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Walking into the Central Presbyterian Church the atmosphere was warm, intimate, and inviting. Wooden pews lead up to the stage, surrounded by glowing stained glass windows. Jane Carrey opened the night with a voice that was no less than angelic. Accompanied only by a guitar and bass she sang of relationships, heart break, and even threw in a nicely done rendition of the song “Blackbird” by the Beatles.

Once Mat Kearney came out, from the first song all the way to the encore, he had the audience captivated and singing along. A few songs into his set he pulled out a suite case that looked as if it was straight out of the 70’s. With the suitcase as percussion and an accompanied guitar, the set was complete. In-between songs Mat created a dialog that was not only personable but highly entertaining. At one point he took requests from the audience, one of which was “Wont Back Down”. He had admittedly forgotten most of the words but proceeded to play it with the help of the audience. At the end of his encore Mat finished up amidst the fans in the middle of the isle. It was moments like those that made the show a truly memorable experience.

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