Caput Mundi / Swiebodnosc

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Malchus / Pospolite Ruszenie

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This full-length split is comprised of 7 songs from up-and-comers Malchus and 3 from newcomers Pospolite Ruszenie, adding a significant addition to the folk metal repertoire – and 2 thoroughly different takes on it as well. Malchus take their heavy, gothic-tinged form of extreme metal and add just a touch of folk in the melodies and song structures. For them, folk is an influence, not a defining characteristic. They have gotten heavier, too, since we last heard from them on Didymos. Pospolite Rusznenie, on the other hand, take a handful of Eastern European folk sounds (both bands are from Poland) and a handful of heavy metallic rock and combine them in equal measure. Does it work? Let me just say I dare you to put this disc on and not dance around the house like medieval minstrel-cum-warrior! [Nocturnal Mass] Loyd Harp