pour us out as a drink offering to the nations…” have mercy, Father…

I reflect on some of the ways He did that on this tour:

When we finally arrived in Southern California, in need, we found ourselves dependent on a small body of believers in Pasadena. As they ministered to us with $500.00 to begin our preliminary generator repairs, they would tell us how our being there was a blessing to them…

The same thing happened as we ministered in Park City, UT where they took an offering for us to assist us in meeting the bus’s generator repair bill of $2,200.00. There were maybe 50 people in that meeting, yet the offering and merchandise donations came out to about $2600.00! And they said we blessed them and left a prophetic impartation!!

In Medford, OR, where our last and substantial need occurred, total complete strangers rescued us from a highway rest area 36 miles away from them at 2:30 in the morning! They housed and fed us for five days as we assessed the bus repairs. Later, they assisted us in raising close to $1,000.00 so that we could finish the tour and get home.

While in Medford, OR, it was determined that our bus had blown it’s engine. The only way to finish the tour and get home was by purchasing a 2001 Ford XLT V10 – 15 passenger van we “found” for only $3500.00. You sowed up to $1285.00 so that we could purchase that van within 12-16 hours of making our need known!

Those are just a few of the ways. There were so many more as you saw.

I shiver at the thought of what would have happened if we had gone east instead of west…


We are presently finishing the mixing of the album that we put on hold last March, and if the Father is willing, we should have the full length available by the holidays… we’ll see… heh.

We are also concentrating on local and regional shows at which to minister. Be sure to check our FB Fan Page ( often for those dates as they are secured.

My daughter, Saphraine, and our guitarist, Hunter, got married on October 10!

Ian Hellermann, who went on tour with us as roadie/soundman, is now our bass player and his wife Elysa, who served as photographer and merch girl, is now playing keyboards and singing background. They have been a blessing to all of us! Joey Catalano is no longer in the band.

We are in talks with my old friend Sonny of POD and our new friend Ryan Ries (son of tv/radio evangelist and Calvary Chapel pastor Raul Ries) in regards to their ministry Exit Concerts.

Exit Concerts is a high profile – (POD, Brian “Head” Welch, Fly Leaf, Blindside, etc.) but free to the public – evangelistic series of concerts. Their first event in Las Vegas had 18,000 in attendance. They are in the process of booking stadiums nationwide for next year.  Since ministering at Calvary Chapel they have expressed interest in having us be the worship/ministry band at these events. (you can watch our show at Calvary Chapel here:

Please keep this in prayer! God’s will be done…

In Summary

When it came to purchasing a vehicle for this ministry, a van didn’t make sense because of the amount of time we were going to be traveling. In fact, the two months we just did would have been just about impossible to do in a van the entire time.

As many of you know, our steps were directed to a tour bus (Judah) and much prayer, fasting and counsel went into the decision in purchasing that bus. We were able to get into it for 50% down. Again, the decision to purchase this bus was deliberate with a lot of outside counsel, etc. and not only did everyone see God’s hand in it, people have said they have already seen us perform in their home towns, in that bus, in cities we haven’t been to yet… yeah, you read that right.

On August 29th, on our way to Bethel church in Redding, CA for Sunday morning services, we blew the engine in Judah six miles north of Grants Pass, OR. That’s how we found ourselves in Medford, OR.

One of the brothers in that city owns a Truck and RV repair shop (go figure) and has committed to blessing us by putting a new engine in Judah at cost! That’s a savings of up to $8,000.00!! The price for that Detroit Diesel with a manufacturers warranty good in the continental United States and Canada: $10,000.00. Judah has been sitting inside this brother’s shop since August 30th.

The Need

Obviously, our financial need continues.  Just today, one of our faithful supporters that have sown over $10,000.00 into this ministry since June came by with a check for $1,000.00. I prayed over the check with him that the Father would return to him 100 fold of this seed he was sowing into this ministry. After praying we chatted for about 20 minutes. While we chatted he ignored two phone calls that came in.

Not long after leaving he called to tell me that one of those phone calls had been his business partner calling to inform him that they had secured a meeting with a potential client that had a $1.5 million contract. When that contract goes through, they will have reaped 1500 fold from the seed they sowed into this ministry today.

I would ask that you would pray for all of this and if you are prompted to sow into this ministry financially, you can give a tax deductible donation by contacting me at You can also donate at our site via PayPal: or directly with PayPal with the email We thank you in advance.

In Closing

For, brothers, we want you to know about the trials we have undergone in the province of Asia. The burden laid on us was so far beyond what we could bear that we even despaired of living through it.

In our hearts we felt we were under sentence of death. However, this was to get us to rely not on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead!

He rescued us from such deadly peril, and he will rescue us again! The one in whom we have placed our hope will indeed continue to rescue us. And you must add your help by praying for us; for the more people there are praying, the more people there will be to give thanks when their prayer for us is answered. For we take pride in this: that our conscience assures us that in our dealings with the world, and especially with you, we have conducted ourselves with frankness and godly pureness of motive – not by worldly wisdom but by God-given grace.

There are no hidden meanings in our letters other than what you can read and understand; and my hope is that you will understand fully, as indeed you have already understood us in part; so that on the Day of our Lord Yeshua you can be as proud of us as we are of you.
2 Corinthians 1: 8-14

Allan Aguirre
Men As Trees WalkingDallas, Texas
September 25, 2009


Atreyu- 2021

Atreyu's Baptism

At their core, Atreyu is a hard rock band with metal riffs and pop choruses. Now, after more than 20 years, the band has stepped boldly into their next chapter with a change in lineup and an album that proves the lifeblood of Atreyu is stronger than ever.


Photo by Ashley Osborn

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Imperial Triumphant - 2021

Alphaville’s Metal Renaissance

With influences that span Miles Davis and Stravinsky to Geddy Lee and Les Claypool, jazz metal force Imperial Triumphant is the epitome of genre-bending. HM contributing writer Andrew Voigt spoke with the band about their unique style, the massive bass presence in their music, and the rise and fall of civilization.


Photo by Alex Krauss

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Heaven's Metal: An Oral History of the Genesis of Christian Metal

Heaven's Metal

When rock emerged from blues and 'heavy metal' began to surface, faith-based metal acts also rose to start their own journeys. Initially shunned by both believers and non-believers, they were fighting for their spot at the table, ultimately building a legacy that would go on to change the genre forever. HM presents an oral history of the beginning of Christian metal music, featuring Guardian, Tourniquet, Holy Soldier, Whitecross, and, of course, Stryper.


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